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Sneak Peek: Fiesta Bull


Get ready for a lively party with the fun-loving Fiesta Bull! This vibrant pet is terrific at planning AND throwing parties for all of their friends. Just look at their festive Fiesta Dining Table, the perfect party centerpiece! And when the food gets rolled out during the festivities, of course they’ll go for Quirky Quesadillas, the best fiesta food around! Read more


Sneak Peek: Northern Trails Wolf


Wander the wilds with the nomadic Northern Trails Wolf! This majestic pet is most at home exploring vast landscapes with you, their new friend! Before you head out on the trail, lend them a helping hand to store their treasures in their colorful and traditional Totem Pole Safe. And to prepare for a long journey in the wilderness, be sure to pack lots of Wanderer’s Trail Mix, this wold’s secret to staying energetic on the road! Read more


Sneak Peek: Green Sloth


Yawn…want to share a lazy day or two hanging out with the adorable Green Sloth? Of course you do! This sweet pet cherishes their time spent lounging in their perfectly comfy Lazy Days Hammock! And because they have lots of patience (and time), of course they’ll always choose to enjoy a heaping serving of Slow Cooked Stew, a cooked-to-perfection meal fit for their laid-back lifestyle! Read more


Sneak Peek: Music N’ Dance Pup


Bust a move with the beats-loving Music n’ Dance Pup! This energetic pet lives to boogie, so be sure they have their Funky Moves Music Player with them all the time in case of a dance emergency! Plus, when they want to refuel to keep on rocking, hand them a Jumpin’ Juice Box, their favorite tasty treat! Read more


Sneak Peek: Knit Sock Dog


Time to cuddle with the super-soft Knit Sock Dog! This cute pup is all about snuggly comfort, so they always want to wear their Knitted Beanie and curl up in their own personal Comfy Knitted Chair! And, of course, when they’re all snug and warm, remember to bring them a Cozy Tea, their hot beverage of choice! Read more


Sneak Peek: Colorblock Monkey


Meet the Colorblock Monkey, a fashion-forward pet like no other! This fluffy pet loves chatting to new friends, so take a seat on their beloved Colorblock Couch and get to know them! Plus, grab a handful of their number-one snack: some sugary Tropical Fruit Candy, a treat they love to share! Read more


Sneak Peek: Rainbow Sparkle Fawn


Watch out for the stunning Rainbow Sparkle Fawn! This glittering pet loves to stand out – watch them as they glimmer and shimmer while playing with their stunning Twinkling Harp, the perfect instrument for their music-loving ears! And when they want to share a treat with you, of course they’ll reach for a mug of bright Fizzy Lemonade, a drink that suits their colorful personality perfectly! Read more


Sneak Peek: Pixie Bunny


Meet the charming Pixie Bunny, a garden-lover through and through! This beautifully-adorned bunny adores hopping through their lush homeland, collecting food items to store in their flowery Secluded Garden Cellar! The treat they love to find the most? Toffee Toadstools, a super-sweet snack they love to share with new friends like you! Read more


Sneak Peek: Brown Sugar Pup


Calling all baking enthusiasts! The Brown Sugar Pup is here and ready to get cookin’! Help them start off by giving them their very own, VERY smooth Professional Dessert Mixer, the best kitchen tool on the market! And once they’ve gotten their paws messy baking up a storm, dish them up some sugary sweet Marbled Ice Cream, one of their favorite creations! Read more


Sneak Peek: Enchanted Elephant


Achieve perfect karma with the lovely Enchanted Elephant! This charming pet always scoots around their peaceful surroundings on a very enchanting Mystical Magic Carpet! And when they host their new friends (like you!) for dinner, of course everyone dines on the most delicious curry of all: Karmic Korma! Read more

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