Coming Soon: Orange Soda Pup

The Orange Soda Pup will be in stores this October!

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  1. SnowflakePuppy6910 says:

    OMG! This is SOO adorable! c: <3

  2. presto says:

    Are you kidding me, Ganz? All it is is the Cream Soda Pup with Orange instead of Pink. The Grape Soda Pup at least had a different body color. No way I’m getting and this was an AWFUL move, Ganz. This is coming from someone who LOVED all of the other soda pups. GANZ, I may support you in many situations, but this is too far. What is wrong with you? This is too much of a pet copy than I can comprehend.

  3. Shadow_Wolf_Rises says:

    Aww it’s kinda like a cyclopes eyespot version of the grape soda pup! I’d get this one . . . It looks like a Webkinz Jr kinda. Add me ~ spottytal

  4. LambTyler says:

    Aww that soo cute!! I wonder how fluffy it actually is. And I wonder if like the grape soda pup it will have a fridge psi, except orange? I can’t wait to see! ♥LambTyer♥

  5. Atomton says:

    Cute, totally fits with October. Cute pet, might buy it if it were a reasonable price because no puppy is white with orange splotches but I wouldn’t pay over $15 for this, sorry!

  6. gingerhorsez2 says:

    This new pup will go so well with the Cream Soda Pup and the Cherry Soda Pup! :D

  7. goldbybrittnicoll says:

    ugg another one :( !

  8. MidnightFireflies15 says:

    cute! i already have the pink one

  9. kandykinz says:

    I LOVE HER!!! I have the Creme, Cherry, and Grape Soda pups and love them! This will be a great addition!

  10. Webkinz2502 says:

    just like the cream soda pup…cute and soft but orange

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