Sneak Peek: Arctic Polar Bear

The Arctic Polar Bear is a cool customer who loves to purchase case after case of Polarberry Punch! Members who adopt this chilly pet will have to give it lots of attention to keep it happy. Be ready to play plenty of hide and seek in the Polar Bear’s Peek-a-Boo Pond!

The Arctic Polar Bear will be available this December.

52 Responses to Sneak Peek: Arctic Polar Bear

  1. saula says:

    This is such an adorable pet, i love it! i would totally get this one, it’s fun, unique and just so lovable! :)

  2. scribbles360 says:

    cute but whats the difference between a normal polar bear and an ‘arctic’ polar bear??

  3. Kpoo97 says:

    Cute, but there’s already a polar bear that’s from the arctic, since all polar bears are from the Arctic. o3o

  4. cutemermai45 says:

    my birthday is on november 30th and would like to have a webkinz. i only have one.

  5. Starwisp says:

    Hey unet101, I think I know why it bothers you— the green in its fur makes it look dirty. I think they shoulda left that out… By the way, does anyone else but me think the Adventure Park fox is adorable?! I want it!!!!

  6. the!awsome!k says:

    OH MY GOSH ITS SO CUTE!!!!! i am so totally geting this! This is like the gr8est pet EVA! eXept 4 the hippie hippo (Own it!!!) and oh my gosh it dos look like an icebreaker!!!!! :)

  7. webraneal says:

    LOVE the pet but not so inthusiastic about the online versian. But still cute!

  8. Rosy : ) says:

    It is so adorable.I really like the peek-a-boo pond .It is so COOL.Get it “COOL”.Ha Ha.,but I wonder what it’s plush looks like. : )

  9. keekeow says:

    Luv it!!!!!!

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