Chat Rules for KinzChat PLUS™


KinzChat PLUS™ members can make friends, play games, and chat with others from all over the world! While doing so, it is important to remember that KinzChat PLUS is here for everyone’s fun and enjoyment. All members must be kind and respectful to each other at all times and must follow the KinzChat PLUS Chat Rules (Rules), or “safe chatting” practices outlined below. No one should ever disclose personally identifiable information (personal information) about themselves, their friends, or family members and should never be offensive towards others.


Breaking any of the Rules may lead to one’s account being silenced or banned from KinzChat PLUS for a period of time, or permanently, depending on the severity of the offense. For serious or repeat offenses one’s account may also be banned permanently from the website. If you or your child sees anyone breaking the Rules, this can be brought to our attention by reporting them using the “Problem Reporting” feature. We will review the report and, if necessary, take appropriate action.


Please read and review the Rules below with your child to see what is NOT allowed. This will help ensure that you and/or your child continue to fully enjoy KinzChat PLUS and will help us keep it a fun, exciting place for all!

  • Discussing personal information (full name, phone #, address, email, school name/location, place of residence, i.e. city/town/village)
  • Discussing other website profiles/usernames, personal website addresses, Instant Messenger names/handles
  • Sharing Webkinz World™ account information (username or password)
  • Sharing any other information that could disclose someone’s real identity
  • Discussing meeting other members in person
  • Discussing making contact via phone, text message, or email
  • Discussing chatting on other websites or Instant Messenger
  • Discussing use of webcams, or sharing photos/videos
  • Discussing adult relationships or dating
  • Discussing sexual acts or topics
  • Discussing violent acts or topics
  • Discussing drugs/alcohol, weapons/firearms or illegal activities
  • Discussing any other topics deemed unsuitable in Webkinz World
  • Engaging in any form of bullying or harassment
  • Using mean/rude language or behavior
  • Making racist, prejudiced, or sexist remarks
  • Displaying hateful social attitudes or beliefs
  • Engaging in any behaviour that could ruin other members’ enjoyment
  • Attempting to or encouraging others to circumvent the chat filters
  • Abusing the “Problem Reporting” system
  • Making false claims about personal safety
  • Claiming to be Webkinz World staff (or a relative of)
  • Forcing or attempting to force other members to trade items
  • Engaging in spamming (i.e. flooding the room with repetitive chat)
  • Engaging in any other disruptive behavior