Podkinz Mini: The Next Academy & a FREE Classic Code!

In this episode of Podkinz Mandy is joined by Sally who does a walk-through of the new Academy in Webkinz Next! Watch Sally take classes, meet Ms. Cowoline, check out the new Spirit Shop, and get a sneak peek at an upcoming feature in the brand new Kinzville Academy!


Stay tuned ’til the end where they give away a code for a Rockerz Backstage Pass!




Download Webkinz Next now — available for iOS, Android and Windows 10.



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37 Responses to Podkinz Mini: The Next Academy & a FREE Classic Code!

  1. candicarmin says:

    ooooh rockers passes are my favorite!!!! Working on my concert room!!!!

  2. mochidochi says:

    Oh, thank you!

  3. genren1 says:

    Thanks for the Backstage Pass!

  4. nicetigress says:

    Awesome! I love the Backstage Pass!

  5. glitchwave says:

    loved watching the next kinzville academy gameplay, it was really interesting. it looks good! just wanna say, i know must be a valid reason it has been shortened, but i do miss the longer podkinz episodes. it’s such a comforting show! thanks Mandy and Sally, great episode!

  6. lucylane556 says:

    Um, what do the passes do, anyway? It’s in my special section…

  7. elikerin says:

    Are there any classes that are completely new (as in not adapted from Classic)? Will there be more classes added in the future?

    • kaye10 says:

      YES, why yes, there are!! i have already stumbled upon a new one & cannot wait to encounter it again…waiting…waiting… apparently there is a loop & the really fun ones are few & far between, but i can assure you i had one which is not in the classic game. have fun, best, k.

  8. bullseyejingles444 says:

    Not me getting excited to see a whale shark question on the pop quiz… ;)

  9. j9e9n9n9y9 says:

    Oh Wow! Great code prize! How can I get more of them? :)

    • kaye10 says:

      once upon a time in the not-so-distant past, one could purchase webkinz plush in many places… then POOF. there was a line of called “rockerz” and each one also gave you a PASS. you may be able to find these on-line but beware the price–and make certain you are getting with the original tag ;) gl & best, k.

      • j9e9n9n9y9 says:

        Ah yes, the good old days! I remember walking into a Hallmark store and seeing TONS of Webkinz! :( But thank you for answering my question, now I know they only come with the Rocerz Plush. Have a great day kaye10! :)

    • lilmarie2013 says:

      @j9e9n9n during the now ended dog sale the rockerz dogs were available and the rockerz fox for the fox sale so keep a watch for odd holidays. The pass may be sold there separately for estore points. While the passes can’t be kinz posted the prizes can be and one was on the Super Wheel last month. So you might find some by trading.

  10. kbcabc says:

    Thanks for the Backstage Pass code!

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