Winterfest Has Arrived!



From January 1 – 15, look for falling snowflakes and click on them to earn Winterfest prizes. You also have the whole month to complete the Adventure Scouts Challenge and earn your winter camping badge and plaque!


Click on a button below to see what you can win during Winterfest:






Watch Podkinz episode 152 to learn more about Winterfest in Webkinz and Webkinz Classic!


68 Responses to Winterfest Has Arrived!

  1. dprice28 says:

    I have tried three times to make the campfire. I keep getting glop. Has anyone else had problems? I did it right every time.

  2. Marius8853 says:

    Haven’t seen any snowflakes today. sitting in my room, I know don’t see them in the games. Logged out and came back in. cleaned cache etc.

  3. Catherine1915 says:

    Has it stopped snowing? Haven’t seen any snowflakes today at all. Logged out came back in, none on any of my accts.

  4. DayTripper says:

    The SPREE game is not awarding 3 daily rolls, did not receive any rolls today.

  5. bonesbongo says:

    Sally Webkinz Just wanted to let you know the error message that I mentioned yesterday for the SPREE game the error message is now gone. The three daily spins your suppose to receive are not being awarded.

  6. alucard says:

    Why would they make us use our pickleberries in order to make a nice calming campfire stove? It’s hard enough to fill our berry jars to 100, now they want us to use some of our precious berries to “make” something? I might use one berry to make the camp fire stove, as I think it’s really nice, but I doubt I’ll do it more than once. The “new” recipes are a bit of a let down. :-(

  7. Amygirl113 says:

    Love everything in Winterfest – just wish the snowflakes could fall just a little faster. Don’t need a blizzard, but a little quicker than they were today would be nice. Thanks.

  8. kri402 says:

    Happy New Year!

  9. ShebaQueen says:

    Two of the recipes are the same!

  10. nanamama12 says:

    I’m so excited about the campfire! Wait until my grandson sees this!

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