Crafty Critterz – Strike-A-Posing Plant

Sometimes it’s nice to have an Exclusive item for your plush pets to play with… have you ever made your own Strike-A-Posing plant? Check out these instructions from our archive.


What you need:

  • 1 sheet green construction paper
  • 8-9 sparkly green pipe cleaners
  • 1 plastic cup
  • 1 sheet brown construction paper
  • 1 sheet paper towel
  • 3/4 cup dirt (optional – for use in place of paper towel and brown paper)
  • Scissors
  • Adhesive tape or hot glue gun

What you do:

For the Pot:

  1. Trace the opening of the cup onto brown construction paper.
  2. Cut out the circle and cut a slit in the center.
  3. Put rumpled paper towel in the cup for support (or you can use dirt instead, if you prefer).
  4. If not using dirt, cover the top of the paper towel with brown construction paper.

For the Plant:

  1. Using green construction paper, draw the following shapes:
    • 2 hands with 3 leaves each
    • 1 skirt with at least 6 leaves
    • 2 elbow leaves
    • 1 neck leaf
  2. Cut out leaf shapes.
  3. Twist these pipe cleaners together to form the body:
    • 2 for the main stem
    • 2 for each arm (4 total), plus 1 for shoulders/upper arms
    • 2 for the head, twisted into oval
  4. Tape or glue the leaves to the body.
  5. Slide the plant stem through the slit in the soil and stand the plant up in the cup.

What cool poses can you think of for your plant?

Do you have a great idea for a craft, recipe or party game? We’d love to hear them!

9 Responses to Crafty Critterz – Strike-A-Posing Plant

  1. bewhiskered says:

    This was one of my favorite room items years ago. What a creative way to bring a classic back to life. Definitely making one.

  2. Beckinz8 says:

    The fact that it makes me think of Groot from The Guardians of the Galaxy movies is a bonus for me! I think I’ll make one and put him on the shelf during Christmas season and pose him a little differently every day. (Make the rest of my family wonder!) So much better than elf on a shelf! LOL!

  3. mallybear2001 says:

    I love the crafty critterz crafts!!! I’ll definitely be making this one :) Craft Kimmy is my favorite Webkinz host!!

  4. nanamama12 says:

    That is REALLY clever and looks authentic!

  5. kaye10 says:

    now that’s adorable–good job, love that posing plant lol ;) best, k.

  6. LivingAloha says:

    That is really good. It looks just like the game one!!

  7. emster7 says:

    That is so cute and it looks just like it! Love this idea!

  8. motherk says:

    Cute. Also if you used a tiny terra cotta pot or even a plastic version, or a seed starter pot, it would look even more like the original. The Strike a Pose plant is one of my favorite exclusive items we’ve collected through the years.

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