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      When i was around 7 or 8 (nearly 10 years ago ) i got my first webkinz account . I collected in there around 15 pets ,a zum and hamster..BUT i remember that i had a problem with my password back then and i couldnt enter the account. Ive came back to webkinz now with a free account (im saving money to buy another webkinz tho ) but i just really wish that there was any way to get my old account back. I do not know the username for it ,my dad made me that account and the email he used wasnt an acctual email because he didnt understand it.. the only thing i do remember is one code from one of the latest webkinzes i registered to there ,and the names of almost all of them. Is there any chance that i could send you the code and you’ll track down my old account and change me the password there or somthing so i will be able to play thete again ? It’s really important to me becaude my family spent loads of money on it ..

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      Hey uhm this is kind of an odd question but ive been lookinng lately at concept art for furniture and gift boxes on webkinz and this question is just burning in me all week long . Is there any way that one can apply to become a concept artist for webkinz ? Im soon going to an art colledge (after i’ll finish army .in my country even girls have to go to army :/ ) and ive been trying to find interesting places that id be able to work in after i get a degree. Also if you do take people for this work , do they need to be studying anything spesific ?like i can imagine that design would be importnat which is the class im planning to take there but is there anything more ?

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      big question on mays treasure hunt where is the may calender?

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      So today I FINALLY get around to putting in the codes for the Egg suit, Egg hat and Egg shoes from the Look For The Ads contest before Easter. The code for the Eggshell hat works wonderfully, got that. The code for the Chicken Feet from said contest works great got that. Got to the code for the Eggshell Suit. Not so much. Tried it twice and nothing, it kept insisting that either the code was wrong or used previously. So I check the code I’ve written down 3 different times on 3 different websites to make sure that I’ve got it written down. Yes, yes i do. Next I checked every possible wardrobe walk in closet room that I’ve got, from the Costume Closets to everything in between… Nope I do NOT already have said Eggshell Suit. So, did anyone else run into this problem? Not have the code for the Eggshell Suit from the Webkinz Find’em Ads work for them? Very disappointed and sad that while I’ve got the feet and the hat, I do not have the Eggshell Suit. :-(

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        I’m having the same issue as well! Whenever I would type it in, some sort of weird message would pop up, but the other two codes worked perfectly. It’s quite disappointing :/ I hope that gets fixed soon so we’re able to complete our ‘farm fresh egg’ costumes

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      Couldn’t figure out where to go to obtain information in regards to Amazing World so I’m hoping someone can help me here. Recently the kids & I started to play AW which they really enjoy. What we are wondering is: in Team Play, rewards are offered such as Stained Glass, Quartz, O Sugars, and we cannot find where these rewards are shown. They do not appear in our dock. Is there a place they are stored? And where? Same goes for common, uncommon & rare rewards. We have considered getting a membership but the site is not current with information so we feel very uneasy to purchase one. Thank you!

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