Coming Soon: Pom Pom Dino

Don’t miss this darling dinosaur! The Pom Pom Dino will be arriving in stores this September.

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  1. designergirl101 says:

    This looks like a baby toy. Cute but baby like……. I am undecided!

    • chels101_kitty says:

      I’m with designergirl101, I’m undecided because it’s cute and yet looks like a baby toy. I have all the plush dinos though and would hate to break that cause of this one.

      • designergirl101 says:

        Aw Thanks, Nobody ever agrees with me, barely! Its super cute so I would not break your tradition but maybe you could play with the whole baby thing. Maybe it could have a Nursery and be some older dinosaurs child! Like a play family!

    • lilypadhd says:

      Me too! Adorable, but a little babyish…

      • dreamysheeplovr says:

        Agreed, I think it is a lil babyish, But I still think i’m getting it. Oh yeah and “chels101_kitty”, do you have the darling dino? I have it. I named her Tammy. I agree with all of you guys!

        • chels101_kitty says:

          Sorry, just looking at this and saw your comment. Yes I do have the Darling Dino, I have all the dinos so I will probably get this one. Especially since there are only 3 Webkinz coming out in September. I more can’t wait for the Chow Chow!

  2. Shadow_Wolf_Rises says:

    Grrr this looks like a Webkinz Junior pet. Can’t they make something cool, like a velociraptor or a sea dinosaur or something? I mean, I guess its cute and all, but how come there’s still no REAL animals being made, ‘sides the jaguar? Just wondering . . . where my tasmanian devil? Later, y’all! Add me ! spottytal

    • alpineleopard says:

      I love those ideas!! I love the idea of a velociraptor (but not a cutesy one like the spotted dino or this one) or Tasmanian devil !

    • dinosaurtracker13 says:

      I love dinosaurs, so I’m collecting all the dino webkinz, and I think this one is cute. It’s pretty rude of everyone to call it a baby toy or a Webkinz Jr, the same thing happened when the Darling Dino was released. By the way, there are no “sea dinosaurs,” Shadow Wolf, you’re thinking of plesiosaurs.

      • alonnia_01 says:

        Actually I am glad that they are making some NEW WKJR plushies , There aren’t that many to choose from & this is IDEAL for a lil one even a new born . If you don’t like this plush ,then do not get it . I would get this for my Grandkids ,it’s beautiful

        • dreamysheeplovr says:

          I agree a 1000000000 percent with you, I’m nine years old and I love this thing! It’s adorable, it has some of my favorite colors in it, and ITS CUTE TO THE MAX!

      • dreamysheeplovr says:

        I got the darling dino and loved it!

  3. keerthi22 says:

    This dino looks a little cute!

  4. alpineleopard says:

    Hmm it’s ok but to me it looks like a baby toy

  5. pingpongkitties says:

    Super cute!

  6. Snowflake Pup Queen says:

    oh my it is umm adorable!

  7. momo4cookie says:

    it looks a little babyish

  8. Atomton says:

    I don’t like this pet at all!! Make a dog, cat, or frog, or anything better than this. Make a cheeky cat I have been waiting for month now on my tangerine cheeky cat and my poison cheeky frog. Make both of those plush, and Ganz you will have a customer.

  9. kkat says:

    Awww – so cute!

  10. tinygma says:

    Hmm I have to ask but did Webkinz get us mixed up with WEBKINZ Jr . This is a little kid style CUTE but a little childish. So amy have given great ideas Norwegan cats , mountain bunnies ME fairy armadillo’s that are 6 inch and are trully PINK. Or pink dolphins there are so many. I wont get this unless its a POM but I am sure lots will love it.

    • xotzel says:

      Yes, is cute but looks like Baby’s First Webkinz. I would give it to my grandbaby. I agree with tinygma about the fairy armadillo. That sounds good. Add me, tinygma, user name xotzel.

    • kinzklipfan says:

      Finally someone agrees with me! The new pets coming out are, well, childish. I’ve posted some ideas in the forums (I agree about Norwegian Forest cat) also. I seriously agree with tinygma about that fact that these newer pets look like smaller Webkinz Jr. pets.

    • dreamysheeplovr says:

      I can’t believe your saying it’s childish! I’m nine and I think I’m going to get it! No offense but it’s adorable. Or maybe it’s me thats wrong? I don’t mean to be mean in any way so if it sounds like I am please forgive me. And I think the things on its back are the pom-poms. Thanks for listening, -dreamysheeplovr.

    • MistyfootWarrior says:

      I just want you all to know that many people of all ages play Webkinz. Ganz just wants to please all of its players, including the 7 or 8 year olds. I am 14, and not a huge fan of this. What I like, younger players may not like. Personally, I don’t mind because I know that others will enjoy that pet, and that is all that matters :D ~*Mistyfoot*~ For Warriors

    • Warden says:

      Would love to see the Scottish Wildcat, another beautiful but very endangered species!

    • vanyandmom says:

      i agree with you. it looks like some sort of webkinz jr thing. i don’t really think it’s that cute, even if i was a 5 year old again. i don’t know. maybe something’s wrong with me…

    • minacat1 says:

      a fairy armadilo? that sounds super dumb sorry! i like real amimals.a norwegan cat sounds super cute tho. i love cats by the way. my username is minacat1 or mia844.

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