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    Hello! Nice to meet you! I hope you will have fun designing outfits here! Would you like to design an outfit for my Black Cat? Have fun!

    !. gender: Girl.

    2. pet type: Black Cat.

    3. personality: Happy, wears vibrant colors and accesorizes. Fave color: purple.

    4. Budget: 750 kc

    Please be as creative as possible! Enjoy!

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      So since I (used to and probley still do) work here i can get your outfit (still in shock. Haven’t seen this forum FOREVER. This was the first fashion Forum i worked at now i own 2!) Kinzville Acadamy Cap (show off your smart-ness) Howlin’ Hoody Vest, Jeans, Flip Flops. Hope you like it! Come again!

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        Hi! I haven’t been on webkinz newz for awhile, but I just thought I’d bring this forum back to the top if anyone needs help. :) Here’s what you need to fill out for an outfit: 1. Type of pet, 2. Boy or girl, 3.(optional)pet personality, 4. Budget. That’s it! :) ~Jazzy

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      gender girl pet type poodle personality fun playful intelligent girly diva fave color purple

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      Gender: Girl Pet Type: Spooky Puppy Personality: Intelligent, sporty, and just plan sweet. Fave Color: Purple!!!!!!!!!!! ~Lizzy and Midnight the Spooky Puppy

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