Tell Santakinz What You Want for Christmas!


Have you visited Santakinz in the Clubhouse yet? If you line up to sit on his knee, he’ll give you a choice between 1 of 3 items for Christmas; a Doug Holiday Plush, a Pink Rocking Horse, or a Wacky Christmas Gnome Lantern. Then when you log in on Christmas Day, you’ll find your gift waiting for you containing your wish, along with some other fun and festive prizes!


39 Responses to Tell Santakinz What You Want for Christmas!

  1. zeldagirl says:

    Btw anyone like zelda?

  2. zeldagirl says:

    Merry Christmas! And Happy Holidays!! I asked for the toy box, my sis did too!! p.s. Does anyone play Amazing world? Cause i do. my name on AW is: Petalfelfur! Add me! thx

  3. 1jessie234 says:

    I want the Doug Holiday Plush

  4. popy380 says:

    i asked for the doug holiday plush, i’m a plush collecter.

  5. friendly1 says:

    Santakinz, please let us send these gifts between our accounts this year. All I want for Christmas is for anyone who is sick to be healthy.

  6. RavenQueen says:

    Have not went yet but will probably get the rocking horse.

  7. PEBBLES1973 says:

    Dear Santakinz. All I want for Christmas is to spend the day with my family. and a new webkinz from the adventure park. also for you, your reindeer and all the elves to have the best Christmas ever.

  8. Becky71W says:

    Dear Santakinz, all I want for Christmas is numbers. Yes, the winning numbers to the Lottery, LOL ;)

  9. WilLucas says:

    I want a 2013 Christmas Gift Box…. And All I want for Christmas is youuuuuu

  10. Nevie_Boo says:

    I love how this year’s Christmas Gift Box looks! I asked for the Doug Holiday Plush! ;)

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