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It’s me, Fiona, back for another round of fan mail! As always, for my past answers, click here! If you miss me, you can always head to KinzPost and send a letter or a package, and I’ll deliver it for you! Don’t forget, you can add me as a friend by going to KinzChat and adding Fiona Feathers (include the space!).




Hi Fiona, I was wondering: To keep things fresh and add new perspectives; Do Ganz employees ever switch job positions? Thank you for your reply! – 50ishwebbies


Well, 50ishwebbies, I used to be the CEO before I decided to take a break and do something I really love — delivering mail! Kidding, kidding, but you know, there have been individuals that have moved around quite a bit. We’ve had customer service reps become QA testers, folks in the creative department going into marketing, developers becoming project managers, and sometimes we all have to help out with testing when there’s a big project about to come out.





Thanks for the answers, Fiona! However, I have a question: I shared my Helping Paws code with my friend, and she created an account. But after the first week, when I got estore points, I’ve only received a 100kc token. How come I don’t get any of those cool prizes, or estore points anymore? – Joy_Webkinz



Good question, Joy_Webkinz! Each Helper Account will earn you points towards rewards like eStore Points, KinzCash and the gift boxes, but the points you earn depend on the activity on the Helper Account. The less your friend does on her account, the fewer points you earn towards rewards. That’s why it’s great to have LOTS of Helper Accounts — then the little things they each do on their accounts will add up to better prizes for you.




Hi Fiona! Thanks for so regularly answering all our questions. It’s so helpful! I have a question about the Employment Office. Like you, I love Kinzpost! So I love to do the Kinzpost Sorter job, but it seems like the other hard job (Kinzville Mover) comes up much more often. Is there a reason for this? I’d love to be able to sort Kinzpost more often! Thank you! – TropicalGirl



I do love KinzPost! I could sort boxes in my sleep. The job postings are random, but that doesn’t mean they’ll show up equally — random can be funny that way. Since they change every hour, you may have to check very often before your favorite job shows up. About the only way you can guarantee to play your favorite game once a day is to become a Deluxe Member — then you can pick which extra job you want… like KinzPost Sorter! Happy sorting!









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73 Responses to Fan Mail with Fiona

  1. dixiecup says:

    My question is one that I am pretty sure was answered in a previous set of questions. I have seen the same prizes in the Moneyz section ,now, for going on more than two months. I appreciate that I was able to get the Princess bouncy castle more than once because of it, but now I have a lot of moneyz to spend and nothing to spend it on. Can you please change the prizes to something new?

  2. cowtown2 says:

    I have a question for anyone who can answer me please and thank you for the answer, I have a friend who sends me items from the vacation item that you cant buy like a vacation chair and plant you know the ones that are like the ones in the room you eat at the buffet in, how do they get them, Fiona could you do a please ask questions on here and answer them if someome else can’t answer all questions and I know you can’t I mean it would be like me trying to buy one of each of the items on the page with moneyz lol cause yes all mine was taken away see that would be a question why did I loose like 200,000 moneyz and have to make a new account with a new name, no one could help I have it all on the same email, but no one could help, no phone calls, to webkinz anymore just ganz related estore and problems with accounts, only we do need help with this newz page since it is a cool way to win awesome prizes since I am a person who only gets kinz cash except on here were I need it it got taken away, no way to get logged into my account, money all gone, yes not to good for me, a broke webkinz pet, but I did, buy many cool pets this week at a store near me, for a dollar yes I said it I screamed in the store, and four people heard me I said sorry just excited, and then they seen what I found in a bin and then thy came over they worked there and didn’t even know it, that they sold this know the store yes a dollar WOOHOOOO sorry I could cry and now they all want to go back and play webkins again they are all collage students they bought one to, I helped that store sell out almost, sorry but yes i’m a great sales person I need no online shopping but I want to buy from you that basset hound cause that’s how I got started with webkinz the losss of my second pet the blackcat, and my first pet was yes a basset hound she passed she had cancer, really hard on me, and this month will one year almost to date, my mom past, yes I have had a very hard time, just my dad and me, thank you for being here for me webkinz and everyone, sorry for this long story but I have one to tell, thank you all, and for that dollar store who made my week even more happer.

  3. Sugarcookie9 says:

    I was wondering, could you add new jobs or updated versions of the jobs in the future? They could all use a little make over, more difficult levels beyond 3 and more items to do as you go. I would really like a more advanced Dr. Quack – i.e. new ranks as you go like Assistant, Nurse, etc with more difficult activities. Another thing, I know others who really wish Baby Sitter, Kinzpost, Floor Designer, Grocery Store, News, Painting and Burger maker would all have more levels and things to do. Maybe there could be incentives to do the jobs like outfits, ranks, etc. :) I would also really like a badge with prizes for making new recipe food and how many you make. Like a chef set or new items for cooking with? Or maybe a new game like Chef Gaspacho’s Gourmet Standoff (Kind of like Iron Chef). You get challenged on your knowledge of recipe food to earn rewards.

    • Sugarcookie9 says:

      I was hoping there could be a Burger Maker Game for everyone to play with three modes of fun as well – Burger Time (arcade mode), Sandwich Mode (Like Pizza Palace with Sandwiches-Normal Mode) and Time Attack (Like Short order on the old Nintendo – See how many types and how many orders you can fill).

  4. perfect29_backup says:

    Hey so how come on GanzWorld Rewards, the picture of the WKF Dynamic Dancers Duffel is purple, but in webkinz its blue like the one in the wshop?

  5. Ellen1970 says:

    I can not get any of the games in the GanzWorld Arcade to load. All it does is spin (and say loading) for hours.

    • PrairieRiver says:

      I can hardly get on my Webkinz accounts due to the stupid ad that is full page, and won’t give you time to even get logged on! How long is that ad going to be covering the whole log in page????? (sorry, I am REALLY upset that I can not get into my accounts)

  6. red2white says:

    I cannot get Ganz estore to find out Aug 14 about a tree with blue things on it . Is it not working. Please let me know. Thank you. It goes to Aug24.

    • cowtown2 says:

      you can call ganz on the telephone the number is on the estore page do you know were it is. like were you go deluxe and things I think it has the number also, and you can email them at bottom, I hope this helps,

  7. g2u3c4c5i says:

    Hey Fiona, I had a question about party packs. I threw a party for a pet’s birthday, and when i sent out invitations, I noticed some hosts names and tried inviting some of them, including you, however, none of them attended. :( Are they actually able to attend, or were you just unable to make it this time along with the other hosts? Thanks- g2u3c4c5i

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