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Introducing a new section in Webkinz Newz that lets you enjoy the fun of playing Webkinz even when you’re offline!

You’ll find printable coloring sheets, puzzles and activities. And we will be adding more fun stuff to this page regularly, so be sure to check back often!


Coloring Pages - NEW sheets added Sept. 27!

Math Activities  - NEW sheets added April 18!

Puzzles & Mazes - NEW puzzle added March 1!

Word Puzzles 

Printable Valentines 


168 Responses to Games & Activities

  1. FuzzyPickles says:

    I’d like to know wht when I click on a comet/shooting star on Alyssas Star Search it poofs away and I get nothing they just dissapear.

  2. maria_rdz says:

    great activities!

  3. mythnokwolfbat1004 says:

    The only real reason im on again is cause i had a wombat webkin and realized that account died- then went to a flea market to find a mountain goat and got him. Should have got one of the kinz with the kinzclips

  4. ellieatwebkinz15 says:

    im new !

  5. StarStriker says:

    HI? Me new

  6. ilovemom24 says:

    where is the place where you enter the code on this web site

  7. Lexieryan06 says:

    I love this game.

  8. makyladi1 says:

    you should make more activets

  9. Memar6 says:

    I addopted the pet of the month for february and on today’s activities it does not recognize that i have the pet and allow me to click on the activity

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