The Great Cake Cookoff Is Here!

Introducing the Great Cake Cook-Off!

Head to Kinzville to join in our newest multiplayer game and work together to bake the biggest cake you’ve ever seen!

Click on the table to join. When the entry period is over, the game begins! Search Kinzville and collect ingredients for the cake: Eggs, Butter, and Flour!

But watch out — everyone playing in your game sees the same ingredients, so you’ll have to be quick and get to them first. You can collect up to 9 ingredients at a time, then you must race back to drop them off. Earn points for each required ingredient.

Once you’ve collected enough ingredients as a group within the time limit, watch as the fantastic cake is baked! All participants earn KinzCash, and the top three get special prizes. 1st place gets a random mixer, 2nd place gets a Baker’s Jacket, and 3rd place gets extra KinzCash.

In addition to prizes, earn points for the monthly leaderboard with each cake successfully baked!

The player with the top score at the end of the month will receive an extra special prize — a Great Cake Cookoff Trophy!

The Great Cake Cookoff is available at select times in the Kinzville Park. Keep this schedule handy!

Download Webkinz Next now — available for iOS, MacOS, Android and Windows 10.


64 Responses to The Great Cake Cookoff Is Here!

  1. 1lightningbug says:

    This game is so inconsistent and glitches. Sometimes baking ingredients are added to your collection, other times it doesn’t pick up items even though bag is empty or not full, and other times it doesn’t accept dropping off ingredients into baking bin. For the effort put into this, it’s a waste of time.

    • sunnypinksky says:

      I haven’t had any glitches with that, but I’m wondering why the high top kawaii counter still hasn’t been fixed. :( I really want to add it to my kitchen but it’s literally just a white blob when you purchase it.

  2. mimi1960 says:

    finally won a blender…but it doesnt work?

  3. gagamurph says:

    Hopefully the Cake Bake Off glitch is fixed today ! Have not been able to join in for the past two days

  4. biscotti says:

    Can you please change the camera view for this event to be overhead instead of over the shoulder. I get very nauseous and can’t enjoy playing the game. Plus it gives me a terrible headache. Thank you for your consideration in changing this.

  5. rockruffian says:

    Just logged in specifically for the cookoff, and it’s now the FOURTH in a row that I get online JUST for and can’t participate in. Someone is passing these comments on the article, but no official response to this issue. And there’s supposed to be a meet up tomorrow? What do you expect other than people just being angry at them? Don’t introduce an event like this with a leaderboard & ranking if you aren’t willing/able to adequately support it. This issue should be addressed and the games should either be put on hold or something until it was fixed. No word on how this is planning to be fixed or how anyone will be compensated. It seems so unacceptable…

  6. jole1993 says:

    I think your game is having problems, 4 out of the 5 accts in our house couldn’t get into the game it said they already played but they had not played at all today. & the other one froze But the frezzing isn’t just a today thing between all our accts, it has frozen at least three other times that I know of since the game started.

  7. magsjungle says:

    I won first place in the cake bake off in the 1 pm contest. The cake showed that I won but I did not receive my prizes. This was very disappointing because I worked really hard to win. I am sure this must be a glitch. I hope this will not happen to others. I have emailed webkinz support for assistance with this.

    • jole1993 says:

      well atleast it let your game finish, in one of the games I was playing today, I was in first place had the last 5 ingrediencies in my bag it was 3 minets before the hour & the game just ended I got back to the mixes so no prizes were handed out

    • boogieshoogiebear says:

      I can’t join the cookoff at all anymore! I haven’t been able to play for a couple days now, when I try to join it says I already participated when I haven’t. I know some of my friends are having the same problem- please fix this :(

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