Webkinz Tips & Tricks: WackyER Zingoz!


In this edition of Webkinz Tips and Tricks, we’ll take a look at some easy ways to get a better score, and possibly even win a trophy playing WackyER Zingoz!



First, here’s a reminder how to play the game:



Things to remember:


  • Where you hit Wacky as he falls in front of Zangoz’s face will determine how high and how far Wacky will go:




    • Eyes = Big, high hit
    • Chin = Medium hit
    • Belly = Short, low hit

  • The rocket pack can be used to give Wacky a boost and make him go further. You will start with 1 rocket pack per level
  • You will get bonus points for having Wacky hit anywhere on the target at the end of a level
  • There is a map of each level at the top of your screen so you can see where you are and what obstacles are coming up next

  • The first time you finish all 10 levels of the game you’ll win this trophy:



Strategy tips:


  • Make sure you always check the level map to see where you are and what obstacles are coming up, so you can decide how big a hit you will need (some obstacles will require a smaller hit)
  • Wacky can grab on to swinging vines to go even further. Make sure to click Wacky when he is at the furthest left of his swing to get to the next vine. Do it on the first or second swing or he will fall off
  • Use your rocket boosts at the top of Wacky’s flight arc (when his body looks completely horizontal) to get the maximum boost distance
  • Time hits near an erupting water spout to launch Wacky higher and further during a hit



Follow these tips and you’ll soon have the knack for how to whack Wacky!


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What’s the highest level you’ve reached playing WackyER Zingoz? Have you won the trophy yet? Do you have any tips and tricks for this game that we forgot? Let us know in the comments below!



87 Responses to Webkinz Tips & Tricks: WackyER Zingoz!

  1. adara917 says:

    wow! these are actually great tips! now i know the tricks 2 swinging high and hard! i recently got worse with the vines, but now i know how 2 do it right! i think my highest was either level 6 or 7. i bet i’ll do better next time i play and maybe win a trophy!

  2. lavadragon says:

    Hi spottedButterflyGANZ I just responded to your other comment on the Sneak Peek: Wacky Zingoz Celebration! I can send you the Master Blaster trophy If you like!!!!!! My username is ZUMPA

  3. SpottedButterflyGANZ says:


  4. vcela1872 says:

    It does work. I tried it yesterday and I passed my previous score. So far, I agree, level 6 is hard.

  5. ImaPepper says:

    Thanks for sharing these tips–after reading this I played WackyER Zingoz and won my first clothing prize ever from the game! Yay!

  6. vanboingy says:

    do i need to get a higher score to get the wallpaper? I have only gotten the flooring, 6 times so far.

  7. diwebworld says:

    I could use some tips on wacky’s quest

  8. PEBBLES1973 says:

    here’s a tip for level 6 wait till you get past the part where the rocket boost is to use the one you have. use it to get past the water shooting out. it works for me and I hope it works for everyone else too.

  9. AbigailGriz says:

    snow and ice is so annoying, it is like you are taking 2 steps forward and 3 steps back

  10. lazygal says:

    I had trouble passing level 6 for a-while and than I got better at the level. Now I can’t even pass level 7.

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