Arcade Trophy Showcase: Archives



Looking for tips for winning your favorite trophy in the Webkinz World Arcade?


Click on any of these links below:


How to Win Atlantiles, Booger Gets an A, and Bounce ‘n Burst Trophies


How to Win Candy Bash, Candy Bash 2, and Cash Cow Trophies


How to Win a Foreman Award, or Eager Beaver Adventure Park, or Flutterbugged



How to Win Master Blaster 600, WackyER Zingoz, or Gold Zingoz Pop Trophies


How to Win Go-Go Googles, Goober’s Lab, or Lily Padz 2 Trophies 


How to Win Llama League Cup (Leapin’ Llamas) and Operation Gumball Trophy


How to Win the Polar Plunge and Polarberry Jam Trophies




43 Responses to Arcade Trophy Showcase: Archives

  1. BWG19 says:

    please make the “random winning” to actual winning when we finish. Thanks.

  2. Fred04 says:

    Atlantiles keeps locking up after I get done with level 7 – it has ever since you changed the graphics and I’d love to win the trophy – but can’t get to level 8. this has happened on 2 of my accts. Can you please check it. Thanks.

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