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Beaver Contest

Starts: 2021:11:01 00:00:00

Ends : 2021:12:01 06:00:00

Open to Webkinz World players residing in the USA and Canada (some exceptions apply). It's never too early to start planning for Christmas and the holidays! The Beaver needs some ideas for how to decorate this December. Tell us your top 10 holiday decorations to enter into a draw to win one of five virtual Beaver adoption codes (the Prize). Limit of one entry per Webkinz Newz account. Please use the contest entry form -- do not leave the answers in the comments. Note: Contest closes at 11:59 PM EST on November 30, 2021.


35 Responses to Beaver Contest

  1. dariolevien005 says:

    if i get this beaver i will name him daggett :B

  2. princesspuppy5555 says:

    I love Christmas time and winter in general! i cant wait to start making snowmen and catching snowflakes on my tongue and the whole house smelling like cinnamon and cloves and happiness. i usually make and decorate sugar cookies but im gonna try making gingerbread from scratch this year.

  3. yami7 says:

    I very very much love tooooooooooo be the winner of this cutie pet because I love christmas and all the holidays toooo :-D

  4. VB_Jeebies72 says:

    This is an unrelated question, but will there ever be more Name Me contests? My sister and I joined Ganzworld too late to enter any of them, but they looked like so much fun (: Just a suggestion of course!

    • catloverdoglover says:

      Hi, VB_Jeebies72 I have also not been able to enter the Name Me contests. I know it looks so fun! My sister did them when I wasn’t playing yet, though she said it was a lot of fun! Also if you want my username for Classic it is Harms1125, and for Next its Prince Huskyworld_1

  5. HoneyBunny707 says:

    I’m so excited for the Holiday Season! If I win this pet, I will name them either Bucky, Muffy, or Justin Beaver. Good luck to everyone entering! (:

  6. MumboDumbo says:

    I reeeaaalllly LOVEEEE the holidays!!! This just makes them better! I know it is unlikely I will win but whoever wins I hope they love this beaver as much as I would! Some good names for it would be Tucker, Fuzzer, and Juniper! I LOVEEE beavers!

  7. alexxplore says:

    I can’t wait to see if I win. I’ve never won any of these contests but they’re so much fun to enter anyway. And I love beavers! It’ll be a real Canadian Christmas lol

  8. Flyerdream says:

    hey friends–Im right there with you–a whoo-hoo for Christmas!!

  9. 20hreiling says:

    I got this plush back in 2019 when a store near me was closing and still had some brand new webkinz left! To this day I love the plush for this beaver and I adopted her on my account and named her penelope! <3 <3

  10. SweetFlop says:

    If I win the beaver, I’m going to give him my winter themed kitchen! Also I love decorating for Christmas. All of my friends like Halloween more, but as soon as November 1st comes I just want to make Christmas cookies!

    • paavani says:

      “SweetFlop” SAME! I love love love Christmas… I listen to Christmas music all year round… I was even listening to Christmas music on halloween…I can’t help it… the music just uplifts my spirits! I love Christmas for getting a beautiful Christmas tree, decorating it, looking at all the Christmas lights and decorations everyone puts out, and seeing the good mood it puts people in… not to mention the food!!!!!!!

    • SpotlessStar1 says:

      I am the exact same way. Usually I start listening to Christmas music right after Halloween, but I try to hold off on decorating for Christmas until Black Friday. However usually I start crafting for Christmas before Halloween depending on how long it will take, because of school.

      • Prettyflower7 says:

        I don’t usually do any thing for Halloween we usually just buy bags of those candy/chocolate mixture bag you see at the store around Halloween and we basically just have a game night, but as soon as it’s November I think “Christmas is next month already YAY!” forgetting about Thanksgiving not to mention my dad’s birthday… xD And SpotlessStar1 I’m with you me and my family usually wait for Black Friday then CHRISTMAS TREE, CHRISTMAS LIGHTS, ALL OVER! We never go shopping then it’s to crowded and scary. Anyways sorry for the long comment but yeah, Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas! ^-^

    • MumboDumbo says:

      Same! I get Christmas fever really early on!!!

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