March is all about the Aquamarine Puppy!

You may find this Pet and many more at both Ganz and Webkinz eStores!

30 Responses to March is all about the Aquamarine Puppy!

  1. bebelstrang1000 says:

    i’m so lucky my birthday’s in march so i could get one!

  2. cathouse2 says:

    I like this birthstone pet. It’s really cute too! I hope they make a lamp for it. @Chicago Made – I agree with you. Birthstone cats would be an awesome idea! >>cathouse2

  3. Glossy says:

    Oh, such a cute webkinz! I hope they do a lamp, lamps are my favorite things to win on webkinz newz!

  4. Kodiak...alright says:

    I’m in march, so please make a lamp!

    • Pudgey says:

      i know i have not seen an aquamarine gem lamp yet. i hope they make them they are soooooo beautiful. i bet aquamarine will be the prettiest

    • Chicago Made says:

      They didn’t make a lamp for March? Well, I thought Ganz actually made a Aquamarine Lamp, but I guess not. Huh, I agree with you, @Kodiak. I hope they make birthstone lamps for all months. ~ⒸⓗⓘⓒⓐⓖⓞϟⓂⓐⓓⓔ

      • System Of A Down Chick says:

        Ganz actually missed a few months, actually (Not very sure). There isn’t a Aquamarine Lamp made, but I hope Ganz will make one for my cousin, cause her birthday is coming up this month! -SOAD Chick

  5. Chicago Made says:

    I already have this Webkinz, and its name is Sparkle. :) I also have my birthstone pet…which is the Emerald Lab, named Christina. I’m still trying to get those 2 other birthstone pets I wanted, which is the Garnet Rover & the Zircon Puppy. I really like the birthstone pets, but doesn’t anybody think that Ganz should make birthstone cats too? I just thought of it, but this was an idea me and my friend, @SOAD Chick had for a few months. So, I was just thinking of it, and do you guys think Ganz should make them? ~ⒸⓗⓘⓒⓐⓖⓞϟⓂⓐⓓⓔ 

  6. stanzee says:

    Like the monthly pups but not crazy about those gem cars.

  7. Dave626 says:

    This is great! Are you going to have another “lamp” as well – I really hope so, I have collected most of them and this one would be cool!

  8. designergirl101 says:


  9. kathlyyn says:

    Oh, This is maybe my favorite bstone pet! I’m a Nov. baby, but this is just beautiiful! not too bright! -kathlyyn-

    • Pudgey says:

      This is the prettiest birthstone pet i agree with you. athough i do like the Opal puppy—I kind of have to, my birthday is in October. ILOOOOOOVE the psi

  10. Midnight Sky A.K.A nihao9 says:

    I love March’s birthstone! To bad it can’t be for August! :lol: Lol. Anyways, Happy Birthday to the people who have Birthdays in March! :mrgreen: -☽Midnight Sky☽

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