Arcade Trophy Showcase!


Ever wonder how to win a trophy playing some of your favorite Webkinz Arcade games? In this feature we’ll tell you how!


Here’s a look at 3 Arcade trophies and how to win them:


  1. Go-Go Googles Trophy (Go-Go Googles): Spell the word “GOOGLES” in the game for a random chance to win this trophy!
  2. Goober’s Lab Trophy (Goober’s Lab): Pop a 5-atom bonus atom in the game for a random chance to win this trophy!
  3. Lily Padz 2 Trophy (Lily Padz 2): Finish the game to win the trophy!





Have YOU ever won one of these trophies? Which Arcade trophies should we showcase next? Let us know in the comments below!


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86 Responses to Arcade Trophy Showcase!

  1. momolime66 says:

    I have all three! The lily pad one is my favorite one.

  2. Alfiecake says:

    I’m so happy!! I got the Go-go Googles trophy on my first go!!

  3. Marius8853 says:

    I think if we finish a game – we should win a trophy – not just get a random chance of winning. Thanks for considering this.

  4. annietherat says:

    I have lots of Goober’s Lab trophy…because I love science! I have no Go GO Googles or Lilly Padz trophys because I have no coordination!

  5. webster37 says:

    Do they still giving put trophy, i use to play the googles game and did spell out the hole name, never got it, i gave it a try again still not getting anything. ;(

  6. adara917 says:

    i have the go go googles trophy! i popped many 5 atom bonuses before but never got the trophy yet for goober’s lab! i enjoy the game lily padz 2, and i think i’m close to getting the trophy!

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