Days of Play Starts Today!


From May 19 – 26, log into Webkinz World and get 3 free plays of a fun Daily Activity every day! Most of the free plays are for games that can be found in the Magical Forest on, but one game (Jumbleberry Fields), can be found in the Games Arcade. Here’s a look at the schedule:




Your free plays will be automatically awarded to your account when you log into Webkinz but they will not appear in your Dock. To use your free plays, just click on the link to the game (within the Magical Forest or in the Games Arcade).


Do you have a favorite Webkinz Daily Activity? Let us know by leaving a comment below…


35 Responses to Days of Play Starts Today!

  1. carcasa says:

    day 23 – 1 zoom ??????????????????????????

  2. suzanneauntie says:

    Hi, I can’t Thank you all enough for being So Nice and responding to my friend request!!! I know you all probably have lots of friends, but if you need it I will gladly help in the collection events, building projects and anything else you need. Thank You bear10201, TropicalGirl, kelly989, camsmommy, TaffyKitty12 and bobme248 for replying. I really appreciate everyone’s kindness! You’re all Great. Thank You So Much again!

  3. bobme248 says:

    For Nuts and Bolts: Today’s announcement says that we’ll get 3 extra plays for Zum sighting but there was only one extra. I hope that you can either change the message or increase the plays for those who will be signing on later today!

    • Alphaowlbear says:

      I got just one extra Zum Sighting as well on both my accounts. It was a real let down because I haven’t sighted any new Zums for over a year now and was hoping the extra plays might create good results. Has anyone here ever finished the Zums sighting collection? It’s taken me years to find 47, and I’ve needed just one more for the last year and a half.

      • daylasmom says:

        Same here. MY daughter and I only got one extra play as well.

      • bobme248 says:

        I have gotten them all on one account – I haven’t played it as diligently on the other two. The last one did seem to take forever to get. I gave up looking to see each time I found a Zum and then a couple of months later checked (when looking to see where I was on the gens) and voila! I had them all. Good luck – it can be done!

    • natalie13 says:

      Ditto that,

  4. natalie13 says:

    Best days 5/20 and 5/23 !

  5. mrbnl says:


  6. suzanneauntie says:

    Thanks for Days Of Play! It’s Awesome! I have a favor to ask some of you. I love the Flower Collection event, but I need some friends. Could a few of you friend me and send me flowers? I know you’re all probably busy, but I would love the prizes, they’re so pretty. I would really appreciate it and of course I will friend you and send back flowers or help when you’re building something. I’m suzanneauntie. Thank You!!!

    • TropicalGirl says:

      I sent you some friend requests from my accounts. I’m on every day and would be happy to send you flowers!

    • bear10201 says:

      I will send you a friend request also, I am on every day.

    • kelly989 says:

      Using the “Friend Finder” in the Message Center is a great way to find people who get on a lot!

    • camsmommy says:

      Hi suzanneauntie! I sent friend requests, too (2katz2 and mypinkbabies). I’m on everyday during collection events as well. Make sure to send some flower requests to me (on the map) and we’ll get you through the collection with all the goodies!

      • TaffyKitty12 says:

        Hi there, suzanneauntie! Sure thing, I’d be more than happy to send you flowers! :) I’m on almost every day, and check my messages first thing when I log on. My account names are bbdoll11 and WarriorCat1010, you’ll see a friend request coming your way soon ;)

    • bobme248 says:

      If you are still looking for friends to add (bobme248, zeusfist, rach1794). I’m on most everyday. Since I normally sign on early, during collection events I try to remember to sign on in the evening to “send” whatever we are collecting!

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