New LOOT BAG Prizes??? YES!

Not too long ago, Webkinz Newz announced the retirement of 3 Loot Bag Prizes.  Well, the day has com and the Dunce Cap, Chocolate Zingoz and Zum Balloons  are no longer available.


BUT – check out these awesome NEW Loot Bag Prizes that you can now add to your collection!

Cardboard Crown, Cotton Candy and Paper Tiara!

Party Down!

24 Responses to New LOOT BAG Prizes??? YES!

  1. mrMiLK1977 says:

    Cool! I really like these newer items. Guess I should throw a party or two? Anyone want to come celebrate? LOL

  2. spootyquackers says:

    i had a party today and got a dunce cap

  3. beefmegaman1 says:

    Awesome i’m so happy they made more loot bag prizes

  4. ChristiinMN says:

    I must have the paper tiara! Love that pink.

  5. mormor67 says:

    love it:-!

  6. WebkinzEmily says:

    They don’t look like the cartoon-ish loot bag prizes that we’re used to- I don’t really like them. Sorry, it’s just my opinion.

  7. enchantedwebkinz says:

    are those cardboard crowns? lol :D they cute actually :) i will for sure organize a party so i can get the new loot bag prizes :D

  8. Kelk26 says:

    Love cotton candy!!

  9. Pudgey says:

    Awesome prizes!

  10. snowcares says:

    Super cool! :mrgreen: I liked the old prizes, but these new one are much cooler! :D

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