Behind the Scenes: Music Starz Storyboard!


Before an animator created one of the music videos that you can watch in the Music Starz section of Webkinz, an artist first created a storyboard for the video. A storyboard is a series of drawings that are used to show the sequence of scenes planned for a video. This gives the animator a visual script to work from when creating the actual video.


Take a look at some of the panels from the “Tiger Tiger” storyboard compared to actual frames from the music video. In this video, a Bengal Tiger becomes the DJ at a dance party to remember:

Watch the complete music video to “Tiger Tiger” in the Music Starz section of Webkinz. You can  access Music Starz from the THINGS TO DO menu or, CLICK HERE to watch the video on the Webkinz YouTube channel!


Miss our last post? Check out the storyboard to the “It’s a Beautiful Day” music video HERE


89 Responses to Behind the Scenes: Music Starz Storyboard!

  1. rocohoneypie says:

    Awesome! love it! i think they did a great job on clip 5! :D

  2. Nosaroni says:

    I love POTM videos, to bad they quit making ‘em. But I understand how much work it must be to make a new one every month. New lyrics, new video, new music….. That’s a lot of work to do! And all in one month!

  3. boatchick says:

    “I Wanna Run” (Grey Arabian) was the best KinzTunes song. “Mustache Louie” video was crazy :) And my husband and I did “Where Did You Get Those Stripes” karaoke when the Tour Van came to town a few years ago.

  4. etncpink says:

    My top five fav music videos have to be….. It’s A Beautiful Day, Piggy Plum Pie, I Love Being A Spotted Frog, I Gotta Lotta Soft Spots For You, and….. Koala Holiday! (I also really like Mustache Louie)

  5. meganisgreat says:

    I have a question for you people. Why? Why were these stop being made?! I loved watching them!! They are one of the most under estimated thing on webkinz

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