Laurabeard’s Lunch

It’s my first week back at Kinzville Academy since I went away on my brother’s ship last year, and I have to say – it’s kind of weird getting back into things. Sometimes it feels like everyone else just carried along without me and forgot about me. The thing is, before I went away, Nibbles and I would always eat lunch together. Like, every single day. On the first day of school a whole bunch of us sat together, but I came into the lunchroom a little late yesterday and went to find Nibbles and she said sorry but she told Janice that she would sit with her today.  Huh? Since when do Nibbles and Janice sit together? Janice is one of Purr-Cilla’s friends. Nibbles said I could join them if I wanted but I didn’t want to because there was only one seat by Janice and I don’t really know her anyway. Plus, if she’s anything like Purr-Cilla I’m not sure I want to know her. I went outside and ate my lunch by myself under a tree. I wonder if it’s going to be like this every day. I sure hope not.

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  1. *webkinz wizard* says:

    im so sorry lauraberg i always sit alone at my school at lunch i feel ur pain

  2. Who Loves Canada? says:

    I think Laurabeard is just insecure. She probably has lost other friends before, so she is worried that these friends will do the same thing. Sometimes I wonder if my friends will not like me after the summer, because when I was little I had a really good friend and suddenly she stopped talking to me. I wasnt sad, though. I had already made other BFFs.

  3. BlueStar says:

    Aw, Laurabeard im so sorry but maybe give jance a chance. i know you dont want to talk to her but give her a chance and see what happens . ;) BlueStar

  4. lovepuppygirl says:

    I forgot their friends now.

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