Play Lunch Letters!


Do your typing skills need some work? Looking for an easy way to practice? Check out Lunch Letters, a fantastically fun game at the Webkinz Arcade! In Lunch Letters, you can choose one of four levels to try (easy, medium, hard and very hard). The challenge is to type the words and letters on the falling foods before they hit the floor and make a big mess for Billy (the janitor) to clean up. Can you do it and earn the printable certificate?

Played Lunch Letters before? Let us know your game play secrets!

24 Responses to Play Lunch Letters!

  1. Rockin says:

    I like this game, sometimes i do not get very far but I like to try and not make many mistakes. My grandma is better then me. It will help me to know where the letters are on the the key board.

  2. *¤Gazing~Galaxy¤* says:

    Place ur fingers on the a s d f g h j k l ; row, it makes it easier to reach each key, and remember where all the keys are, and have quick fingers. hope this helps! *¤Gazing~Galaxy¤*

  3. webkinzrule21 says:

    Lunch Letters is a REALLY FUN game, if your good at typing. Otherwise it can be a bit difficult. That’s really my strategy. I’m always on the computer, for pretty much everything, so I’m pretty good at typing, another thing is to focus on the letters that are falling the fastest. Hope this helps!

  4. pony4141 says:

    i haven’t played it alot but its very fun

  5. Holidaygirl says:

    It gets a little boring after a while, but it is still just okay. I just learned the whole keyboard in school. So I am good at it because I know how to type. Otherwise I do see how it could be a little complicated for some of you. Out of ten I give it a six.

  6. class1b says:

    It is very difficult and I have lots of trouble with it. I play is once in a while but not all the time.

  7. BuffaloGirl14075 says:

    I too, could use help with my typing, but Lunch Letters is not my favorite game. Also class 1b I’m glad to hear that I’m not the only person who holds pets waiting for adoption. I currently have 4 waiting. When I think of the right name for each one I will adopt them.

  8. class1b says:

    lunch letters really helps improve your typing skill though I am not a big fan of it.

    • dewdrop says:

      I agree with you class1b,Lunch letters is not one of my fave games ,but as you said class1b it does help to improve your typing skills.Another game I do not like at all is the Skunk game I just do not understand it. I never get past level one :( I wish Ganz would make some new games, like Stardrops but make it so everyone is able to access it,I would love to have a go at playing the Deluxe games ,maybe one day :) dew

  9. katie says:

    I just adopted my webkinz skunk he is so cute his name is stinker! I don’t really like lunch letters not the best game.

    • Kodiak...pets in line for adoption says:

      My parents want me to wait just a little longer before adopting our black poodle, and our white poodle, which we plan on naming Ann and Nancy

    • PhoenixWind says:

      When I was younger, I used to really like to play Lunch Letters almost all the time. Now, I only play it when I need typing practice. It’s similar to Ultra Key in Grade 4, except more fun! It may not be the best game in the Arcade, but it’s pretty fun all the same. Here’s a game tip: Like Ultra Key, put your fingers on the home row and move them from there. Eventually, you’ll know where each key is by heart without looking at the keyboard so much. :-) ~Phoenix Wind~

    • FunkCraze- ☊FunkinessCraze☮when posting too fast says:

      I actually like typing on the computer so I like this game alot. If I didn’t like typing I probably would not like it though. It gets harder as the levels go on. Crazed Always, ☊FunkinessCraze☮

      • ☊FunkinessCraze☮ says:

        Okay, I just read the aritcle again and I thought I would share my tip for the game. Try to get most of the words typed before of the individual letters. Crazed Always, ☊FunkinessCraze☮

    • rainbowstar says:

      i like this game

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