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      Greetings everyone! I have some psf for trade if anyone is sercing for some. I have a lot of pets each with their PSF. these are the ones I have : Bamboo Cannelloni (panda) , Candied Caspian Caviar (Signature White Persian Cat), Candied Rose Petals (Love frog), Carob Chip Cookies (Chocolate lab), Fluffy Tuna Tartufo ( Persian Cat), Frozen Iceberg Chili (Polar bear), Garlicky Gazelle Tenderloin (Leopard), Grilled Ungulate Galette (Spotted leopard), Horse’s D’oeuvres (Brown Arabian), Jumbled Googles Caboodles (pink google), One Ton Won Tons (Walrus), Pastel pancakes (Spring celebration bunny), Reptile Risotto (Tiger), Roasted Mousemellows (Charcoal Cat), Rosy Alfalfa Alfredo (Pink Pony), Schnauzer Schnitzle (Schnauzer dog), Sherpa’s Pie (Himalayan Cat), Sparkling Flower Fondue (Unicorn), Spiky Sedge Soup (Reindeer) and Tasty Eucalyptus Pastries (Koala) Hope this helps anyone with their PSF collection. KiskAn.

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      If anyone has the freaky forest wallpaper please let me know. My username is cutey531.

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      I have some clothing that I am hoping to trade for some old Deluxe Monthly Clothing. I will post my Want List in that forum. Birthday Cake Cap
      Butterfly Fascinator
      Candy Dreamland Robe
      Cherry Hat
      Cotton Candy Dress
      Crunchy Carrot Shoes
      Daredevil Jumpsuit
      Fairy Den Dress
      Fiery Flamenco Dress
      Floral Pilgrim Bonnet
      Glam Diva Sunglasses
      Elegant Victorian Gown
      Fire Queen Robes
      Hypnotic Glasses
      Jingle Bell Dress
      Lady Pilgrim Bonnet
      Lady Pilgrim Dress
      Lady Bug Slippers
      Lucky Leprechaun Hat
      Luna Moth Slippers
      Martian Helmet
      Pilgrim pants
      Pilgrim top
      Pink Bunny Wig
      Pixie’s Wings
      Pink Posy Pumps
      Pixie Dress
      Pizza Pie Hat
      Pretty Prom Dress
      Purple Gem Dress
      Queen Bee Gown
      Rainbow Hat
      Ringmaster’s Blazer
      Ringmaster’s Top Hat
      Robo Helmet
      Samurai Helmet
      Sleepwalking Hat
      Southern Bell Dress
      Southern Bell Hat
      Sparkly Elf Dress
      Sparkly Elf Hat
      Stylish Snowsuit
      Sunflower Bonnet
      Sunflower Sprite Slippers
      Sunshine Daisy Skirt
      Sushi Chef Uniform
      Universe Dress
      Woolly Work Dress
      X Ray Glasses
      Victorian Hat

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        Would you be interest in trading the Southern Belle hat for the retired deluxe sweet star hat?

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        I know that it has been awhile since you posted this, but I am a history teacher that loves collecting history-inspired Webkinz pieces, and I was wondering if you still have the floral pilgrim bonnet, elegant victorian gown, lady pilgrim bonnet, lady pilgrim dress, pilgrim pants, pilgrim top, southern belle dress, southern belle hat, and Victorian hat. If you do, is there anything else you are willing to trade for, like furniture or new deluxe items?

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      New trade list! Been hitting up the TR like crazy the past week. Looking for various priceless clothing and PSI, other promo, and regular PSI. Let’s chat, or add me @ sassypig and meet me.
      Autumn Colors Dress (mystery)
      Candy Dreamland Dress (promo)
      Christmas Toy Trunk – Snowy Retriever Puppy (I think this is promo PSI?)
      Halloween Cupcake Dress (mystery)
      Purple Vampiress Dress
      Sail Blouse
      Candy Cane Slide – Holidoodle
      Chocolate Fountain – Mocha Pup
      Doodle Chair – Scribbles Pup
      Howling Ridge – Signature Timber Wolf
      Mellow Marsh – Marshmallow Chipmunk
      Polar Peppermint Booth – Jolly Holiday Puppy
      Sing Along Piano – Copper Husky Puppy
      Spotted Sports Car – Spotted Spaniel
      Winged Piano – Sapphire Pegasus
      Also have a bunch of other odds and ends. Some older PSI, 08/09 Halloween Items, Rares, Exclusives, Various Decoratives, etc.

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      I don’t have much because I’m just restarting my Webkinz account, but I’m working to build it back up. Sorry my items aren’t the greatest, but if anyone is interested I have…
      Artist’s Pallet Bed
      Bookworm Bed
      Fantasy Coach Bed
      Flower Power Bed
      Starburst Cloud Bed
      Stardust Dreams Bed
      Sugary Sweet Dreams Bed
      Banana Hammock
      Big Top Go Cart
      Fortune Telling Pig Statue
      Googles Scrying Pond
      Icy Ocean Bathtub
      King of the Junge Throne
      Love Pond
      Lucky Horseshoe Fireplace
      Milk Truck
      Monkey Business Sofa
      Northern Nights Bed
      Poofy Poodle Chair
      Pretty Poodle Vanity
      Rabbit Eared Television
      Retriever Treadmill
      Swiss Cheese Table
      Tiger Stripe Convertible
      True Blue Birdbath
      Circle of Friends Topiary
      Gemstone Table
      Giant Feather Chair
      Ice Cream Tree
      Jelly Lollipop Tree
      Jellybean Tree
      Prismatic Chair
      Creepy Bed
      Desk Gyroscope
      Fall Wreath
      Gargoyle Chair
      Gargoyle Sofa
      Giant Spider Web
      Haunted Dungeon Gate
      Mausoleum Television
      Mosaic Park Bench
      Polar Plunge Holiday Snowglobe

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        @pransser, your items are way better than you know, all the old, retired stuff is now priceless LOL Do you have any Kooky or Egyptian? That stuff is like “gold” , no way to get it but trade. The retired beds and exclusives you have are now worth new promo. Goof Luck. oh I sent a few things, and will send more soon, DF

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          DF, I’ve been a little lucky in the TR with some of them! No big hits on promo, but a few smaller pieces and some clothing. Sadly no Kooky or Egyptian I found on this account, but I did scavenge my rooms for some older items. Not sure about values anymore, but it’s nice to just trade for the items I want. Good luck to you as well, and thanks again. Stay warm!

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        Hi @pransser I would be interested in the retriever treadmill. What are you looking for in trade? Thanks, Traveller

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        Do you have the freaky forest wallpaper?

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        I’d be interested in the Ice cream or Jelly Lollipop Trees, and the Gargoyle chair and sofa. And maybe the Fantasy Coach bed. I’ll go check out your want list. You have great stuff–don’t sell yourself short!

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        @pransser I’m interested in a lot of these things! What are you looking for? Your new friend –nneehhaa

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