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Introducing a new section in Webkinz Newz that lets you enjoy the fun of playing Webkinz even when you’re offline!

You’ll find printable coloring sheets, puzzles and activities. And we will be adding more fun stuff to this page regularly, so be sure to check back often!


Coloring Pages - NEW sheets added Sept. 27!

Math Activities  - NEW sheets added April 18!

Puzzles & Mazes - NEW puzzle added March 1!

Word Puzzles 

Printable Valentines 


168 Responses to Games & Activities

  1. cutecreativegirl says:

    can we get new valentine’s codes? I remember using this code last year. :)

  2. rebelforever101 says:

    are the codes of the valentines still good if i print and use them? id hate for do that and they be bad codes

  3. TarynSharpe says:

    which kinz did you vote for I voted for sally cat

  4. bunnyfunfun101 says:

    I found a Webkinz poodle at tuesday morning, it costed me 2.99

  5. Val62510 says:

    How do I play a game? I have been trying for 40 mins now.

  6. bettyejo says:

    I just want to go to the arcade. How’s the easiest way to get there?

  7. 4fourboys says:

    What has happened to the screen that says PLAY. I just want to get to the arcade.

  8. RaguAlfredoSauce says:

    looks nice bro! colouring is fun!

  9. love4leah says:

    MissMeowMeow I know you’ll probably never see this but, I think you are soooo right about the world being one big price tag and i wish i could talk with you more on that, but i have homework so that will be for another day (century) so again i’m going to have to end my rant. Until later, Love4leah, a webkinz lover

  10. love4leah says:

    OMG. Everyone who can find a webkinz plush at the store anymore good for you they stopped selling them in the main stores i go to and my parents wont let me get anymore plush so im gonna expire at the beggining of August next year because i dont have the money for estore points. Webkinz has changes so much from when i join five years ago but i still play it today even though im dissapointed in some of the changes they made. Anyways I dont wanna write a whole essay about webkinz (I have enough of those at school) So bye and I hope everyones happy with webkinz!

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