The Cider Caramels Candy Tree is here!

November’s CANDY TREE has arrived: Cider Caramels Candy Tree!


If your pet enjoys a little cider inside their sweet treats, then they’ll love the Cider Caramels Candy Tree! Wouldn’t it to be great to have a whole grove?





This tree makes one Apple Cider Caramels each day that you can feed to your pet!






Watch for the companion item, Thanksgiving Pinwheel, to be released next week!



You may find a new Candy Tree each month at eStore!

12 Responses to The Cider Caramels Candy Tree is here!

  1. Traveller says:

    I wish they did a Macintosh toffee tree. Drool!

  2. ojibwa says:

    Such a pretty tree!

  3. zeusfist says:

    Can’t use Safari at all to access Webkinznewz this am. Keep getting bad gateway. Fingers crossed I can get the events done on Chrome before it happens here.

  4. ImaPepper says:

    So many trees, so few points, lol. This one is fun; it looks so nice, too.

  5. Jazzpawzz says:

    Who comes up with this stuff? I love it!

  6. babytwinkleavfk says:

    Apple Cider caramels??!! I’m obviously drooling.

  7. frozenanna2 says:

    Aww! Thats so cool! If anyone doesn’t want that, I’ll be happy to take it!!! My UN is frozenanna2. I’ve been trying to collect Candy Tree’s and things like that. TYSM!

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