Sneak Peek: St. Patrick’s Day

25 Responses to Sneak Peek: St. Patrick’s Day

  1. momofredheadboys says:

    I’m LOVING the new plush, can’t wait. Of course I am partial to redheads, lol. ~MORHB~

  2. sugalicious says:

    WOW! Exciting! can hardly wait. Thank You, Matt Webkinzfriends!

  3. butterfly7 says:

    Hope the plush is easier to get than Fred Rover plush. I have five accounts, play pretty much every day, and am still waiting for Fred to appear.

  4. lexi2003 says:

    When are those things coming out? i have never been on Webkinz on a St. Patrick’s day and really want one

  5. leorasg22 says:

    I have the chest can’t wait for the plush toy

  6. softball911101 says:

    don’t got nuthin. can’t wait to get it! who likes manatees? i ADORE them! wish i could get a webkinz one!

  7. MARIELF says:

    i’m going crazy!!!!!!!!!!! i can’t wait for it to come! :) ;)

  8. teamgymnast12 says:

    i would totally do this if this was compatable with android tablet as an app and not facebook. im going to get an ipad eventually but not soon enough for this. and i love the plush so much.

  9. teamgymnast12 says:

    i think they ought to make more plushes but keep them in webkinz world and make them available to all players

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