Signature Border Terrier

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  1. inki14 says:

    Never heard of it before. The pet is ok looking, but LOVE the psi!!

  2. catsareawesome26 says:

    Aww!!! Great work Ganz!! If Signatures weren’t so expensive, this would be a must-buy!!

  3. ELIana says:

    He is so adorable i wish i could get one! It’s so cute!

    • robbie4evr says:

      I know but all the good webkinz always go to really expesive stores here in Canada :( Like my friend lives near Alberta and they are only 10 doll hairs ! LOL!!

  4. Redremy says:

    its so CUTE

  5. ILuvPianoXx3 says:

    I love the psi!

  6. georgette829 says:

    Oh how cute and cudley

  7. lilypugrulestoo says:

    This puppy is sooooo cute… the little airplane

  8. Liv1029 says:

    awww! i wanna get one! i might name it lola, beacuse my aunt has one named lola

  9. eastercat12345 says:

    adorbs its so cute

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