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What is the difference between Webkinz Next and Webkinz Classic? 

“Webkinz Next” is now the NEW version of Webkinz, while “Webkinz Classic” is the original version of the game. For convenience, you can use an existing Webkinz Classic login to create an account in Webkinz Next (and vice-versa), and send some items from Next to Classic –BUT PLEASE NOTE– that otherwise they are COMPLETELY SEPARATE GAMES.


Learn more about Webkinz Next in our separate FAQ here



How do I recover an old Webkinz Classic account?

You can learn more about recovering an old Webkinz Classic account here.



What benefits do Free, Full, and Deluxe Webkinz Classic Members get?

Click here to see a chart explaining the benefits of Free, Full, and Deluxe Membership.



What are Webkinz Pets?

Webkinz Pets are lovable plush pets that each come with a unique Adoption Code that lets play with a virtual version of your pet. You can also adopt a virtual-only version of a Webkinz Pet directly from the WShop or from the Ganz eStore.


Where can I get Webkinz plush?

Ganz no longer makes Webkinz plush specifically for Webkinz Classic, and all of our Webkinz Classic plush stock is sold out from our warehouse. Because of this, we also can no longer track which specific stores have plush stock available.  However, there are thousands of varieties still available for purchase. If you can’t find them at your local retailer, try searching online with secondary retailers like Amazon or eBay.


HOWEVER, when you purchase our NEW Webkinz Next plush, each one comes with TWO Adoption Codes: one for Webkinz Next and one for Webkinz Classic. You can use these two codes to adopt the same pet onto both versions of the game. You can order a variety of these new Webkinz Next plush pets directly from Ganz here.



What is the Webkinz Classic desktop app?

The Webkinz Classic desktop app is a full version of the original Webkinz website game without having to use a web browser. It can be downloaded for Windows and MacOS computers directly from the Webkinz.com homepage.



Does Webkinz Classic have a mobile app?

YES! You can play with your Webkinz on the go using the Webkinz mobile app, available for FREE from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Please note that not all games and features on Webkinz Classic are included on the Webkinz Classic mobile app.


What membership do I get for adopting a Webkinz Pet?

Each time you adopt a Webkinz Pet with a paid Adoption Code, you will unlock Full Membership for 1 year from the date of adoption. Registering multiple Adoption Codes at the same time will not stack additional years of Full Membership access. To learn more about Full Membership benefits, see our membership comparison chart.


How do I get my Webkinz Pet’s special adoption gift box?

Once you adopt your Webkinz Pet and arrive in the welcome room, your pet will make a request. Once you fulfill that first request, you will be awarded your pet’s adoption gift box.


What prizes come with my Webkinz Pet?

Regular Webkinz Pets: A gift box containing their Pet Specific Item (PSI), their Pet Specific Food (PSF), a Wish Token, and an Exclusive Item. For every 10, 15th, 20th, 25th, etc., pet adopted, you will also receive a Super Bed bonus gift box, which you can open and choose from a selection of amazing beds!

Signature Webkinz Pets: Everything that a regular Webkinz Pet receives, plus an item from the exclusive Signature room theme.

Signature Endangered Webkinz Pets:  Everything that a regular Webkinz Pet receives, plus a special piece of furniture from a Signature Endangered room theme, and a Sanctuary Gift Pack that includes an Endangered-exclusive Sanctuary wallpaper and flooring.


What are all the cool things I can do in Webkinz Classic?

Where do we start? First, you adopt your pet and name it. Then you can custom design a room for it. You can play games in the Arcade, or compete against other players in tournaments. You can answer quizzes in Quizzy’s Question Corner. All of these things earn you KinzCash, which you can use to go shopping for your Webkinz Pet in our WShop, or any other shop where you can buy things for your Webkinz Pet. There are stories to read and fun daily activities.


How do I find out more about Webkinz?

You can find out more about Webkinz Classic and Webkinz Next on our official news site: WebkinzNewz.com


Webkinz Classic sounds awesome – how do I sign up?

Starting a Webkinz Classic account is FREE! After you download the app, just click on the PLAY button on the home page and then I’M NEW to get started.


Can I join Webkinz Classic for free?

Yes you can! After you download the app, just click the PLAY button on the home page and then I’M NEW to sign up for your FREE account! Once you’ve created your FREE account, you will be able to play on the site with certain limitations. If you want to play with fewer limitations, you can adopt a Webkinz Pet using an Adoption Code, or become a Deluxe Member.


I just bought a Webkinz Pet – how do I register?

If you’ve already created an account, just visit the Adoption Center. Ms. Birdy will take you through how to add another Webkinz Pet to your account using an Adoption Code. Your Pet’s Adoption Code will either be on a tag attached to your plush pet, or it will have been sent to you if the Webkinz Pet was purchased at the Ganz eStore (check your Ganz eStore order history for the Adoption Code). If you haven’t already created an account yet, just click the PLAY button on the homepage and then I’M NEW. You’ll have the option to either register your code after you adopt a free pet, or you can skip adopting a free pet and go straight to registering your Adoption Code. PLEASE NOTE, if you skip adopting your free pet, you cannot go back and adopt a free pet on that account later.


OK, I’m registered. How do I get back on the game later?

The next time you visit us, open the app, click on the PLAY button, then “LOG IN” and enter the user name and password you picked when you first registered.


How many Webkinz Pets are there?

There are well over 1000 Webkinz Pets of all different kinds and varieties, so you’re sure to find one that’s right for you!


How come some Webkinz Pets in stores or on eBay are so expensive? Can you make them cheaper?

Unfortunately, Ganz cannot control the price of Webkinz plush toys once once they have been sold out from our warehouse. Because they were manufactured in limited quantities, they are highly collectible, and secondary sellers marking up the prices is a reflection of this.


Can I machine wash my Webkinz Pet?

No, your Webkinz Pet plush toy should not be washed in a washing machine. If they are looking a little scruffy, and a bit of a wash seems like a good idea, please wipe it with a damp cloth with a little, teensy-tiny bit of baby shampoo. Next, wipe it again with a damp cloth, this time with no soap.


How did you come up with Webkinz Classic?

Ganz has loved stuffed animals for a very long time. So we thought, wouldn’t it be great to have a place where your stuffed animal came to life so that you could care for it like a real pet? To make the pet more real, we decided it could be happy or sad, hungry or full. Taking care of your pet matters!

Of course we wanted it to be as fun as possible so we added games and trivia and lots of fun items that we thought players would enjoy working for to purchase for their Webkinz Pet!


How do you come up with your ideas?

We have a whole team of people here always working on new ideas to make Webkinz Classic better for everyone. We also get ideas from fans like you.


How often is Webkinz Classic updated?

We generally update Webkinz Classic every 4 weeks or so. But not everything on the app can be updated every few weeks, so keep coming back to check what’s new!


When did Webkinz begin?

Webkinz began on April 29, 2005. We’ve got a great team of technical wizards, creative writers, awesome artists, and terrific support people who work hard to make Webkinz Classic wonderful!


What languages is Webkinz Classic available in?

The content on Webkinz Classic is available in ENGLISH only.


What happened to Mazin’ Hamsters? 

Unfortunately Mazin’ Hamsters was coded using an early version of Unity Web Player that was no longer supported by web browsers and also can’t be run in our app, so it had to be removed from Webkinz Classic. You can learn more here.


What happened to the Parties and Visiting friend’s houses features?

Unfortunately, due to technical issues with the new desktop app, those features were removed from the game.



Issues with your account, the adoption process, and what you get for each adoption.


What are the limitations of FREE account?

The limitations for FREE account membership include:

  • A limit of 2 rooms for your pet
  • A limited number of items that can be stored in your dock
  • No access to trade rooms
  • No access to sending items via KinzPost
  • Limited access to Arcade and Tournament Arena games
  • Limited access to Daily Activities (Pet of the Month activities are still unlocked separately)
  • Limited selection of items in the W-Shop, KinzStyle Outlet and Curio Shop
  • Limited access to classes in the Kinzville Academy
  • Limited access to jobs in the Employment Office
  • No Access to KinzChat PLUS
  • No access to Vacation Island
  • No access to the KinzStyle Shop
  • Limited Friends List
  • No access to Quizzy’s Discovery Zone or Signature Safari questions in Quizzy’s and a limit to the number of questions per category

As with Full Membership, certain areas will still require a Feature Code to unlock them. Free accounts can be upgraded at any time to a Full Membership for 1 year by using an Adoption Code.




Will my account expire?

If you do not renew your Full or Deluxe Membership after one year, you will become Free Player. If an account remains inactive for 7 years (or 2 years for smaller accounts), we are required by law to delete it.


Do you still archive accounts?

No, we no longer archive Webkinz accounts.


What happened to the Webkinz accounts that were archived?

As of April 2, 2019, any account that was inactive for 7 years or more was deleted from from our archives in order to comply with the most recent GDPR online privacy law. Smaller accounts (accounts with less than 10 pets, or accounts that never purchased Deluxe Membership or eStore Points) that were inactive for less than two years were also deleted from the archive to reduce the size of our records going forward and to make those user names available to players making new accounts.


Can you restore my Webkinz account if it was deleted?

Unfortunately, once a Webkinz account is deleted, it cannot be restored.


Can I re-use the Adoption Codes from a deleted Webkinz account?

Unfortunately, Webkinz Adoption Codes can only ever be used once.


How many Webkinz Pets can I adopt?

While there is no official limit to the number of Webkinz Pets you can adopt, we recommend that you do not adopt more than 100 pets on a single account, as this may affect the speed of your account depending on your system’s technical limitations. When you reach 100 pets, we recommend starting a new Webkinz Classic account!


Can I adopt another Webkinz Pet with the same Adoption Code?

You cannot adopt another Webkinz Pet with the same Adoption Code because in Webkinz Classic, every Webkinz Pet has a unique Adoption Code that helps keep track of everything about them. Each Adoption Code will only allow you to adopt one Webkinz Pet.


My plush Webkinz Pet didn’t come with an Adoption Code tag

All Webkinz Pets must be sold with an Adoption Code. If yours did not come with an Adoption Code, please take it back to the store where you bought it and get another Webkinz Pet that has an Adoption Code. If you were sold a Webkinz Pet without an Adoption Code, it is the retailer’s responsibility to replace it.


I lost my Adoption Code

The Webkinz Pet tag and the Adoption Code it contains is a valuable part of the Webkinz Pet product. Each Webkinz Pet comes with its own unique Adoption Code, which is contained in the tag that is securely attached to every Webkinz Pet when it is shipped to the original retailer.

Just as we cannot replace a lost Webkinz Pet, we are unable to replace a lost Webkinz Pet tag and the Adoption Code that comes with it. We have made every attempt to identify that the Adoption Code is necessary to the adoption of your Webkinz Pet.

We understand that honest mistakes are made where tags may be disposed of or misplaced accidentally. We truly want you and your child to enjoy the full value of the Webkinz Pet. However, Ganz policy states that we cannot replace any Adoption Code that is lost or misplaced. This is why it is very important to keep your Adoption Codes in a safe place at all times.


I accidentally adopted my friend’s/sibling’s Webkinz Pet onto my account. Can we split them?

Unfortunately, once a Webkinz Pet has been adopted onto a specific account, it cannot be removed from that account. Please make sure that you are using the correct account when adopting your Webkinz Pet. When you first sign up, you have the option to adopt additional Webkinz Pets onto the same account – be sure that this is what you want. If you want to adopt another Webkinz Pet on a separate account, please wait until you have finished registering the first Webkinz Pet, and then log out and start again for the second account.


Do all my Webkinz Pets have to be on the same account?

They do not have to be on the same account, but it might be easier for you to take care of them if they are. To make sure your new Webkinz Pet gets on the same account, log in first and then visit the Adoption Center to adopt your new Webkinz Pet. Please make sure that you adopt your additional Webkinz Pet on the correct account as they cannot be moved or removed later. Remember, with each additional adoption, you get some awesome presents!


Can I share an account with a friend?

One Adoption Code only gets you one Webkinz Classic account, which can only be played on by one person at a time. Additionally, Webkinz does not condone the sharing of passwords between players as it can result in the breaching of accounts and loss of KinzCash and items.


How do I print off my Adoption Certificate?

Once you complete the adoption process, the Adoption Certificate for each pet can be found on the My Pets screen.

For Web: Just click the paw print button next to your pet’s heart in the Dock to open up My Pets. Then click on the button with the red Magic W on the right side of your screen. That will display your pet’s Adoption Certificate. You will find a PRINT button underneath the Adoption Certificate.

For mobile: The My Pets button is in the Things to Do Menu. Once you open the Adoption Certificate, there is a SAVE button to save the image to your device’s gallery.


When does my Full Membership expire? How do I renew my account?

Your Full Membership expires one year after the adoption date of your most recent Webkinz Pet. When this membership expires, you will be able to continue as a Free Player, with access to all of your pets and items, but with some access limitations to games, activities and items. If you wish to regain your Full Membership status, simply go to the Adoption Center and adopt a new Webkinz Pet with an unused Adoption Code, or have your account upgraded to a Deluxe Membership.


How do I permanently delete my child’s account?

You can delete your child’s Webkinz account using the “Delete Account” button found in the Options menu. You will first need to confirm your intent to delete by re-entering the password for the account.

Also, if your child does not log in to their account for 7 years (or 2 years for smaller accounts) it will then be automatically deleted.


How do I delete a Webkinz Pet and start over?

The adoption of your Webkinz Pet is final – we cannot delete a Webkinz Pet and let you start from scratch. If you are really unhappy with your account, you can always purchase another Webkinz Pet and start a new account.


I’ve forgotten my user name – what do I do?

If you’ve forgotten your user name and if you have provided a Parent’s Email for your account, just click on the “Forgot Login?” button on the log in page and then enter your Parent’s Email address. We will send your user name and a link to reset your password to your parent’s email.


If you’ve forgotten your user name but haven’t provided a Parent’s Email address, you will need to send an email to our Customer Support team at: webkinzsupport@ganz.com


How do I add an recovery email for my Webkinz Classic account?

You can add an email to your Webkinz Classic account by creating a Parents Account here.


Can I change my user name or Webkinz Pet name after I have registered?

Unfortunately, no. Please choose your user name and Webkinz Pet name carefully. If your user name or Webkinz Pet name is deemed inappropriate, it may be changed.


Why did I have to change my user name?

If your user name was determined to be inappropriate, you will be prompted to change it the next time that you log in. While most inappropriate words cannot be used, we may later determine that your user name is not appropriate for Webkinz Classic. Inappropriate user names include any that use profanity or vulgarity, as well as user names that advertise email addresses, web addresses or corporations. We do not permit any third-party advertising through user names on Webkinz Classic.


Can I change the gender of my pet?

Sorry to say, but there is no way to change the gender of your Webkinz Pet. You got to choose whether your Webkinz Pet is a boy or girl when you adopted it. The good news is that Webkinz Pets are happy to wear any and all clothing in the WShop and that no one really knows the gender of your Webkinz Pet unless you tell them; the only place the gender appears is on your Webkinz Pet’s Adoption Certificate.


How do I change my password?

If you have forgotten your password, or gave it to a friend and now you don’t want that friend playing with your account, changing your password is easily done. In the Classic Desktop App, just click on the “Change Password” button on the login screen. You will see a screen that asks for your user name, your old password, and a new password. If you play the Webkinz Classic Mobile App, please use our Change Password page.

Important: Be sure to choose a password that is easy for you to remember, but difficult to guess, and always keep your password a secret!


What do I get for each adoption?

For your first Webkinz Pet, you get 2000 KinzCash; for your second through tenth adoptions, you get 2500 KinzCash, an exclusive item and a medium room; for your eleventh and beyond, you get 3500 KinzCash, an exclusive item and either a Super Bed or a roll on the bonus die.

When you adopt your tenth Webkinz Pet and every fifth one after that, you get a Super Bed. To choose the Super Bed, just open your Webkinz Pet’s welcome gift as usual (by dragging and dropping it into your room). You will see the three items in the gift; one of those items will be a gold present. That gold present will be in the objects section of your Dock. Drag the present into your room and it will open up. You will then see the Super Bed screen and you will be allowed to choose which Super Bed you want!

When you adopt your eleventh Webkinz Pet and beyond, you get a chance to watch the bonus dice spin (with your tenth, fifteenth, twentieth, twenty-fifth and every fifth Webkinz Pet after that, you get a super bed). To watch the bonus dice spin, just open your Webkinz Pet’s welcome gift as usual (by dragging and dropping it into your room). You will see the three items in the gift; one of those items will be a blue present. The blue present will be in the objects section of your dock. Just drag it into your room and it will open up. You will see the bonus dice spin and then view the prize you unlocked!


Why did I not receive a room with my latest adoption?

You will receive a free medium room with the first 10 Webkinz Pets that you adopt. You will not receive a new room after your 11th adoption. Instead, you will get to spin the bonus dice.


What’s a Super Bed? How do I get one?

A Super Bed is a super exclusive object that you get when you adopt your 10th Webkinz Pet, and every 5th Webkinz Pet afterwards (your 15th, 20th, 25th, etc).


What is the KinzCash coin and how do I use it?

The KinzCash coin is a special gift you can get when you spin the bonus dice. To get the KinzCash from your 1000 KinzCash coin, you must sell the coin to the WShop. Just go to the WShop and click “sell.” Drag and drop your coin into the box and click “sell.” You’ll get the KinzCash from the sale added to your KinzCash total.


How do you roll the bonus die?

If you want to watch the bonus dice spin, you need to adopt eleven or more Webkinz Pets. With your eleventh Webkinz Pet and beyond, you’ll get a chance to spin the bonus dice and see which special item you might win. You could get a KinzCash coin, an exclusive object, or a rare item. Good luck!



Questions about filling up your pet’s heart and earning Family Score.


What is the Pet Care Heart and how do I fill it?

The Pet Care Heart is a fun way to interact with your pet! Each day, just by taking care of your pet, you can fill their heart! The more you play and take care of them, the faster you’ll fill it!

Feeding, bathing, grooming, exercising, and playing with your pets will help you to fill up their hearts. The way to fill up a pet’s heart the fastest will be to respond to a pet request.

While playing with your pets, their Pet Care Hearts will ONLY go up. But each day after midnight, all Pet Care hearts will go down by 25 points.

The important thing to know about the Pet Care Heart is that unlike their Happiness, Hunger and Energy meters, a full or empty Pet Care Heart does NOT affect your pet in ANY way. So even if you have too many pets to keep ALL of their Pet Care Hearts filled all of the time, they’ll be just fine.

So then, why fill the Pet Care heart at all? Because filling up Pet Care hearts will earn you BONUS KinzCash and Family Score!


What is Family Score?

Family Score is what you earn for playing with your family of pets all around Webkinz Classic! The more you play and do, the more Family Score you’ll earn! Your Family Score can only EVER go UP. You won’t ever lose Family Score.

As you earn Family Score, you’ll also win prizes! There are a whole bunch of exciting new prizes to be won for the many Family Score milestones! Just click on the trophy button next to your Family Score (at the top of the screen) to see all of the milestone prizes and which one you’ll earn next!

By filling up Pet Care Hearts you will also earn BONUS KinzCash and Family Score! If you have multiple pets, you can get bonuses for filling up a maximum of 10 Pet Care Hearts each day.

While some players will earn several milestone prizes right away, we have put maximum limits on earning Family Score, so everyone will still have prizes to look forward to! We also plan to add new Family Score milestones and prizes in the future!

Want to know how your score compares? You can see other players’ scores in places like the Clubhouse, in your Friend Finder, and even in the Message Center!


What is a milestone prize?

As you earn Family Score, you’ll also win prizes! There are a whole bunch of exciting new prizes to be won for the many Family Score milestones! Just click on the trophy button next to your Family Score (at the top of the screen) to see all of the milestone prizes and which one you’ll earn next!


What is a Pet Request?

As you play in Webkinz Classic, you’ll see your pet ask you for something. When your pet makes a request and you fulfill it, you’ll also earn a big boost to their Pet Care Heart! You’ll have to be quick though—in order to get the boost you’ll have to respond to the request within a certain amount of time. A timer will appear over your pet so you’ll be able to see how much time you have remaining.

What your pet requests will depend on how much you’ve played with them. The more times you fill up their heart, the smarter they will get, and soon they will start making more specific requests, along with a wider variety of requests.

For players that have multiple pets, once you fill up your active pet’s heart, another pet will let you know that they have a request. You can either switch right away to that pet and begin filling up their heart, or you can wait until you are ready to switch. That pet’s request won’t start until you switch to them.





How to earn KinzCash and questions about lost or unawarded KinzCash.


How do I earn KinzCash?

  • Adopt more Webkinz Pets
  • Play games in the Arcade
  • Play 2 player games at the Tournament Arena
  • Answer Questions at Quizzy’s Corner
  • Visit the Employment Office
  • Explore the Magical Forest
  • Sell unwanted items at the WShop
  • Plants seeds and then sell the harvested food back to the WShop


How do I make more KinzCash on games?

The best way to earn LOTS of KinzCash from the Arcade is to play the Game of the Day and to check out the “Today’s Activities” page to see if any games are giving out bonuses.


Is there a limit to how much KinzCash I can have?

Guess what? There’s no limit to how much KinzCash you can have. We already have many millionaires!


Can I lend KinzCash to a friend?

Sorry, but right now there is no way to lend your friends KinzCash. However, you can send your friends items using KinzPost which they can then sell for KinzCash.


I won some KinzCash but I didn’t get it.

In most cases, KinzCash gets put on your account the instant you win or earn it. You may not have seen what your KinzCash count was before, or your view of your count was blocked so you did not see it change, like in an Arcade Game. In other cases, like the Tournament Arena, KinzCash is not awarded until the tournament has been completed by all players, which may happen when you are away from Webkinz Classic.





Questions about fun stuff scheduled in Webkinz Classic, including the Wheel of WOW, Wishing Well and Gem Hunt.


What is the Today’s Activities page?

The Today’s Activities page is located in the “Things to Do” menu. You should also have a Today’s Activites building on your Map of Kinzville. This is the place to get coupons, find out about sales at the WShop, and find out when Quizzy’s questions and Arcade games are paying out bonus KinzCash.


Can you run an activity every day?

Unfortunately, not all games can be run every day, which is why we schedule them on the Today’s Activities page. Doing this also helps to keep things more interesting around Webkinz Classic with new and exciting things happening every week!


How are they scheduled?

The activities are scheduled to start later in the afternoon on weekdays and earlier on weekends. Please note that everything scheduled in Webkinz Classic is based on the KinzTime you chose when you initially created your account. We try to schedule different events throughout the day so you can have a chance at trying various things, but we can’t have special times for everybody.


How does KinzTime work?

KinzTime is our way of setting a standard time by which everyone can figure out when scheduled events, like daily activities, are happening in Webkinz Classic. Yours KinzTime will be chosen for you once you create an account and select a country. Please make sure that you choose your correct country, as it directly corresponds to the KinzTime you are assigned and cannot be changed after the registration process has ended.


How do I play Gem Hunt?

First, you need to visit Arte’s Curio Shop using the building on your Map of Kinzville. Once you are in his shop, click on the “Gem Hunt” button. It will open up a map of 5 mines where you can search for gems.

Each day you will be allowed to search 1 mine. Once you are in the mine, simply click on 3 sparkling rocks to dig them out with your pick axe and reveal if you have found an actual gem. If you have found a gem, you will need to go back to the Curio Shop to put it into your collection. Before you do, Arte will make you a one-time offer to buy it from you. Listen carefully to what he offers you each time so you can decide if it’s worth selling your gem to him.

If you collect all 30 of the different gems, you will be able to trade it for the Webkinz Crown of Wonder!


The Crown of Wonder – What is it? How many are there? Can I sell it?

The Crown of Wonder is like a trophy your pet can wear! Arte can make a Crown of Wonder for anyone that collects all 30 gems. As long as you collect all 30 gems, you can keep redeeming them for Crowns of Wonder! You can certainly sell the Crown afterwards, if you really want to. If you have all five colors filled in on your crown drawing, you still have to click the crown icon on the front of your collection book/box so we know you collected them all. When you click the crown icon, Arte will ask if you want to trade your gem collection in for the crown.


How does finding gems work?

There are 20 stones in each cave. Each stone does not necessarily contain a gem; some stones just contain slag. You can only hammer three rocks in the cave. As soon as you find a gem, you’ll go back to the Curio Shop. There are a lot of people who want to go into the mines each day, which is why you can only visit one each day.

You only get one chance to go mining each day. If you do not find a gem, just come back tomorrow. The more you visit the mines, the sooner you should be able to learn how best to find the particular gems you are searching for, including the “Gem of the Day.” Certain gems are much rarer than others, which is why when you are lucky enough to find a gem, it might be one that you have already found. That’s also why the rarer gems are worth more KinzCash. The gems’ locations are randomly hidden in different spots everyday and that location is different for every visitor. You never quite know where they will be hidden!

For more Gem Hunt tips and tricks, check out our handy guide here.


How does selling gems work?

Arte only offers you money for a gem once you have found it. As soon as you have added it to your collection, you no longer can sell it back to him. But remember, once you earn the crown you can sell the crown itself!

Arte rarely ever makes the same offer twice, except for the Gem of the Day. His offers are based both on your collection and his own need for particular types of gems.

If you sell a collection box, you are not selling the gems inside. If you buy more than one collection box, you will only see the same collection of gems inside.


I was logged out after I found a gem; now what?

If you had already found your gem before you were logged out, it was added to your collection. Please log back into Webkinz Classic and check your gem collection. The new gem should be there! Unfortunately, you will not be able to sell this gem to Arte.


I didn’t get a bonus at Quizzy’s!

Sometimes, on the “Today’s Activities” page, you will see that certain Quizzy questions are worth bonus KinzCash. If you go to Quizzy’s during the scheduled bonus time, you can earn extra KinzCash. If you were already playing in Quizzy’s before the bonus time started, you will not see the bonus. Just leave Quizzy’s, visit the Map, and return to Quizzy’s and you will be able to earn bonus KinzCash on the featured questions.


How do the floating prizes work?

The floating prizes are something special! Unlike the other activities, there is no GO button to click on to see a floating prize appear – it will appear on your screen randomly and fly across. You have to click it fast before it disappears! It will not show up while you are in a game, so keep your eyes open!

When a floating prize is scheduled, it doesn’t mean that you are guaranteed to see one – just that there’s a chance that one might float by in that time period.


What is the Jellybean Challenge?

The Jellybean Challenge is a fun activity that you can occasionally find on the “Today’s Activities” page. To do the activity, just look at the jar and take a good guess about how many beans there are. Whoever makes the best guess (guesses the number closest to the correct number, or guesses the correct number exactly) will win a jar of Super jellybeans that will fill your pets hunger up to 100 percent! You will also win some KinzCash. We do not announce the final number, so keep an eye on the message you get.


What’s the Super Wheel? How often does it come to Webkinz Classic?

The Super Wheel is super because everything on it is VERY special; from LOTS of KinzCash to expensive WShop items to a couple of exclusive objects – this is the wheel you want to spin! Keep your eyes on the “Today’s Activities” page or watch for a Today’s Announcement to find out when exactly it will be available. Remember; it’s not around very often, so don’t miss it!


What is Wacky’s Bingoz?

Wacky’s Bingoz is a special activity that you can do every day in Webkinz Classic. Just go to the Today’s Activities page and click on the Wacky’s Bingoz link. This will take you to a page where you can get your Bingoz numbers for the day. You can play one, two, and three ball Bingoz on this page. Each game is played the same way; if you get a row of diagonal, horizontal or vertical numbers, you can shout out Bingoz and win. If someone shouts ‘Bingoz’ before you and wins, you will receive a new blank card the next day.

Just remember; you only get your Bingoz numbers if you come to Webkinz Classic and visit the Bingoz page!


My numbers disappeared on Wacky’s Bingoz – what happened?

This means that someone has shouted out BINGOZ and won. When this happens, you get a new blank card to start a new game.


How do I use a Wacky’s Bingoz coupon?

To use your Wacky’s Bingoz coupon, just look for the coupon on the left side of the Wacky’s Bingoz screen next time you go to play the game. Click on the coupon to use it. If you use the coupon, you will get an extra Wacky’s Bingoz ball!



Buying stuff, selling stuff and questions about rare items.


Q: How do I buy things at the WShop? 


  • Pick any category in the WShop. They are listed along the left side of the shop.
  • Next, choose a section to browse. Each section is listed above the items on display.
  • Click the preview button to see what an item looks like in a room.
  • If you want to purchase an item, click on it then click the BUY button and it will be added to your Dock.


Q: What can I buy at the WShop? 

A: You can buy food for your pet, furniture for your rooms, games to play and even more pets to add to your Webkinz Family! Explore the WShop by clicking on each category to see what’s for sale. Remember, if you want to buy Clothing for your pet you need to visit the KinzStyle Outlet. You can access the outlet from the THINGS TO DO menu.


Where do I find items in the WShop?

There are several categories in the WShop. These categories let you know what items are available in each section. You can find side tables, coffee tables and dining tables in the Tables section. Some things might be a bit harder to find, but generally if you are looking for a game that you play in your room, or looking for books, treadmills or stuff to add to the Webkinz Studio, you’ll find them in the Fun Stuff category. The best thing to do is look in all of the categories for whatever you are looking for. You can find clothing for your pet to wear in the KinzStyle Outlet.


I just bought something from the WShop but I can’t find it!

Check the “New” tab in your Dock. You should see any items you’ve bought or moved around during your current play session. However, once you log out, your “New” tab will be cleared of items. Those items can still be found under their relevant tabs in the Dock.


I sold an item by mistake at the WShop – how do I get it back?

Unfortunately, there is no way to get an item back once it has been sold to the WShop. While you can always buy regular items again, be extra careful with rare or special items, as they cannot be replaced.


Can you lower prices at the WShop?

The WShop is full of awesome bargains. Check out the “Sale Items” section to see what’s on sale.

You can also get coupons from the “Today’s Activities” page to buy items at the WShop. To use a coupon, choose the item you want to buy, press “Checkout” and on the check out page, drag the coupon from your Dock to the item.


How do I buy clothing for my pet?

If you want to buy clothing for your pet you need to visit the KinzStyle Outlet. You can access the outlet from the THINGS TO DO menu.


How do I get eStore points?

Your eStore points are displayed at the top of your screen, next to your KinzCash. Click on the “+” button next to your eStore points to add more to your account. eStore points can be used to buy items at the WShop, earn extra plays in the Arcade and the Magical Forest as well as skip Challenge tasks.


What are coupons and how do I use them?

Look for coupon give-a-ways in the Today’s Activities section of Webkinz. If you have a coupon, you can use it to reduce the price of items in the WShop (items available for KinzCash only). Click the COUPON button in the WShop and drag and drop a coupon from your Dock into the space provided to use it.


What furniture can I only find in the Curio Shop?

The Curio Shop is the only place to get special rare themes. You can also find other special objects that are only found in the Curio Shop.


Why doesn’t Arte remember me?

If you don’t visit Arte in the Curio Shop for awhile, it is possible that he will not remember you when you do visit him again; Arte sees SO many different customers each day! It is important to visit Arte every single day to make sure he remembers who you are. Be sure to visit him and buy an item or give him a tip every day, and he will recognize you in no time!


Arte didn’t let me tip him and I hadn’t tipped him yet – what happened?

Arte only gives you one chance to tip him. If you are about to tip him and click somewhere else before you select an amount, it will count as your tip.



General troubleshooting steps for technical issues.


What are the minimum system requirements for the Webkinz Classic desktop app?

Windows (PC) Requirements:

  • OS:  Windows 10 version 10240.0 or higher
  • Architecture: x64, x86
  • DirectX: Version 10
  • RAM Memory: 2GB


MAC OS Requirements:

  • Requires macOS 11.0 or later and a Mac with Apple M1 chip


Please check back periodically for any system requirement updates.


My Adoption Code isn’t working – Ms. Birdy isn’t letting me adopt my Webkinz Pet.

Make sure you are entering your Adoption Code correctly. It should be eight characters long, and can contain both numbers and letters. Make sure you are not trying to adopt another Webkinz Pet with an Adoption Code you have already used, as you can only adopt one Webkinz Pet per Adoption Code. To get another Webkinz Pet, you need to buy another Webkinz Pet plush toy. If you have not used the Adoption Code and you are sure it is correct, you will need to send an email to our Customer Support team at: webkinzsupport@ganz.com


Webkinz Classic is being blocked by my Parental Control software – what do I do?

If your parental control software is blocking the use of Webkinz Classic, try giving access to the following IP addresses:

If you need assistance providing access or unblocking these IP addresses, please call the manufacturer of the software you are using.


I can’t see everything; some things are cut off on the bottom.

If you can’t see all the items at the bottom of your screen, you might try changing your monitor resolution to 1024×768.

Windows 98/2000/XP Users

    1. Right-click on your desktop (away from any icons or open windows)
    2. Select “Properties”
    3. This will open your Display Properties Control Panel.
    4. Click on the “Settings” tab.
    5. In the middle of this panel, you will see your “Screen Resolution” slider. Slide this to the right, until you get to 1024×768 (higher resolutions are okay, but make sure that they are compatible with your monitor). Press “OK” to confirm your choice.
    6. Your monitor will flicker a bit then change to its new settings. You’re now ready to go!

Windows Vista Users

    • Method 1: From the desktop
    1. Right-click on your desktop (away from any icons or open windows)
    2. Click “Personalize”
    3. At the bottom of the list, click “Display Settings”.
    4. Use the slider bar to select your desired resolution (1024×768 or higher)
    5. Click OK.
    • Method 2: From Control Panel
    1. Click the Start button (it’s still called that, it just doesn’t say “Start” on it anymore)
    2. Click “Control Panel”
    3. Under “Appearance and Personalization”, select “Adjust Screen Resolution”.
    4. Use the slider bar to select your desired resolution (1024×768 or higher)
    5. Click OK.

Windows 7 Users

    • Method 1: From the desktop
    1. Right-click on your desktop (away from any icons or open windows)
    2. Click “Personalize”
    3. At the bottom of the list, click “Display Settings”.
    4. Use the slider bar to select your desired resolution (1024×768 or higher)
    5. Click OK.
    • Method 2: From Control Panel
    1. Click the Start button (it’s still called that, it just doesn’t say “Start” on it anymore)
    2. Click “Control Panel”
    3. Under “Display”, select “Adjust Screen Resolution”.
    4. Next to “Resolution” select your desired resolution (1024×768 or higher)
    5. Click OK.

Mac Users

    1. Go to the Apple menu at the top left-hand corner of the screen, and choose System Preferences from the drop-down menu.
    2. Select “Displays”
    3. Select 1024 x 768 or a higher resolution that is compatible with your monitor.






Questions about your room, what you can do with your Webkinz Pet and how to use KinzChat.


Where do I go to find out things I can do with my Webkinz Pet?

The best way to find out what you can do in Webkinz Classic is completing the challenges that appear as icons down the left side of your map or room. These will take you through everything you need to know about caring for your Webkinz Pet.


What can we do in the room?

You can do lots of things in a Webkinz Pet’s room! Including:

    1. Play – you can purchase various toys (like the scooter, skateboard, and trampoline) and the Webkinz Pet can play on these items.
    2. Cook – if you purchase a stove, blender, or sandwich maker, you can drag three foods into the appliance and try to make various foods. There are cookbooks available in the Fun Stuff section of the WShop.
    3. Play games – Games in the WShop’s Fun Stuff section are for the room. You can play some of these games against the computer, and others against friends.
    4. Decorate – You can decorate your rooms in any way you like. Remember; if you want to add a new room, just use the ‘House Map’ button and click ‘Add Room.’ Click on a blank space (where you’d like the new room to go), and click on the type of room you’d like. You can then use the House Map to jump to this new room.


Why does my Webkinz Pet look sad today?

When your Webkinz Pet’s Happiness, Energy or Hunger meters go down, you will see a change in your pet’s appearance. You can make your Webkinz Pet happier by playing with it, visiting the Arcade or Quizzy’s, or by buying stuff at the WShop. If your Webkinz Pet’s energy is low, try giving it a nap, feeding it something good to eat (especially its own specialty food), or giving it some exercise.


Can Webkinz Pets die or run away?

No, your Webkinz Pet can’t die.  Your Webkinz Pet will never run away, either, though it will get very sad if you do not visit it.


Can Webkinz Pets get married and have children?

Webkinz Pets can’t get married because they are too young — they aren’t even teenagers yet! Lil’Kinz are little brothers and sisters for your Webkinz Pets, so if your Webkinz Pet is lonely you can adopt a whole bunch and then they can have lots of siblings!


I have lots of Webkinz Pets – how do I keep them all happy?

A great way to keep lots of Webkinz Pets happy is to make sure you spend a few minutes with each Webkinz Pet each time you’re in Webkinz Classic. Play a game with each Webkinz Pet and give your Webkinz Pets a bath. Please note though—only your active Webkinz Pet will lose happiness, energy or hunger while you play.


What do I do with extra clothing that my Webkinz Pet isn’t wearing?

You can leave the clothes in your Dock, if you want, or you can buy a dresser, toy box, or drawers and store them in there like you would any other object. Each Webkinz Pet can also store several different outfits. Just open the Dress Your Pet function while in the room.


How do I cook? What cookbooks are available?

After you’ve bought a stove, blender or barbecue from the WShop and put it in your Webkinz Pet’s room, you’re ready to get started! Just click on the stove, cauldron or barbecue and it will open up. Drag and drop three foods onto it and press “cook” to make a delicious dish.

To use the Sandwich Maker, just pick it up from the WShop’s Kitchen and Bathroom section and put it in your Webkinz pet’s room. Click to open it. Drag and drop foods from your dock into the spaces on the Sandwich Maker. Click ‘Get Sandwichin’ to make a sandwich.

To use the Blender, pick one up from the WShop and put it into your room. Click to open it and then drag and drop three foods into it. Click on “Blend” to make your very own drinks or dips!

There are several cookbooks available in the Fun Stuff section of the WShop including Totally Blendin’ for the blenders, The Art of Sandwiching for the sandwich makers, and Simply Delicious for the stoves. Remember, you can only use the blender recipes on the blender, the stove recipes on the stove and the sandwich recipes on the sandwich maker.


How many rooms can you have?

You can have as many rooms as you like. You can make a whole mansion for your Webkinz Pet!


I don’t want my extra room anymore – how do I get rid of it?

When you buy a room, you can’t delete it or sell it back, but you can move it around your House Map. If you want to sell all the items in your room (at half price), you can start over and redecorate it any way you like. Check out the WShop for lots of great items and decorating ideas.


How do I remove my wallpaper or floors?

Just drag new flooring or wallpaper into the room and it will be swapped out, with the previous wallpaper or flooring being sent to your Dock.


Why can’t I print the pages in the How to Draw book?

While you cannot print the “How to Draw” pages in the book, you can always log into Webkinz Classic, open the book and draw while you look at the computer. If you really want to print out a page, just click “Alt” and “Print screen” and then go into a program like Microsoft Word. Go to Edit and click ‘Paste.’ You can then print off the page.


How do I get the Studio and make a show?

Please note: The Webkinz Studio ONLY works on the Webkinz Classic desktop app.

First, you pick up a studio at the WShop. Go to the Fun Stuff section and look under ‘Webkinz Studio.’ The Webkinz Studio costs 1000 KinzCash. You may have to use the arrow buttons of the WShop to scroll through the items to find the “Webkinz Studio.”

Once you’ve bought the Webkinz Studio put it in your room, and have your pet walk to it to open the studio.

It will have some actors and backgrounds when you start, but you can buy more actors and play sets at the WShop (also in the ‘Fun Stuff’ section). To start your show, type in a title, choose a background, a sky style, and a type of music. Click ‘next’ to continue. Choose two actors. Drag them into the boxes. Click ‘next’ when you’re ready to continue. Choose a camera angle. This is how your actors will look on the screen. Click next to continue. Click on the dialogue boxes to enter your actor’s dialogue. Choose an emotion and an action from the drop down menus next to your actors. When you’re happy with your scene, click ‘next scene’ to continue making scenes. When you think your show is finished (you can make up to 15 scenes), click ‘end show.’ You will see a screen with a red curtain. Click ‘play’ to see your show, ‘save’ to save your show, and ‘edit’ to go back and change something in your show. Clicking ‘menu’ will take you back to the main menu.

When you’ve watched your show, you can edit it or save it. If you’ve already saved two shows, you will have to choose which show you want to overwrite with the new show.

Please remember to check out the instructions in the studio, if you ever have any problems or questions.


How do I add Actors and Play sets to my Studio?

To find more actors or sets, please visit the WShop’s “Fun Stuff” section and pick up some actor packs or play sets. To add the packs or play sets to your studio, just open your studio and then click on “Add new Actors/Sets.” Drag and drop the actor or play set from your dock into the box on the screen. If you are trying to add a play set that you already have, or trying to add an actor that you’ve already got two of, you won’t be able to. You can only have one play set of a specific type, and two actors of a specific type.


How many shows can I have at once?

You can save 10 shows at once.


My show didn’t save – can I get it back?

In order to save your show, you have to click the ‘save’ button when the show is finished. If you did not click the save button, the show would not be saved. Unfortunately, there’s no way of recovering a show that has not been saved.


Why do all of my Studios have the same shows on them?

You’re only allowed to save ten shows. No matter how many TV studios you purchase, all of your studios will have the same shows on them.


Why can’t I use a certain word in my TV show?

We do not allow inappropriate words in the Webkinz Studio. If we find that you’ve used an inappropriate word, you will have to change it before you can continue to create your show.


How do I make friends?

If you want to make new friends in Webkinz Classic, you can do that now! Just use the Friend Finder feature inside your Message Center. This will send the person an invitation. If they accept your invitation, they will be added to your list and you will be added to their list!

If someone does not want to be on your list, that’s ok. Please do not send them another invitation. You do not have to accept another person’s invitation if you don’t want to. Remember also that you can tell your friends all about Webkinz Classic and, when they join Webkinz Classic, you can chat with them!


How many friends can I have on my Friends List?

Currently there is no limit on the number of friends you can have on the list for Full Members. The limit for Free Players is 100 friends.


How does DO Not Disturb work? How do it turn it on and off?

The “Do Not Disturb” feature is meant to let your friends know that you are busy and cannot be invited to play a game. If you want to turn on the Do Not Disturb feature, when your cell phone is on, just click the small button labeled “Do Not Disturb” above the ‘power’ button on your KinzChat cell phone. You will still be able to invite friends to play games, but they will not be able to send invitations to you. To turn off the “Do Not Disturb” feature, just click the button labeled “Do Not Disturb” again.


Can I still play games when I have Do Not Disturb on?

If you have the “Do Not Disturb” feature on, you can still invite them to play games. They cannot invite you, though.


My friend has a yellow smiley face – what does that mean?

If you see a yellow face next to your friend’s name on your Friends List, that means that they have their ‘Do Not Disturb’ feature on. This means that your friend is busy and does not want to be disturbed right now. When their face turns green again, you will be able to invite them to play games again.


Why can’t I type what I want?

The Internet can be an unsafe place, so we offer two types of restricted chat.

KinzChat is entirely constructed, which means you may only use pre-constructed phrases. This way, there is no way for anyone to ask or say anything inappropriate. Also, there is no way to exchange any personal information.

In the KinzChat PLUS area, players may type using their own words and phrases as long as they are not on the excluded list of words and phrases developed for this form of chat.

To upgrade to KinzChat PLUS a parent must grant access by using the tools in their Parent’s Account. Parents can log in to their Parent’s Account in the Parent’s Area which can be accessed using the button link on our home page.


I want an underwater room. How do I get one?

To be able to purchase an underwater room, you will need to adopt an underwater pet, like a Fantail Goldfish or a Manatee. You will also get the option to buy both underwater and treetop rooms when you’re a Deluxe Member.


I want a treetop room. How do I get one?

To be able to purchase a treetop room, you will need to adopt a flying pet, such as a Toucan or a Bat. You will also get the option to buy both underwater and treetop rooms when you’re a Deluxe Member.


Why does the background of my treetop room look different than it did before?

The background in any treetop room will change depending on the time of day. There are four different backgrounds, so try logging in at different times if you want to see them all.



Questions most frequently asked by parents.


How does this site appeal to small children?

The Webkinz web site has been designed for users aged 6-13+ and is intended to include content for all ages and levels of computer skill within that range. We have designed our site to reach the widest possible audience within that range. We understand that some of our games and jobs may be difficult for younger users, but our research and experience has shown that our younger audience can quite enjoy the site with the support of an adult.

That said, we have designed some of our games and jobs for younger children. Both the Fence Painting and Shoe Store Clerk (both memory games) have proven fun and achievable by younger users. In the Arcade, we recommend Wacky Zingoz and Tulip Trouble 2.

Younger users can also enjoy other methods of making money, including the Wheel of WOW and Wishing Well 2, and best of all, the 5-6 year old questions in Quizzy’s Question Corner – over 1000 age appropriate, curriculum-based questions that make KinzCash faster than any of the games.


Is KinzChat safe?

We at Webkinz Classic understand your concerns. In our KinzChat area, the chat is entirely constructed. There is no way for users to type what they want, exchange any personal information, ask or say anything inappropriate. We control everything the users are able to say. In the KinzChat PLUS area, players can type what they want, but restricted words and phrases will not be displayed to the other players. We try to exclude proper names and numbers to avoid the disclosure of personal information. If you do not want your child to chat in the less restricted KinzChat PLUS area, don’t consent to their access to this area. If they already have access to KinzChat PLUS, you can block their access in the Parent’s Area using the controls in your Parent’s Account.


What are some tips on managing my child’s time in Webkinz Classic?

Webkinz Classic is a wonderful place to play. It is a friendly and imaginative environment for children to enjoy. Because Webkinz Classic is so much fun, it can be difficult to limit your child’s time on the computer.

Here are some tips about how to limit your child’s time in Webkinz Classic:

    1. Use Webkinz Classic as a reward. Your child will be able to play in Webkinz Classic AFTER he or she has finished their homework, done their chores, etc.
    2. Decide what you believe is an appropriate amount of time for your child to be on the computer and discuss it with your child ahead of time. Set a timer, if need be. When the timer goes off, so does the computer.
    3. Encourage offline play with the Webkinz plush toy; encourage your child to draw pictures of the rooms they’d like to design, make pictures of their Webkinz pets (scrapbooks are lots of fun), and have parties for the Webkinz pets. Invite some friends over in the real world and celebrate all things Webkinz!


How does Webkinz Classic promote learning?

Webkinz Classic is a great place to learn and play! Your child can learn lots of fun facts at Quizzy’s. The questions at Quizzy’s are age-appropriate, and most are educationally based.

We also have several arcade games that promote learning. Just look in the arcade menu for the apple/textbook icon on a game tile to see which ones have educational content.

Your child can also learn about money in Webkinz Classic; by earning KinzCash, your child learns how to save and spend money.

Webkinz Classic also helps to teach children about responsibility, caring for a pet, and getting along with others.


Is the Wishing Well 2 and the Wheel of WOW gambling?

Ganz does not endorse, nor condone gambling. Webkinz Classic does not contain ANY gambling. Gambling requires that a player put in a wager to play, and hence have the chance to lose that wager. Webkinz members cannot lose KinzCash playing any of our games. There are no wagers involved at all.

While the Wishing Well 2 and Wheel of WOW use visual metaphors that are sometimes associated with gambling, there is no gambling involved. They are merely a method of giving out random prizes to our members. They are our version of giving out a door prize, a thank you just for showing up. As kids love getting free prizes, naturally these features are highly popular on our site.  Thus, we limit access to these games to once per day.

We do take concerns of this nature very seriously and welcome suggestions on how to improve our site, including these features.


Why does the Webkinz Studio allow personal information to be entered!

Please note that only you can see what you write in the Webkinz Studio. There is no way for others to see the movies you make with the Studio.


How do we feed the Webkinz Pet?

To feed your child’s Webkinz Pet, just go to the WShop in the Things to Do menu and visit the “Food” section. You can buy foods by clicking on the food and then clicking ‘BUY.’ The foods you’ve purchased will appear in your Dock. Drag the food to the Webkinz Pet’s Dock picture (in the lower left side of your dock) or the Webkinz Pet’s avatar in the room. The Webkinz Pet will ‘eat’ the food and comment. The hunger meter also will go up.


Should we adopt our Webkinz Pets onto one account, or multiple accounts?

If your child has more than one Webkinz Pet, we always suggest adopting them onto a single account. When you adopt more than one Webkinz Pet onto an account, you also get special bonuses! You get a new room for your second through tenth Webkinz pet, an exclusive item with your second Webkinz Pet and beyond, and a Superbed with your tenth, fifteenth, twentieth pet and every fifth Webkinz Pet beyond that! Adopting more than one Webkinz Pet onto your account is a GREAT idea! Please note that adopting hundreds of Webkinz Pets on a single account will potentially slow down your gameplay experience if you only have the minimum system requirements.


Where do I enter a Feature Code?

You enter a Feature Code in the Code Shop, found only in the Webkinz Classic desktop app in the THINGS TO DO menu.




Questions about Quizzy’s Question Corner and the Employment Office.


What happens when I finish all of the questions?

When you’ve answered all the questions at Quizzy’s, you will have TONS of stickers! This means that you’re one smart cookie. It also means that you’ve earned a LOT of KinzCash.


Will you be adding more questions?

We will only be adding more questions for daily and calendar trivia.


I got a question wrong. Can I go back and do it over again?

Sorry, but once you’ve answered a question, that’s it!


I completed a sub-category. Where are my stickers?

Click on the Discovery Zone sticker book to view stickers for all of the sub-categories you’ve completed.


Why are my stats different than in my Quizzy’s Question Corner sticker book?

The stats displayed in Quizzy’s Question Corner sticker book are only for the questions you answered in Quizzy’s Question Corner. The questions that you answer in Quizzy’s Discovery Zone have their own stats, which are displayed in the Discovery Zone sticker book.


How often can I do a job?

You can only do a job once every 8 hours. We have done this because we want your Webkinz Pet to rest and play before they work again.

Remember; jobs pay really, really well so you can still make LOTS of KinzCash by doing them once every 8 hours. To see how long you have to wait until you can do your next job, look at the clock over Tabby’s head in the Employment Office.

If you need further instructions, just click the yellow ‘I’ note (for Instructions) on the Job Board.

Deluxe Members also get to do one bonus job each day!


Tabby said I don’t have the prerequisite – how do I do the job?

If you’re trying to do a medium job that has a P on it that means you need special skills to do the job. Mouse over the P to find out what skills you need.

For example, right now you’ll see a P on the Ms. Birdy’s assistant job. To do that job, you have to have answered 100 language questions in any age group at Quizzy’s. For more information about how the jobs work, please click on the ‘I’ on the job board for instructions.


I don’t get how a job works – can you give me more instructions?

For more information about how the jobs work, please click on the ‘I’ on the job board for instructions.


How do I get on the High Score list?

Getting on the high score list can be tough sometimes. But guess what? Every month the magic scoreboard fairy comes along and clears off all the monthly high scores, so everyone has another chance to see their name up in lights.


I got a Tournament Arena high score, but I’m not on the Scores and Achievements high score page!

We update the Tournament Arena scores every night at midnight. If you have a high score in the Tournament Arena, you will see it on the ‘Scores and Achievements’ page tomorrow.


I was on the Great Plays list…now I’m not. What happened?

Since people are always making great plays, their names are constantly being added to the ‘Great Plays’ list. This means that new names are always replacing old ones (the older great plays move toward the bottom of the list, and the newer ones appear at the top). Eventually, your name will disappear from this list, when enough new great plays are added. If you want to get back onto this list, you just need to make another great play!


Scores and Achievements page – what’s it all about?

The Scores and Achievements page is a page in the Newzpaper that shows all the great scores from all the fantastic games in Webkinz Classic. Check out this page to see the top tournament players, the high scorers in the Arcade, and the trivia experts. Check out the ‘My Scores’ page to find out all about how many times you have played each game, what your average game score is, and what your highest score in a particular game was. This page contains all the game info you need!



Find answers to your questions about the Clubhouse.


What’s the difference between KinzChat PLUS and KinzChat?

Thedifference between KinzChat PLUS and KinzChat is the way you chat. In KinzChat PLUS, you can type in your own messages, but if those words and phrases  appear in our restricted word dictionary, the message will not be displayed in the room. In KinzChat, you can use our trusty system of pre-constructed sentences and phrases to share messages with your friends. KinzChat PLUS is designed for our older members and KinzChat is designed for our younger members. Both parts of the Clubhouse are lots of fun!


How does one get permission to access KinzChat PLUS?

In order to play in KinzChat PLUS, a parent must first grant access to this child. To grant access please have a parent go to the Parent’s Area using the button link on our home page.


How do I turn off my child’s access to KinzChat PLUS?

Please log in to your Parent’s Account in the Parent’s Area to find the control to turn off your child’s access to KinzChat PLUS.


Are there different activities in KinzChat PLUS and KinzChat?

No, the activities in the KinzChat PLUS and KinzChat areas of the Clubhouse are exactly the same. The only difference between the two areas is the way you talk to your friends.


How do I find my friends in the Clubhouse?

To find your friends in the Clubhouse, use the “FIND MY FRIENDS” dropdown menu on the screen where you choose which room to visit in the Clubhouse. You will be able to find out if any friends are in the same part of the Clubhouse as you and which rooms they are visiting.


How do I go to a different room?

You can change rooms at any time by clicking the “Switch Room” button in the upper right corner of the room you are visiting.


How do I make friends in the Clubhouse?

In any Clubhouse room, you can open the “Webkinz in Room” menu to see who is in the room and to make friends with people. If you see a yellow smiley face next to the person’s name, they cannot be added to your Friend list. A green face with a little smile next to a friend’s name means you can ask them to join your Friend list. A green face with a big smile next to a friend’s name means they are already your friend. If you want to allow people to be on your Friend list, click the button “Click to allow invites.” If you do not want people to be on your Friend list, click the button below the words, “Click to block invites.”


I don’t want people in the Clubhouse asking to be my friend – how do I make them stop?

If you want to allow people to ask to join your Friend list in the Clubhouse, click the button “Click to allow invites.” If you do not want people to be on your Friend list, click the button below the words, “Click to block invites.”


What if someone said something inappropriate to me in KinzChat PLUS?

If someone says something inappropriate to you in KinzChat PLUS, please use the reporting tool to tell us all about it (the tool looks like a shield).

If we find someone has said something inappropriate, we can either silence them by turning off their KinzChat PLUS typing field, or ban them from entering any KinzChat PLUS areas. The severity and length of time depends on the offense and the number of warnings already issued to the player, but repeated attempts to break our Chat Rules can lead to a player being permanently banned from all social areas using KinzChat PLUS.



If you’ve got Feature Code questions, we’ve got answers!


How do I get a Feature Code?

Feature Codes are found on certain Webkinz Plus products (look for the W plus sign on the product). For more information, please check out the Code Catalogue in the Code Shop.


How do I use a Feature Code?

To use a Feature Code, go to the Code Shop in the Webkinz Classic desktop app and type in the sixteen character code the space provided. Click the “unlock” button to reveal your prize.


What do you get when you unlock a Feature Code?

Please check the Code Catalogue in the Code Shop to find out what prizes can be awarded with Feature Codes.


Can I use a Feature Code more than once?

No, you cannot use a Feature Code more than once.


Do you receive a Feature Code with your Webkinz Pet plush toy?

Only Webkinz Zums, Mazin’ Hamsters, and a special Wacky plush toy comes with a Feature Code. All other regular Webkinz Classic pets come with an Adoption Code.


How do I get an item I’ve unlocked?

Once you have unlocked your prize in the Code Shop, it will be added directly to your Dock.



Curious about Wish Tokens and the Wish Factory? Bring your questions here.


I got a Wish Token. What do I do with it?

You can take it to the Wish Machine, located in the Wish Factory. You can get there from the building on your Map of Kinzville.


What is the Wish Machine?

The Wish Machine is a device that Amanda the Panda discovered on a trip to a mysterious land. She brought it back and has set it up in her Wish Factory for you to use. The Wish Machine only accepts Wish Tokens, but when you have collected at least 10 Tokens, you can use the Wish Machine to get an exclusive item.





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