Behind the Scenes: Music Starz Storyboard!


Before an animator created one of the music videos that you can watch in the Music Starz section of Webkinz, an artist first created a storyboard for the video. A storyboard is a series of drawings that are used to show the sequence of scenes planned for a video. This gives the animator a visual script to work from when creating the actual video.


Take a look at some of the panels from the “Tiger Tiger” storyboard compared to actual frames from the music video. In this video, a Bengal Tiger becomes the DJ at a dance party to remember:

Watch the complete music video to “Tiger Tiger” in the Music Starz section of Webkinz. You can  access Music Starz from the THINGS TO DO menu or, CLICK HERE to watch the video on the Webkinz YouTube channel!


Miss our last post? Check out the storyboard to the “It’s a Beautiful Day” music video HERE


89 Responses to Behind the Scenes: Music Starz Storyboard!

  1. prprprprp says:

    Yay, I was hoping they would release this one! Yay! :) This is such a cool music video! :) One of my favorites of those pet of the month songs. This is awesome! Hey, did anyone else besides me know that this was the first time they showed that purple-ish gorilla in Webkinz, and later, about a month or two, they came out with it plush? I think it is called the Glamorous Gorilla, but I might be wrong. Just a random little Webkinz fun fact there. :)

    • playnowpuppy says:

      Yeah I knew that I’ve been in Webkinz world a long time and when Kinz came out with this video, I saw the Glamorous Gorilla (yes, u said it right) and I was like Kinz must make that Webkinz and Kinz did! I got my Glamorous Gorilla last year for Christmas along with my Signature Border Terrier :)

      • prprprprp says:

        Cool! Well, did you know that the Sharpy was not a Webkinz until after the Hug a Pug music video? What about the Strawberry Cloud Leopard? The first time it was in Webkinz World was in the I Got A Lot OF Soft Spots For You music video, and she was created afterward! I could keep going all day…lol!

  2. BunnyCarrothunter1 says:

    This is my favorite song from Webkinz Starz :D

  3. bunnyfunfun101 says:

    i LOVE the tiger tiger song but why did you stop making pet of the month videos ???????????????

    • playnowpuppy says:

      As Matt Webkinz exsplained on the first page, making the Webkinz music starz videos took a long time and was too much work, so Kinz stoped making music starz videos so they could spend their time on other things :)

  4. Melody_Dixon says:

    Ifd you pause the video at 3:00 you see concept writing. Only in webkinz world,NOT WEBKINZ NEWZ.

  5. ImaPepper says:

    I LOVE the glamorous gorilla in this video. I wish mine could actually move like that. Also, I want her boots! LOL! This is a great video, I wish there were new ones.

  6. BH1464 says:

    I love this video but I wish my glamorous gorilla looked like the glamorous gorilla in the video. The avatar that shows up for my pet looks mean or evil instead of cute like the one in the video. Is that why they used a completely different likeness for the video?

    • prprprprp says:

      BH1464, the reason why it looks different, is not because it looks mean in regular Webkinz World, it is because this pet was not created yet at the time! :) They had not released it yet, they came out with it about a month or two AFTER this music video was released! :)

      • BH1464 says:

        Then when they released the glamorous gorilla pet they should have made the avatar look like the video. I was really disappointed when I put my pet on line and it wasn’t cute like the one in the video. I don’t really like it very much.

    • playnowpuppy says:

      I have the Glamorous Gorilla too I never thought it looked evil tho . . .

  7. prettydresses says:

    This is SO COOL! I think it’s interesting how much they change before their animated, but still stay with the same idea.

  8. dctalk says:

    I love the video tiger tiger!

  9. saleet9 says:

    this is really cool.

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