Sneak Peek: Valentine’s Day

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  1. renate2003 says:

    How do you play on Facebook? The directions are not very clear.

  2. lilyruden says:

    how do you get the valentine cards to send to people

  3. petlover24435 says:

    Is this only for Webkinz Friends? Because I just LOVE that dress!

  4. heidivike says:

    also can you explain how i can spend my ganz cash for it to go to my ipad webkinz friends account. it is under a differnt name from my facbook town. So now i use the ipad version more.

  5. heidivike says:

    can you help me please? I play on ipad and have been unable to go iside my room in webkinz friends for 2 or 3 months. It logs me out of the game.

  6. Vikyisawesomesause says:

    How do I send my prizes back to my account?

    • Matt WebkinzFriends says:

      In Webkinz Friends, when you receive a prize from completing certain challenges, the item will be placed in the third tab of your Inventory. Just click on it and fill out your account name twice (not password), and it’ll send it!

  7. Webkinz_Love122 says:

    Is it going to be for Kindle products soon? Like my Kindle Fire? Because I don’t have anything to play it on yet, and that White Chocolate Dress is magnificent! (:

  8. tygerkit says:

    so, you need to have a facebook to do this? or is it just another website like w’kinz?? been wondering about how it all works…

    • Matt WebkinzFriends says:

      Webkinz Friends is a game that you can play on either Facebook or iPad. It’s a town management style game that you can also win unique prizes to send back to your account. :)

  9. snowy527 says:

    I hope this will be available for iPad users…..

  10. mamakins says:

    oh my a chocolate factory, this game keeps getting better and better

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