New LOOT BAG Prizes??? YES!

Not too long ago, Webkinz Newz announced the retirement of 3 Loot Bag Prizes.  Well, the day has com and the Dunce Cap, Chocolate Zingoz and Zum Balloons  are no longer available.


BUT – check out these awesome NEW Loot Bag Prizes that you can now add to your collection!

Cardboard Crown, Cotton Candy and Paper Tiara!

Party Down!

24 Responses to New LOOT BAG Prizes??? YES!

  1. Splat says:

    I have the Paper Tiara.

  2. pocketsroo says:

    This is great…if they are EVER added!

  3. hiphopten says:

    Was hoping these were added with todays update. Opened 6 bags and got old stuff, including the retired balloon.

  4. webkinzqueen says:

    I had a spring party already.But their was no new loot prizes like yours said would be.

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