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Did you know you enjoy the fun of playing Webkinz even when you’re offline?

Below you’ll find links to printable coloring sheets, puzzles and activities. And we will be adding more fun stuff in the coming weeks!


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378 Responses to Games & Activities

  1. dolphingirl591 says:

    Why do I get “invalid argument passed for level 8 out of 10 times completing Polar Plunge? Where can I find the list showing how many levels needed to complete for a trophy for all games? Why do things never change in Webkinz Next? It is extremely boring to do the same old things ever day. Thanks.

  2. lillymcclare says:

    hi i am rookie

  3. DayDay135 says:

    can I play hungry hog?

  4. 726468 says:

    Where is the “Webkinz” game?

  5. Heyiamyournewfriend says:

    Where is the spin the well? The halloween one.

  6. wilburn04d says:

    Please bring back the Pet Of The Month quiz thing!

  7. GANZ301287 says:

    that is so outstanding

  8. sitcomstan418 says:

    I’m really sad to see that the full desktop version is now only available on a windows computer. I have a chromebook and I really miss the game that made literally like half my childhood. :( what happened to the website? And why does the classic app only have a house, outfits and an arcade?

    • Sally Webkinz says:

      The Desktop App is available on Mac OS and Windows. Chromebooks run Android, which is a mobile operating system. That’s why you can only install the mobile app, which does not have all the features. All browsers discontinued support for the Flash plug-in back in 2020 — no Flash plug-in, no website.

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