Behind the Scenes: Music Starz Storyboard!


Before an animator created one of the music videos that you can watch in the Music Starz section of Webkinz, an artist first created a storyboard for the video. A storyboard is a series of drawings that are used to show the sequence of scenes planned for a video. This gives the animator a visual script to work from when creating the actual video.


Take a look at some of the panels from the “It’s A Beautiful Day” storyboard compared to actual frames from the music video. In this video, a Webkinz Rooster and Chicken try to wake up their little chick:



Watch the complete music video to “It’s A Beautiful Day” in the Music Starz section of Webkinz. You can  access Music Starz from the THINGS TO DO menu or, CLICK HERE to watch the video on the Webkinz YouTube channel!


Stay tuned for a look at more Music Staz Storyboards on Webkinz Newz. What is your favorite Music Starz video? Which storyboard would you like to see next? Please leave your comments below…


120 Responses to Behind the Scenes: Music Starz Storyboard!

  1. 9boogirl says:

    That’s so cool that they posted this >W< My favorite POTM Video will have to be 'Cats and Dogs', for it has great music (so catchy!), and of course it features the Webkinz Pom Pom Kitty, a pet I'm in love with.

  2. Dragongirl258 says:

    My favorite songs are Piggy Plum Pie and Nine Lives, though Carmel Soup is a top contender! I wish Music Starz videos were still being created! I miss them!

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