Fancy Flamingo

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  1. Atomton says:

    I like the watermelon punch and the luxury lounge chair.

  2. webkinz user says:

    I like the treat, but I don’t like pink so this is not a pet for me.

  3. Pudgey says:

    this pet and all the items that come with it are so cute!

  4. glitteringevening says:


  5. goldbybrittnicoll says:

    cute! I need to get one!

  6. WiteFlamingo says:

    Finally!!!! A Flamingo!!!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Ganz!!!!!

  7. hannahsurfergirl says:

    I got one on Saturday. It has SUPER long legs! =) -hannahsurfergirl12233

  8. hannahsurfergirl says:

    It was my 31 webkinz

  9. BrownKids8 says:

    wow a fancy flamingo

  10. yappydog44 says:

    The flamingo likes punch and I do too!We’re perfect for each other!

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