Sneak Peek – December Peek a Newz Prizes

The Ragdoll pet will be “peeking” around Webkinz Newz this December, and he’s got a bunch of prizes you might win!  From December 1 until December 31, head over to the “Events” page and start the Peek-A-Newz activity. Find the Ragdoll 5 times around Webkinz Newz and you will win a 2019 WKN December Gift Box. Open it to receive a random prize from the December Prize Pool.



Black Winter Buckle Boots

Blue Zircon Glasses (NEW)

Blue Zircon Mosaic Tile

Boys’ Red Cardigan and Scarf

Brown Adventure Parka

Forest Green Couch (NEW)

GW Striped Cotton Dress

Gingerbread Man

Gingerbread Man Hat

Gingerbread Man Shoe

Holly Jolly Sweater

Koala Holiday Hat

Perfect Gift Mug

Red Warm Toggle Jacket

Reindeer Candy Cane

Whimsical Window

Wood Toy Train

48 Responses to Sneak Peek – December Peek a Newz Prizes

  1. dm2380 says:

    I was making a forest tile room but the last 3 months I did not get those prizes. Very frustrated.

  2. Beckinz8 says:

    Ooooo…a new couch! And you can NEVER have enough steaming mugs of hot chocolate (in WW and irl! LOL!)

  3. chocolate10diva says:

    i hate the candy cane with eyes

  4. HeHe169 says:

    My favorite is the train

  5. bella201223 says:

    I NEED THAT WINDOW its so cute and I have the most perfect spot!! Thanks Webkinz team for all the festivities now-December!

  6. Jojo567 says:

    I wish we get 3000 kinzcash a day..

  7. PupKid008 says:

    I love the Holly Jolly Sweater! It’s so cool!

  8. alucard says:

    I LOVE the Forest Green Couch! PERFECT for my Forest Tile Room! I can’t wait to get one of those! Thank you Ganz/Team Webkinz! I’m hoping we will see a comfy chair, a bed, a side table, a bathroom suite, and maybe a wardrobe closet or trunk, in the Forest Tile collection. I am really loving this theme! :-)

    • MONKEYSMILE05 says:

      I I am gonna use 2 in an (L) shape . With the TV at oneside and a fireplace on the other If the tv has its cabu to the bottom I can swap it for the Fireplace when I want to. Tha back of the TV is nice I am afraid most Fireplaces might block seeing the sofa . But should work ok. Acorner table with cookies an milk always a PLUS !!!;)

  9. KarenaJ says:

    I’m excited for the tile, glasses and couch, that’s about it as I have tons of the rest already. Oh well. I guess I’ll be making some extra Kinzcash.

  10. earpsisters22 says:

    I hope to collect the gingerbread man outfit!

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