Play the 12 Days of Christmas Challenge in Webkinz Friends!

This Christmas, build the Christmas Carol village of your dreams in Webkinz Friends and WIN an awesome grand prize to send back to, too!


As you build each building you’re awarded, you’ll win pretty holiday decorations! Build all 7 and you’ll receive a beautiful Fine Chocolatier Shop to send back to – a special holiday item that you can’t get anywhere else!


20 Responses to Play the 12 Days of Christmas Challenge in Webkinz Friends!

  1. Snoopy26 says:

    I wish I had it right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. lilypugrulestoo says:

    yeah! you can get the Christmas town if you log in everyday and collect adoption certificates…mine was not working so I didn’t know….thank you Webkinz for fixing my face book page….I am happy now!

  3. lilypugrulestoo says:

    I love Christmas…..very disappointed that I have to spend money to buy the Christmas town in order to do the challenge which is difficult to get that many people to send stuff everyday……one item at a time…..hmmmm sad….would have looked so nice

  4. EEVSPEAK says:

    yummy looking, can’t wait to get this!

  5. legodude says:

    I can’t wait. I love having challenges to play and earn special gifts for webkinz.

  6. rainemarie1 says:

    How can we do all this if Webkinz has been down for several days now?!

  7. luna101217 says:

    @Webkinzworld, I don’t understand how to win the Fine Chocolatier Shop, could you further explain?

  8. MidnightFireflies15 says:

    cute! but i dont have webkinz friends :(

  9. kaye10 says:

    wow so much news in webkinz newz about webkinz friends……….SO tired of the gimmick to get people to friends……….

  10. JellystonePark says:

    How do you play Webkinz Friends?

    • slugbug2000 says:

      You can play it on Facebook or on the Ipad. There is an app for it and then once you create an account, there are a series of challenges to complete. You have to add different things to your town too. Also, some prizes you can send to your Webkinz World account, which is cool! I like playing on Facebook for Webkinz Friends. i think it is a pretty fun game :)

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