Vote For A New Halloween Theme July 13th!


Hello again Webkinz Newz readers, Ella McWoof here with a special report! From Thursday July 13th (starting at 9:30 am EST) – Friday July 14th (ending at noon EST) you’ll be able to vote for a new Halloween theme to be released in the W-Shop in October!


You’ll have 3 themes to choose from. Look over the following concept drawings carefully because once the winning theme has been decided, the concept drawing will be used as inspiration for the rest of the items that will be included in the theme.


Here is the concept drawing for the Haunted Castle room theme. This theme would feature “haunted versions” of items from our existing Medieval room theme. The red velvet colors would be replaced with a deep purple, and cobwebs and other ghostly touches would be featured on each piece:



Next is the concept drawing for the Trick or Treat Street room theme. This would be an outdoor theme, featuring home fronts that are decorated for Halloween, as well as other items you could use to build a spooky neighborhood:



The third theme you have to choose from is the Happy Halloween theme. This theme would include furniture that you’d find inside a cozy home that was decorated for Halloween including a candy bowl, side table, rug, window and this colorful couch:




Don’t forget to vote right here on Webkinz Newz starting Thursday July 13th at 9:30 am. Which of these themes would you like to see released in the W-Shop in October? Please leave your comments below…


This has been Ella McWoof reporting for Webkinz Newz.


262 Responses to Vote For A New Halloween Theme July 13th!

  1. Suwalleis says:

    Happy Halloween is my vote…. I love the Sofa…. It is great…..

  2. sdsd68 says:

    haunted castle

  3. bonesbongo says:

    they all look interesting…I think I would have to go with Trick or Treat Street as my favorite.

  4. happyjig213 says:

    Please Please Please vote for the CASTLE THEME it will look SO COOL with the medieval theme !!!!!!!!!! :-D

  5. Cr1955 says:

    Happy Halloween theme

  6. pizzapiecake says:

    I will vote happy halloween

  7. Sunshineoflife says:

    I’m so going to pick the Happy Halloween theme, I have being working on a Halloween party room for three year and this would be perfect.

  8. pastalover10 says:

    Haunted Castle room theme

  9. Pineapple6 says:

    Happy Halloween has my vote!

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