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Introducing a new section in Webkinz Newz that lets you enjoy the fun of playing Webkinz even when you’re offline!

You’ll find printable coloring sheets, puzzles and activities. And we will be adding more fun stuff to this page regularly, so be sure to check back often!


Coloring Pages - NEW sheets added Sept. 27!

Math Activities  - NEW sheets added April 18!

Puzzles & Mazes - NEW puzzle added March 1!

Word Puzzles 

Printable Valentines 


286 Responses to Games & Activities

  1. AlyssaOG says:

    I dont like how much this game has changed.. I haven’t logged in to my Webkinz in forever so I downloaded the app and was disappointed to see how limited it was with how good apps are being developed these days I kind of expected more.

  2. a9v99 says:

    I have played this game since 2010. I came back to see if I could still login and stuff. I can and I am disappointed. Everything is deluxe, my Webkinz go hungry every one minute, dr. Quack is gone, and the ads make the page run really slow. So sad to see a childhood site of mine that brings so many memories go to waste.

  3. snuggles565 says:

    where did all the games go???

  4. KateRocks says:

    The games are GONE! When will they come back?

  5. daniwei says:

    Where did the stuff go like the gym and the doctors office and stuff? Is that stuff not showing up bc I’m not on PC?

  6. Qtwaffles8 says:

    Where is curio shop?

    • kittymade10 says:

      In the Webkinz game look at the right bottom side of your screen where it will say activities or something like that. Click it and you will see a bunch of options. Click the curio shop and you’re there! Hope this somewhat helps.

  7. wolly2207 says:

    Where are the games?

  8. webmab says:

    where did all the games go

  9. fridaysgirl says:

    When will you put the card games back on here?

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