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Crafty Critterz: Lillipop Butterfly

Submitted by: Missa with Jen What you need:•Red & pink craft foam•Pink card stock•Scissors•Glue•2 googly eyes•Round op Lollipop•Black tissue paper What you do:•Cut out hearts from foam in alternating colors in various sizes.•Cut out a butterfly shape from the pink cardstock•Cut two slits with scissors along the middle of the butterfly cutout•Wrap the entire lollipop with black tissue paper, securing in place with glue.•Glue googly eyes onto the lollipop•Glue the hearts in alternating colors and size to the wings of the butterfly. •Thread the stick of the lollipop through the slits to form the butterfly body. Do you have a great idea for a craft, recipe or party game? We’d love to hear them!


Crafty Critterz: Old Fashioned Apple, Apple Pie

  Submitted by: Bell with Lissa   What you need: 1 9-inch pie crust for the top 1 9-inch pie crust for the bottom 1/2 cup all-purpose flour 1 cup sugar 1 tablespoon ground cinnamon 1 teaspoon ground nutmeg Dash of salt 4 tablespoons butter 8 cups sliced apple Pie Plate   What you do: Preheat oven to 425 degrees F. Stir together the sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, flour, and salt. Mix in the apples. Place 1 pie crust in pie plate. Pour apples into pie plate and dot with butter. Cover with top crust. Pinch the edges together to seal the two crusts. Cut out slits at top of crust to allow steam to escape. Bake 50 minutes, when the crust is brown and juice begins to bubble through top.     Do you have a great idea for a craft, recipe or party game? We’d love to hear them!


Crafty Critterz: Night at the Movies Super Bed

Submitted by: Tin with Asha What you need: Box (for the base of the bed) For the “Reels” of the movie bed:  2 small and 1 large empty ribbon spools (optional for 3-D effect) Cardboard (about one empty cereal box’s worth) 2 sheets of orange construction paper Math compass and pencil (for drawing circles; optional) Gold paint and paintbrush Glue Gold ribbon Ruler Red marker White fabric Red fabric Tiny amount of stuffing for pillows Needle and thread (or sewing machine) What you do: 1.  Make the “reels” (circles at ends of bed) of the bed: You can make the “reels” of the bed either 3-dimensional (using empty ribbon spools) or flat (using only cardboard). To make 3-D reels: Cut four small circles and two large circles out of cardboard.  Attach a cardboard circle to each side of the empty ribbon spools so that you have one large reel and two smaller reels.  By attaching cardboard to the spools, you can make them whatever size you want for your bed. To make flat reels: Cut two small circles and one large circle out of cardboard. 2.  Decorate the reels: Cut out two large and four small circles of orange construction … Read more


Crafty Critterz: Webkinz Pinball Machine

Submitted by: Aro with Austin             What you need: Scissors Tape Crayons Markers 1 Cereal box Construction paper Ruler 1 Toilet paper roll (for the legs)   What you do: 1.     Cut the back off the cereal box, leaving on the top and bottom flaps. 2.     Fold the bottom flap of the cereal box down (this is your base) and the top flap up (this is what you will attach your pinball sign to). 3.     Cut a smaller square portion out of the front of the leftover cereal box (for your sign) and tape this square to the top flap. 4.     Cut the toilet paper roll in half and tape to the backside of the cereal box, underneath your sign. 5.     Measure and cut out pieces of construction paper to fit over the cereal box and sign. 6.     Decorate the construction paper to create the front of your pinball machine. 7.     Tape the construction paper onto the cardboard to finish your new Webkinz pinball machine! Do you have a great idea for a craft, recipe or party game? We’d love to hear them!


Crafty Critterz: Far North Sleigh

Submitted by: hoo with Bella             What you need: One tissue box Red paint Cotton balls Dice or squared shaped beads Green confetti Aluminum foil Tape Duct tape Scissors Glue What you do: 1.     Take the tissue box and cut a curved line along both sides leaving the top of one end uncut. 2.     Paint the box red. 3.     Take a piece of aluminum foil and roll it. 4.     Then curve the ends of the foil to make the sled runners. 5.     Once the paint is done drying, flip the box over.  With an adult’s help, duct tape the runners to the bottom of the sled.  Then flip the sled back over. 6.     Next glue the pieces of confetti on top of the dice or beads to make present boxes. 7.     Glue the cotton balls and the present boxes onto the uncut end of the sleigh. 8.     Sit your reindeer in it and have them try out the reins! Do you have a great idea for a craft, recipe or party game? We’d love to hear them!


Crafty Critterz: Cheery Chimney Fireplace

Submitted by: Chi with Bosley             What you need: 2 cardboard boxes (3” x 4” x 5”) and (2” x 3” x 5”) Cardboard piece (5” x 4”) 2 each yellow, red and white pipe cleaners 1 Green pipe cleaner White, brown and red paint Tissue paper (red, yellow, orange) Brown paper Glue Scissors Paintbrush What you do: 1.     Cut out one side of your 3” x 4” x 5” box. 2.     Glue that box in the center of the 5” x 4” cardboard piece so that the open side faces you. 3.     Glue the 2” x 3” x 5” box on top of the 1st box in the center positioning it upward. 4.     Draw single bricks on the top box.  These will become your red bricks 5.     Paint the single bricks red. Let dry. 6.     Paint white the cardboard piece (at the bottom of your fireplace), the top of the 1st box, and the top of the 2nd box. Let dry. 7.     Cut four 2 ½” lengths of yellow pipe cleaner. 8.     Secure them in place at the top and bottom by using the second yellow pipe cleaner, leaving them about 1” apart.  This … Read more


Crafty Critterz: Webkinz Snowboard

Submitted by: jet with Romeo                 What you need: 1 Small cardboard box 1 Sheet of construction paper 1 Empty toilet paper tube Craft glue 1 Webkinz Plush Scissors What you do: 1.     Cut out an oval from the cardboard box.  Make sure that the two long sides are parallel and straight.  Turn the rounded edges up a little, looking like a snowboard. 2.     Cut a piece of construction paper in the shape of the snowboard.  Glue the paper on the snowboard.  Press down firmly. 3.     Cut the toilet paper tube in half.  Glue one half on one end of the snowboard and the other half on the other end of the snowboard.  Let dry. 4.     Put your Webkinz paws in the tubes. Do you have a great idea for a craft, recipe or party game? We’d love to hear them!  


Crafty Critterz: King DeDeDe Penguin Fishicles

Submitted by: pro with Lord Orochi the Snake             What you need: 24 Small candy fish 24 ounce Blue Raspberry fruit juice 24 Tooth picks 2 Ice trays What you do: 1.     Drop one candy fish into each available compartment of the ice tray. 2.     Insert the pointed end of the tooth pick firmly into the center of the candy fish. 3.     Pour the blue raspberry juice over each fish to the fill line of the ice tray. 4.     Place both fishicle trays into the freezer for 2 hours. Do you have a great idea for a craft, recipe or party game? We’d love to hear them!


Crafty Critterz: Egg Carton Trees

Submitted by: San with Icee               What you need: Egg Carton Paint Pipe Cleaners Fake Snow Cotton Balls Paper One Toothpick Tape Scissors What you do: 1.     Paint the pointy part on the egg carton green. 2.     Paint on the ornaments.  Allow the paint to dry. 3.     After the paint dries, put cotton balls where the eggs would go. 4.     Take a gold pipe cleaner and wrap it around the pointy parts. 5.     Sprinkle fake snow over cotton balls. 6.     Poke a hole in the side of the egg carton. 7.     Put the toothpick in the hole. 8.     Cut a small sign out of the paper and write “Trees for sale”. 9.     Tape the sign onto the toothpick.   Do you have a great idea for a craft, recipe or party game? We’d love to hear them!  


Crafty Critterz: Christmas Nightlight

Submitted by: Sni with Charlie                       What you need: 1 medium size jar 1 small strand of Christmas lights A small piece of Christmas cloth 1 foot of string (gold, green or red) Scissors What you do: 1.     Take the top off the jar and put the Christmas light in.  Leave the top off. 2.     Cut a few small holes in the middle of the cloth. 3.     Put the cloth on top of the jar with the holes in the opening.  Then tie the string around the cloth to hold it to the jar. 4.     Plug the Christmas lights in and you have a Christmas nightlight. Do you have a great idea for a craft, recipe or party game? We’d love to hear them!  

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