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Did you know you enjoy the fun of playing Webkinz even when you’re offline?

Below you’ll find links to printable coloring sheets, puzzles and activities. And we will be adding more fun stuff in the coming weeks!


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304 Responses to Games & Activities

  1. 3lli399 says:

    Webkinz is a great game on computer not great for iPhone iPad best game ever :)

  2. Laura1020 says:

    Dear Webkinzworld.. I have a problem with my app. If I buy a game and put is in the room.. Then I go there with my pet and I can not play it… Why????

  3. fans44 says:

    Please help me find the 1st clue in the Treasure Hunt. I have been everywhere.

  4. fans44 says:

    I can’t get into webkinz world; says update is going on. How much longer?

  5. MommaSays says:

    I can’t find the Trading Card board that you used to have a link to. I have enough cards, now, that I think I could actually play the games with the littles. I used to have it in my computer, but I can’t even find that any more. It’s been so long.

  6. Corgisrcute says:

    hey guys!

  7. fk28635 says:

    thanks for the grate Activities

  8. frankie98 says:

    same problem here! unable to play peek a news or any events

  9. Neette says:

    Is anyone else having trouble getting in to Webkinz News ? Am having trouble playing – monthly meal – peek a news floaty taffy. I do one thing and then it goes blue will not let me play anymore. I have to go totally out and come back in and play one more thing go out come back in. This has been going on now for ( 4 ) days now. HELP HELP ME PLEASE :) :)

  10. MASTERRRR says:

    I love this game, but seriously? I cant buy a CHAIR beacause I only have one pet.

    • littlemissducky says:

      It’s not how many pets, it’s whether you have a registered pet or a free one.

    • LunarGameCorner says:

      And I can’t buy that same chair even though I have 20. I understand that companies need money, but I feel like you should be a full member permanently once you reach a certain threshold.

      • Michelfran says:

        I’ve been playing webkinz since before the deluxe membership even existed. It does stink how much the game has become limited since they created it. Before it just used to have extra rewards involved, but now some things that I have been able to do since I started playing are limited to deluxe players. It’s not very fair, and I think they’re even losing some people because they don’t want to pay to be deluxe.

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