Crafty Critterz – Melting Bead Wacky Zingoz

We’ve got a new craft this month, submitted by our very own Sally Webkinz! Check out this melting bead Wacky Zingoz — add a string to turn it into a fun, custom Webkinz World ornament for your Christmas tree!

What You Need:

  • Melting bead plate that will fit 17 x 25 design
  • 18 blue melting beads
  • 14 pink melting beads
  • 12 white melting beads
  • 3 red melting beads
  • 18 orange melting beads
  • 19 purple melting beads
  • 18 brown melting beads
  • 19 black melting beads
  • 169 yellow melting beads
  • An adult helper for ironing
  • Sheet of wax paper
  • Cork trivet


What You Do:

  • Follow the pattern below with melting beads
  • Place a sheet of wax paper over the pattern and have an adult iron the first side
  • Flip onto a trivet and remove the plate
  • Place another sheet of wax paper over the other side and iron it
  • Allow to cool completely before removing the wax paper

You can also use this as a pattern for cross stitch or crochet!

Do you have a great idea for a craft, recipe or party game? We’d love to hear them!

18 Responses to Crafty Critterz – Melting Bead Wacky Zingoz

  1. kaye10 says:

    very cool–this template could easily also be used to do a cross-stitch of the same! best, k.

  2. FoxesRule612 says:

    I remember when you posted this, Sally! Super cute! :D

  3. dominic99709 says:

    Awesome job Ms. Sally!

  4. emster7 says:

    My grandma has a bunch of melty bead things on her tree — I made them for her years ago. I’ll have to make her one of these, too — she loves Webkinz!

  5. blessedwithmany says:

    As someone who works with these beads a lot, I love this idea! But please please please do NOT use wax paper! It will ruin all of your hard work. Use parchment paper or baking paper instead.

  6. Beckinz8 says:

    Sally Webkinz, you never cease to surprise me with all of your talents! This is awesome! I have a friend who used to play on WW and is really into creating things with perler/melting beads. I will have to show him this article and maybe encourage him to make a really cool ornament for a really big Webkinz fan. *hint, hint* ;-)

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