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…Gennelle and Matt chat about communities, especially Webkinz’s online community, and hang out with special guest Mandy Webkinz!


What’s In Our KinzPost?: You’re all members of so many wonderful communities. We read your stories of belonging.


Meet a Ganz-er: We chat with Mandy Webkinz, Marketing Associate, about her job!


What’s Next: The Decade Dragon got us thinking about the amazing creativity that goes into PET NAMES! Where do you get YOUR ideas for pet names from? What are some of your favorites? Share them with us at podkinz@ganz.com!


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81 Responses to Podkinz Ep. 39: Community Unity

  1. griffoned says:

    Generally I give my pets human names. My most recent pet with a nonhuman name was Tusky my woolly mammoth. But I am adopting the ten year pup soon and naming it wish. Most names I use are either American English or Hebrew. But now I plan on using all sorts of names.

  2. chels101_kitty says:

    My process for pet names can be a long one but it works for me in finding the perfect name! I usually try to think of one on my own, especially if the pet reminds me of something or someone. However I also use the baby naming websites and sometimes pet naming websites. I actually used to visit those a lot and ended up writing down a bunch of names loved on the notepad on my computer (makes it easier to keep track of it). Ever since being involved in the Facebook Webkinz community I now get some names and name ideas from my friends pets names. My trick for hard to name pets, look up names for it like for example let’s say I want a name for a guinea pig webkinz (there are quite a few of those) I will just look up “names for guinea pigs” and tons of naming websites will pop up. You can also do it for specific breeds of dogs and cats because there are websites to help you find a name for that breed. It’s quite amazing how many websites are around to help you name pets. You can also always check forums on webkinz fan sites because a lot of them have naming forums for specific pets.

  3. LittleMistyKat says:

    My fav webkinz name is Jinx my sig ocelot she is my faveorite webby and i want 10000000000000000000000000 of her!:) all webkinz are best!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Thepunkwebkinz says:

    My favorite names I have given my pets are: Rubble my bulldog puppy, Buxton my black lab, Wisteria my unicorn, Dakota my decade dragon, Salem my googles, Bootise the black poodle, and Grace my gingerbread puppy. I really love unique names. To come up with pet names I look up unique names online or ask my family for suggestions, sometimes I even look up top 10 pet names, or I come up with it my self

  5. ateasa says:

    Dear Podkinz, I ask my Mom and Friends for names for my pets if any players have any names they want to sheer let me know :D

  6. ateasa says:

    Commiuitty is like a big family webkinz is one too!

  7. luckiestmom says:

    Naming pets is one of my favorite things to do in Webkinz. I always try to come up with unique names (probably because my first name is so common and I never liked that!). Sometimes I name my pets after famous people like Beethoven and Diogenese. Sometimes I name them after after books I’ve read like Shannara or movies I’ve seen. I have a raccoon named Azyu Wysh for the famous line in the movie “The Princess Bride”. Each pet’s name has to fit the pet personally and I like it if I can use some humor and creativity to come up with names. I have a trio of bone-loving dogs I’ve named Femur, Fibula, & Tibia after the bones in a human leg. I named my decade dragon Zangten – Zang is Ganz backward and of course, ten is in honour of ten years of Webkinz. I put a lot of thought into each name and won’t adopt a pet until I have just the right name.

  8. alaska267 says:

    Hi Podkinz! I like to use fun and creative names for my pets. For instance, my 10 Year Magic W Pup is named Celestial Celebration. My Ice Dragon is named Winter Ice. My Rockerz Zebra is named Adagio Dazzle. My Teacup Yorkie is named Cappuccino. There are a bunch of others, but I didn’t want my comment to run too long. :P

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