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      Podkinz Episode 4.5- A Brief History of Webkinz

      Mike: Welcome to Podkinz, and to our first ever mini-episode! I’m Mike, and this is Gennelle, my co-host.

      Gennelle: Hey!

      Mike: Hey Gennelle!

      Gennelle: How’s it going?

      Mike: Pretty good. I’m excited for this mini-episode idea! Gennelle: Yes, our first ever mini-episode!

      Mike: Yeah, so we’re planning to do these more often, instead of just having one on the day of a release of an update, we’re going to do some more in between!

      Gennelle: Yeah, I really like that idea. Let’s get right into the swing of things with a sneak peek of St. Patrick’s Day! We’ll also be reading your favorite Webkinz memories, and talking to a special guest about the history of Webkinz!

      Sneak Peek:

      Mike: First up, here’s a sneak peek of St. Patrick’s Day events.

      Gennelle: Between March 1st and the ninth, look for floating shamrocks in Webkinz World to click and win yummy St. Patrick’s Day prizes. You can win one a day!

      Mike: Can you catch a leprechaun? Between March 10th and 17th, look for the sneaky Webkinz leprechaun in the Clubhouse to click him and receive a jelly coin. Collect all six jelly coins to win a gorgeous prize, a colorful leprechaun statue.

      Gennelle: And don’t forget to log in to Webkinz World on St. Patrick’s Day, March 17th, to win your cute login gift. We won’t reveal it here, but keep your eyes on Webkinz Newz to get a sneak peek!

      What’s in our Kinzpost?:

      Gennelle: It’s time to read letters sent in by Webkinz players. As Webkinz nears nine years of being online, this week all of our letters are about Webkinz history and Webkinz players’ favorite memories. Our first question is from Kathy whom writes: “What was the first Webkinz created? Also, when did Mazin’ Hamsters, Zumbuddies, Kinzclips, and Signatures first come out?”

      Mike: That is a great question! The first Webkinz created was actually a set. It was a golden retriever, black bear, cow, lion, elephant, and a hippo. Zumbuddies and Kinzclips launched in 2009, and Mazin’ Hamsters in 2010. Signatures also arrived in 2009, but have just been retired for good at the end of 2013.

      Gennelle: Here’s a good question from Molly828 about Webkinz history: “The Webkinz newspaper home page you came to as soon as you first login came out a couple years after Webkinz started. What did users end up going to beforehand? Like when they logged in, what did they see?”

      Mike: Before the newspaper, you logged on and were automatically taken to your room, it’s that simple. But then our creative director felt that it was important to tell Webkinz players about special things going on in Webkinz World so that no one missed out. Hence the rival of the Kinzville Times.

      Gennelle: We also asked our players about their favorite Webkinz memories, and here are some of the great comments we got. Blair399 says: “My favorite Webkinz memory would have to be buying my first pet, which was Coda the black bear way back in December 2005.”

      Mike: Wow, that’s a long time away.

      Gennelle: It’s a Webkinz original! (Giggles). (Gennelle continues reading): “I used some of my Christmas money to buy him. I adopted him and never looked back. I’ve played Webkinz steadily ever since. Another great memory would be joining a Webkinz forum and meeting my best friend. We still play everyday.”

      Mike: Wow, that’s pretty cool.

      Gennelle: I have to say, um, when we were going through the comments there was a lot of people whose favorite memory was buying their first pet.

      Mike: Yeah, for sure.

      Gennelle: Do you remember the first pet you adopted?

      Mike: Yeah, it was actually the panda that represents me on the Podkinz.

      Gennelle: Oh!

      Mike: I was given that as a gift when I got hired at Ganz.

      Gennelle: That’s right, when you get hired at Ganz, that’s one of the first things they give you, your first Webkinz. Mine was a orange and white tabby cat.

      Mike: Wow. Oh yeah, it’s sitting on your desk.

      Gennelle: It’s still sitting on my desk today (giggles).

      Mike: Our next comment is from Socialred, whom says: “My favorite Webkinz moment is when I realized I played for eight hours straight.”

      Gennelle: Wow, that’s incredible!

      (Mike laughs and continues reading): “I did a job for Tabby Von Meow when I first logged on. Eight hours later, I checked at the job agency, to see if I could do the job again, and I could! I then realized I must’ve been playing for eight hours straight!”

      Gennelle: That is remarkable.

      Mike: That is pretty awesome.

      Gennelle: A special memory from commenter pinkpiano is: “When I got high score of day, for a couple hours, on the game where the pink sheep has to bring the bees to flowers, I forget what it’s called!” I think, pinkpiano, that would be Flutterbugged.

      Mike: Yup, I love trying to get high scores in the arcade. I’m not very good at it, but I can get a high score in Zingoz Bounce.

      Gennelle: Really?

      Mike: Yeah, I’ve done it a few times.

      Gennelle: So how many hours do you think you’ve spent playing Zingoz Bounce?

      Mike: A little more than eight hours playing Zingoz Bounce, I’d say.

      Gennelle: Yeah?

      Mike: Yeah (laughs).

      Gennelle: Good, you’re right on-

      Mike: Maybe too many hours!

      Gennelle: Good, you’re right on the same page as pinkpiano!

      Mike: Speaking of the Arcade, Suzette44 says: “My favorite memory was winning my first trophy, in Zingoz Pop. I have many trophies now, but that first one was great!” Mike: Thanks for all your questions and comments!

      Gennelle: Thanks everybody!

      Meet a Ganz-er!: Gennelle: Today in our “Meet a Ganz-er” segment, we are pleased to welcome Laura, an associate producer here at Ganz!

      Mike: Hey Laura.

      Gennelle: How’s it going?

      Laura: Good morning, a cold morning!

      Gennelle: Yes indeed.

      Mike: Very cold. So Laura, can you explain what an associate producer does here at Ganz?

      Laura: When a project is given to me, as an associate producer, I try to look after it from beginning to end, that means that I work with a lot of different people, including people like you in creative.

      Gennelle: That’s right.

      Laura: I work with the artists, who are amazing and draw amazing pictures. And then I work with our development team again, who are very talented and use their skills to make the best games.

      Gennelle: They’re sort of like magicians, in a way. They do all this stuff behind the scenes and then they reveal a finished game at the end.

      Laura: Well, I do refer to this place as a magic factory to my daughter.

      Gennelle: You do! Yes! All the time! And I think it is a such good description! So actually, you have a very special history here at Webkinz, can you tell us a little bit more about that?

      Laura: Well that’s true. I was here before launch, and um, I was very much involved, I guess how Webkinz looked when it was first released to the world.

      Gennelle: This would be in 2005.

      Mike: Wow.

      Laura: I was working here prior to that. I think I started in 2004, and Webkinz was just an idea. And it changed a lot until we got it to what we would live with. And one little piece of trivia, I’m the first bear registered on the site.

      Mike: Wow.

      Gennelle: That’s incredible. What was the name of the bear?

      Laura: Very originally called “Beary”. (Gennelle laughs)

      Gennelle: So your little black bear would’ve been wandering around the Kinzville Park by its-

      Laura: There was no Kinzville Park!

      Gennelle: There was no Kinzville Park!

      Mike: Oh, wow.

      Laura: There was no Kinzville park. I remember standing over someone in development and watching the first couple of people play on the site live ever. But there were no shared areas at that point.

      Gennelle: It was just the room-based thing. And you could dress your pet, and you could feed your pet.

      Laura: And there were games, ect. It was really about looking after your pet, very simple.

      Gennelle: Can you remember the first time someone here at Ganz came to you with the idea of Webkinz and do you remember your first initial thoughts on it?

      Laura: Well actually, when I came here Webkinz had just started. Uh, we were in very very early stages of what Webkinz was going to be. Um, initially, Webkinz was going to be a very very different world then it ended up being, it was gonna be a lot bigger and very ambitious. It had underwater environments, the characters were 3D, it was a very different experience. What we ended up doing was simplifying it and trying to center on what was the core of the experience who we are trying to give to our players, which was looking after your pet, and playing with your friends, and bonding with your pet.

      Gennelle: And growing a family as well.

      Laura: Exactly.

      Gennelle: I think you ultimately achieved that really really well.

      Laura: Well the toys were cute, very easy to look at the toys and think “this is what the children are really going to enjoy”, is interacting with her children in a new way that had never been done before.

      Mike: What part of Webkinz are you most proud of having helped build?

      Laura: Well that is a tough question, it’s like asking me which part of my daughter is the favorite, (Mike and Gennelle laugh) so I’m just going to have to say that I’m proud of the whole thing, because by the time you work on something for a long time, and then you put it out in the world, you love all of it. I guess the big game that Webkinz has, which is Webkinz Junior. Um, it’s for younger kids, but it is again another really awesome place for children to learn about Webkinz, and then, once they’ve finished playing with Webkinz Junior, they can move to Webkinz.

      Gennelle: Um, so my final question for you is, with all of your history here, what you like to see in Webkinz in years to come?

      Laura: Well, like everybody else, I would like to see Webkinz more mobile, I would like to see it come back around to its original intention, which is looking after your pet, playing with your friends.

      Gennelle: Absolutely. There’s a lot to do on the site, but that is the core of it.

      Laura: Exactly.

      Mike: Alright, so thanks a lot for those answers, Laura. Those were really cool to hear.

      Gennelle: Thanks for being with us!

      Laura: No problem.

      Gennelle: And that’s it for our first mini-episode. You know Mike, I think what Laura was saying about Webkinz ten years ago worked with such different technology than today.

      Mike: For sure. I think technology just keeps changing so rapidly so that what they started with ten years ago, they were really restricted to what they could do, and now here in 2014 we have so many more options, as you can see with what we’re moving towards mobile.

      Gennelle: Exactly, and Laura having been here for so long can really testify how long that’s been, so thanks so much to here for being with us!

      Mike: We will be back in a couple of weeks with another full-length Podkinz, but in the meantime, we would love it if you could think about this and comment in the section below the article.

      Gennelle: Here’s the question: Why do you love St. Patrick’s Day?

      Mike: What is it about this festive holiday that people love so much?

      Gennelle: What are you most looking forward in Webkinz World this St. Patrick’s Day?

      Mike: As always, feel free to email us about anything that’s on your minds, ideas for questions, segments, suggestions, and more to podkinz@ganz.com, plus, you can always comment on this article.

      Gennelle: Thanks for listening, Podkinzers!

      Mike: Bye!

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      Podkinz Episode 4-Shopping in Webkinz World
      Gennelle: Hello Podkinzers! Welcome to episode four of the official Webkinz podcast! I’m Gennelle Webkinz, one of your hosts, and this is my co-host, Mike.
      Mike: Hi everyone! It’s been a busy few weeks here at Ganz setting up for Valentines Day.
      Gennelle: So Mike, did you have a good week?
      Mike: I did. It was pretty busy with the new wShop coming out. We had a lot of work to do with that, and everyone’s been busy doing that stuff. I’ve been jumping around the Clubhouse alot.
      Gennelle: Yeah?
      Mike: I’ve been talking to a lot of players. I met a lot of cool people.
      Gennelle: Of course!
      Mike: Walking around with my Fire Fawn, pretty sweet.
      Gennelle: Right? And you’re usually wearing a Ganz toque, right?
      Mike: Right, our official Ganz toque, it’s a white hat that has the Ganz logo on it, so you know it’s one of us if we’re wearing it. So I thought I’d give a shout-out to all my new friends in Webkinz World and ah, hopefully I’ll see you again soon.
      Gennelle: Yeah, go take a run around the Kinzville Park, maybe you’ll see one of us, we’re around there a lot.
      Mike: Speaking of friends, if you want to add Gennelle and I on Webkinz World, our usernames WWMike, which is one word, and Gennelle3. And three is a number three, not the word three.
      Gennelle: We’ll put it below the article as well for people to look at. We also want to tell you about a change that’s coming to Podkinz, we’ve been listening to our listeners, and we’re going to be releasing Podkinz twice a month instead of just once, which is really exciting. So watch for more episodes starting in about two weeks.
      Mike: If you have any idea for segments you want us to talk about, remember to mention them in the comments below or email us at podkinz@ganz.com.
      Gennelle: Of course we want to get right into our theme for this episode which is duhn dururun!
      Mike: Oh, what is it?
      Gennelle: Shopping!
      Mike: Yay! *laughs*
      Gennelle: you may have noticed a big to one of the best parts of Webkinz World; the wShop.
      Mike: The wShop has gotten a huge makeover. Log in now to see the shiny new design we’ve come up with. It’s now much easier to find what you’re looking for and you can even adopt pets, using your eStore points.
      Gennelle: Stay tuned for more info. on this great new redesign in our inside scoop segment!
      Mike: Now for the segment we like to call “What’s in Our Kinzpost”.
      Gennelle: Our first letter this week is from Allison in New York. She writes: “I love Webkinz and play with all of my friends in middleschool. Do you have any tips on making, and especially saving, kinzcash? And do you have any news on some upcoming pets or some ideas that you would like to be made into a Webkinz? My favorite Webkinz are the Pink and White Cat and the Winter Fawn. Thanks!” Thanks for your letter Allison! Tips for making and saving kincash. That is an awesome question.
      Mike: Yeah that is a very good question. Well here are some tips for making kinzcash. If you have the time, planting and caring for a lot of Growing Garden Plants, and then selling your produce at the wShop, makes some players a lot of Kinzcash. In fact, going through your dock and selling any items you don’t need, is also a good kinzcash maker.
      Gennelle: Another best way is to play arcade games, actually. If you’re good at one in particular, say, Pizza Palace, you can enter the Tournament Arena and play a Quick Tournament. If you win, you get bonus kinzcash! Plus, don’t forget to answer Quizzy’s bonus questions everyday at Quizzy’s Corner. Pick up and play In-Room Games from the wShop, and be sure to do the log out carnival. You can get up to a hundred kinzcash some days.
      Mike: We hope that helps. As for saving kinzcash, that’s really up to you. Keep an eye out on Today’s Activities for sales on certain items, and use any wShop coupons that you receive wisely.
      Gennelle: That’s a great tip, Mike.
      Mike: Very good
      Gennelle: As for sneak-peeks on up-coming pets, all I can say is that I’m really looking forward to the eStores adorable Earth Day Pet coming in April.
      Mike: That’s a really cool pet.
      Gennelle: I’ve seen a sneak-peek.
      Mike: Oh yeah?
      Gennelle: It’s pretty great. Um, I can’t say anymore about it though except that we hope you like the color green, *Mike laughs* and we hope you like taking naps!
      Mike: I definitely love taking naps.
      Gennelle: Yeah. It’s my number one favorite thing.
      Mike: *laughs* As for ideas, let’s just say one of our dream pets is the rainbow narwale.
      Gennelle: This is a killer idea.
      Mike: It’s so good. Like imagine the narwale horn is like, different colors like a rainbow. It’s so cool. This was actually an idea that someone gave to me at the Kinzville Park.
      Gennelle: Yeah.
      Mike: She was really excited about it and I thought it was really cool, so.
      Gennelle: You know if any of our listeners out there could do maybe like, a drawing for us, do a concept of, we could take a look at it and maybe see what we can do, right?
      Mike: Yeah. Remember don’t forget that PSI and PSF
      Gennelle: Yes, very important. Our next comment is from Atomton, who answered one of the questions we asked in the last episode; what is the rarest Webkinz item you’ve ever found?
      Mike: He said “Hi Ganz! The rarest item I’ve ever found by myself was the hot tub rare. I hope I can get another one of those eventually. The rarest non-rare item I found by myself, woud probably be the origina Penguin PSI. I heard from my friend that it is priceless, and I got it for just Winterfest candles and a coupon!”
      Gennelle: It sounds like Atomton is great at finding rare items by trading.
      Mike: Yeah. Definitely.
      Gennelle: We should point out what Atomton means by rarest rare and rarest non-rare *laughs* it sounds a little confusing. Um, rare items are officially designated by Ganz as ‘hard to find’, you’ll only be able to find them by shopping at the Curio Shop, or by receiving it by chance in a bonus pet adoption gift box, which you get every five pets after you’ve adopted over ten pets. So in that box you actually get either kinzcash, an exclusive item, or a rare item. Sometimes these items become super rare, when Ganz retires them as well.
      Mike: Non-rare rare items on the other hand are items that were typically widely available when they were released, but for whatever reason, they are now hard to find. Maybe it was an early Webkinz item, or maybe there are not many available right now. This makes them very highly collectable. Our final letter is from Dylan, he said “I am in sixth grade. I have been playing Webkinz for as long as I can remember. I have a bed full of them. It is a little hard to sleep. *all laugh* I’ve heard every one of your Podkinz episodes.”
      Gennelle: Yay! Thanks Dylan!
      Mike: “I would like to work for Ganz, or Webkinz when I get a little older. I love Webkinz. I am your biggest fan.”
      Gennelle: Awesome, thanks for that, Dylan!
      Mike: Yeah, thanks Dylan.
      Gennelle: I think some folks were talking about working for Ganz in the comments of our last Podkinz, and we just wanted to say that we think it’s absolutely wonderful when
      Webkinz players wanna work for Ganz when they’re grown up. Whether it’s designing plush pets or working on the website, being creative and working hard is all part of working here.
      Mike: When you’re grown up and ready to work, just like any other company, you apply for the job on the website, and see how you do. In this segment, we interview Ganz staff members and ask them about their jobs.
      Gennelle: For this episode, we are very lucky to have not one, but two guests here with us! Meet Allison and Michelle!
      Mike: Hi guys. *all girls say hi in unison*
      Gennelle: Thanks for being with us today. I know it’s very busy for you right now.
      Mike: Definitely. With the new wShop coming out, it’s a lot of work to do, we’re all really busy.
      Gennelle: Yes.
      Allison: But we’re really excited about it too.
      Gennelle: Yeah.
      Mike: So Michelle, you’re the eStore Content Coordinator, what does that job title mean for you day to day?
      Michelle: Well, everyday is actually different, Mike. It’s kind of exciting, we uh, we do lots of different things, um, I’m lucky enough that I get to work with many different departments in my job as a coordinator, I get to work with different games, different properties of Ganz, not just with one, so that’s kinda nice.
      Mike: Good change. So it’s not always Webkinz, you’re doing Amazing World’s right?
      Michelle: Amazing World, Tail Town Friends, Zoes, Webkinz Jr., and even we work with Webkinz Newz and Ganz Parent Club as well. And then I actually get to have a lot of fun with the eStore catalog, and I get to see items not only from the very beginning of concept creation,but all the way through to seeing the artwork, and getting that legally approved, and then actually building that item in our catalog, and publishing it on the website.
      Gennelle: So you are truly guiding an item right from conception, to public view?
      Michelle: All the way through.
      Gennelle: That’s really exciting.
      Mike: That is really cool. There’s something special about creating something from scratch, and then seeing the final product in the game.
      Michelle: Yeah. And seeing people, how they respond to it, too.
      Gennelle: So Allison, your title is eStore Strategic Analysis. That’s a big title, uh, what does it mean?
      Allison: Essentially it means I do a LOT of thinking, and wear out a LOT of thinking caps. *all laugh* Yes. In all seriousness, being a strategic requires a lot of planning. Um, daily planning, weekly planning, monthly planning, seasonal planning, whatever it is, it needs to be planned.
      Mike: So you need to be super organized for this job?
      Allison: oh yes.
      Mike: You’re planning items for events coming up way in advance right?
      Allison: Oh yes.
      Mike: Wow.
      Gennelle: So you have a small picture view, and a big picture view?
      Allison: Oh yes.
      Gennelle: Ok, so, while we have you guys in the booth, could you maybe give us a little sneak-peek of the Spring Celebration pets maybe?
      Allison: Well, this year we’ve got super exciting little goats.
      Gennelle: Little goats!
      Allison: They are awesome.
      Gennelle: Aw!
      Allison: We’ve got an orange one, we’ve got a purple one, and we have pink one.
      Mike: Nice.
      Gennelle: So cute!
      Mike: So guys, what makes an item perfect for the eStore?
      Allison: Well Webkinz is all about having fun, and we try to make it more fun with some awesomeley wacky and colorful items. To find the perfect item however, we really need to get in touch with our inner webbies. *all laugh*
      Mike: Inner webbies.
      Allison: We have fun playing with an item with our own pets, and we think you will too.
      Gennelle: Right on. So you guys spend a lot of time actually playing the game online?
      Allison: Oh yes.
      Michelle: Absolutely. Yeah, we’re the biggest Webkinz fans. *Mike laughs*
      Gennelle: That’s true, absolutely. And, speaking personally, I work with you guys a lot in the creative aspect of the job, and you have some of the greatest ideas for super fun items that are in Webkinz, I think it’s great.
      Allison: And some of the perfect items I think that we have, at eStore, is our Fan’s Choice line, because it’s perfect because our fans come up with the ideas. We get their feedback, and we can actually bring their ideas to life. Because at eStore we have that flexibilty, were we can be super fun and creative, and use fan’s ideas.
      Gennelle: Absolutely. And if people have ideas you can post in our Webkinz Newz forums, below Podkinz articles, or on Facebook and Twitter.
      Allison: We love reading customer feedback, love it.
      Gennelle: So you two are certainly experts when it comes to shopping in Webkinz World and at the eStore. Do you have any tips for members who wanna score a good deal?
      Allison: My personal new favorite bargain-hunting strategy is now through social media. ‘Cause I can just like or follow my favorite brands, and I instantly get information about sales or upcoming commotions, and you can do that with Webkinz and eStore too.
      Gennelle: That’s true, yeah.
      Allison: And as soon as you check out our Facebook, you’ll get immediately all the information on any freebies that are happening in Webkinz World, or events where you can get free stuff, or a discount and stuff, same thing with eStore. If you follow us or like us on Facebook, you’ll immediately know all the new promotions that are coming up.
      Michelle: And same with newsletters. Sign up for a newsletter, you don’t need to do anything, it comes right to your inbox,could not be easier.
      Mike: Very convenient.
      Michelle: Exactly! You just sign up for the newsletter, it comes to you, and you get to pick and choose which promotions you wanna participate in.
      Gennelle: Excellent. And people can always see the current sales that are on if they go to http://www.ganzestore.com.
      Allison: And with the new wShop that’s coming, you will be able to find your favorite eStore items even fasster and quicker.
      Gennelle: Right, they’re intermixed with the wShop items that are already in there. And you can buy eStore points in the wShop now.
      Michelle: Absolutely. So if you’re looking for that cool new chair, you can just go to the chairs or seating section that’s in there now, and you’ll see all the kincash and eStore chairs available.
      Mike: and you guys even have your eStore themes up there right?
      Michelle: We sure do.
      Mike: If You look up themes, you can view them all individually.
      Allison: So easy.
      Gennelle: So thank you Allison and Michelle for stopping by and telling us all about the eStore.
      Mike: It was very informative and I’m sure our listeners loved hearing about it.
      Michelle: Yes, thank you for having us.
      Allison: Yeah, thank you for having us.
      Gennelle: And now for the inside scoop on the wShop! Have you noticed the new redesign?
      Mike: We love the new wShop, which categorizes more clearly and makes it easier to find what your looking for. Plus, a huge new thing is that you can adopt pets right from the shop itself!
      Gennelle: All you need is eStore points to do so. You can buy more points in the wShop as well.
      Mike: There’s a new category for cool clothing, and a button that takes you to the Kinzstyle Outlet, which is still the place to go for most clothing items.
      Gennelle: You’ll also notice the big sell items button on the bottom right. That’s to make it easier then ever to sell items back to the shop.
      Mike: It’s also way easier to buy items. No more nine item cart system, you just gotta click on the item, click buy, confirm, and watch it jump into your dock.
      Gennelle: We hope you love the new wShop as much as Nuts and Bolts do, because they sure won’t stop talking about it!
      Mike: Well I can see why they won’t stop talking about it. The new design is really really good, so much more intuitive, it’s so much easier to find items, everything is broken down to the proper categories, and just buying stuff is so much faster. Just bam bam, I bought everything, you’re all good.
      Gennelle: Yeah, and when you want to see an item up close, you can click preview.
      Mike: Yup.
      Gennelle: so we could not be more excited for everyone to try it!
      Mike: So let us know what you think in the comments below. We’re looking at the eStore in out spotlight segment.
      Gennelle: Did you know that the eStore was first launched in 2008 in order to provide Webkinz players with absolute coolest items in Webkinz World. The ingame version debuted in 2010.
      Mike: Deluxe memberships first went on sale way back in 2009.
      Gennelle: The eStore even has it’s own little building for your map of Kinzville. If you click it, it takes you ingame version.
      Mike: The website version of the eStore is http://www.ganzestore.com, you can buy items from all the games in the Ganz family, like Amazing World, Tail Town Friends, and more.
      Gennelle: They are probably most famous for the exclusive eStore pets, that are released as a virtual only version.
      Mike: What are your craziest eStore pet ideas? Share them with us in the comments below.
      Gennelle: So here’s to many more years of the eStore bringing us the coolest things in Webkinz World.
      Mike: And remember, if you log on any time after February 19th, You’ll receive 2000 free eStore points to spend! What will you get?
      Gennelle: You know Mike, if we were at the mall right now, shopping, now I think is the time I would wanna go sit down for a break in the food court. *Mike laughs* So maybe we should like, bring snacks into the recording booth?
      Mike: I don’t know, I really like that idea, but I think we should ask our producer if we can bring like, pizza or something. *Gennelle laughs*
      Gennelle: Yeah. Christian, Christian’s listening right now. what do you think?
      Mike: Can we bring food?
      Christian: As long as you have extras with ah, double cheese, it’s fine by me. *all laugh*
      Gennelle: Oh, see, we can arrange that.
      Mike: I think we could do that.
      Gennelle: Ok, good plan. Mike, do you wanna give a sneak-peek of our next episode?
      Mike: Sure. In our next episode, we will be putting on our time-traveling hats, and be going way back into Webkinz’s past. Can you beleive that it’s been nearly ten years since Webkinz debuted?
      Gennelle: Wow! Yeah. 2005.
      Mike: We want your help to delve into the Webkinz history.
      Gennelle: So here’s our Webkinz task for all of our listener’s. If you could, please leave a comment below the article telling us your favorite Webkinz memory.
      Mike: Whether it’s the first time you’ve adopted a pet, graduated from the Kinzville Academy, or just had a really special moment playing Webkinz, let us know!
      Gennelle: Also, if you have a question about Webkinz’s very early days, please comment below the article or email your questions to us at podkinz@ganz.com and we’ll do our best to have answers for you in our vast Webkinz archive of knowledge!
      Mike: That’s cool.
      Gennelle: I just made that term up, but you know what I mean.
      Mike: Yeah, that would be a really cool item to be in the game.
      Gennelle: It’s kind of like the Kinzapedia.
      Mike: (Be a giant bunk? *tanscriptor not sure of what in the world he said there, or meant by it…*) *both laugh* It opens out into giant vaults. Let’s make it, Gennelle!
      Gennelle: All right, sounds good.
      Mike: We’ll also speak with a special guest, a Ganz staffer who has been with Webkinz since the very beginning and has great stories to tell about how Webkinz came to be.
      Gennelle: Thanks for listening and we’ll see ya next time.
      Mike: See ya!

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      Podkinz: Episode 3-Best Friends
      Gennelle: Hello Podkinzers! Welcome to episode three of the official Webkinz podcast. I am one of your hosts, Gennelle Webkinz, and here with me is my friend and co-host, Mike Webkinz.
      Mike: Hi everyone. Hey Gennelle, how’s it going?
      Gennelle: Not too bad, thank you very much. Still freezing outside.
      Mike: So cold!
      Gennelle: For all of our listeners who didn’t know this, our headquarters is in Toronto.
      Mike: Yup.
      Gennelle: It’s blistery outside. so we’re trying to stay warm!
      Mike: Anyways, before we continue, I just wanna update you on something. A few of you have been asking us if Podkinz will be available to listen to on mobile devices like iPhones and iPads, and we just wanted you to know that we’re looking into it and will hopefully have it ready for you soon.
      Gennelle: That’s right, we’ll keep you updated. As for today, we are super excited to be talking about Valentines Day and all that comes with it. That’s why our theme in this episode is ‘best friends’.
      Mike: We got a lot of comments from you about best friends, so we’ll be reading some of them today like in our next segment, “What’s in our KinzPost”.
      Gennelle: Our first letter this week is from Sarah who emailed us to say “Hi! My name is Sarah. I have been playing Webkinz since I was six and I’m twelve now. My very first Webkinz was a Lil Golden Retriever and I named it Cookie. My best friend is named Emma and we play Webkinz together all the time. We live an hour away from each other but that doesn’t keep us from being together.” Aw that’s really nice. *laughs* “We have playdates whenever we can and we chat with each other almost everyday. Every time we hang out we have a signature it’s ‘peace’ and we do the peace sign!”
      Mike: That’s a good idea.
      Gennelle: Yeah!
      Mike: I like that.
      Gennelle: “Don’t you think the peace sign looks like scissors?” Kind of. Yes. *laughs* “We have friendship bracelets and guess what the charms look like; gummy bears!” *Mike laughs* That’s amazing. “See ya! Well actually listen to ya in the next Podkinz episode.” Thanks Sarah!
      Mike: I like that. Peace sign when your video chatting with your friend is peace out!
      Gennelle: Peace out. I like it too.
      Mike: Our next letter is from Katie who writes: “I’m thirteen and I have a BFF named Laurie who plays Webkinz too. Whenever we go to each others houses, we play Webkinz for about five hours.”
      Gennelle: Wow.
      Mike: Wow that’s a long time.
      Gennelle: Yeah.
      Mike: “On snow days, we get on and play Webkinz together while we email each other. I like to show her all the new Webkinz tricks I learned. I also want to say how much I love Webkinz, though you can probably guess since I can play it for five hours.” *Both laugh*
      Gennelle: That’s so true. You know what, I love the idea of playing Webkinz while your chatting with your best friend, email, or chat or something like that.
      Mike: Yeah, that seems cool to me.
      Gennelle: We also asked on Webkinz Newz how our listeners met their best friends and here’s what a few of them had to say. Momo4cookie says: “I met my best friend Kate while we were second grade when we were packing up to go home after our first day of second grade. But then she moved near the end of the school year, and we kept in touch my playing Webkinz. Although now she doesn’t play Webkinz anymore, and that makes me sad.” *Mike laughs* Aw, that makes me sad too. Maybe she’ll come back someday, who knows.
      Mike: The next ones from SnowflakePupQueen she says: “Mine was back in kindergarten. That’s actually how I got into Webkinz. She taught me about Webkinz, and also American Girl dolls. ”
      Gennelle: Very cool. Our next one is from sugalicious who says: “Loved every minute of both episodes of Podkinz! My best friend now I met on Webkinz Facebook page in 2009.”
      Mike: Oh wow!
      Gennelle: Yeah! That’s a long time ago now.
      Mike: Yeah.
      Gennelle: “Her and I share everything. And I do mean everything. Including our love of Webkinz! She sent me a Spooky Pup for my birthday one year. I bought her an eStore Rockerz Coyote for hers. We even have our own little secret group where we chat everyday on Facebook about everything. I could go on and on and on about my best friend.”
      Mike: That’s great.
      Gennelle: Yeah.
      Mike: And now to round off our kinzpost, we have a cute letter from Sophie who writes “Heya! My name is Sophie and I’m twelve years old. The first ‘kinz I got was a Chihuahua named Poncho. My favorite Webkinz that I own has to be Candy, a Rockerz Cat and Poppy, and Rockerz Pappillon. I think Webkinz should make a Lil Kinz Volley Tiger. My guinea pig, Pookie, look almost identical to the Cookies and Cream Guinea Pig. I also think you should make a Tinker Guinea Pig, a Monarch Butterfly, and a Plaid Puppy. I love Podkinz. and Pookie says hi!” Hi Pookie!
      Gennelle: Hi Pookie! Now Sophia sent us the most adorable picture of her guinea pig, Pookie and we posted it in the article below so you can see how exactly it looks like the Cookies and Cream Guinea Pig. *laughs*
      Mike: Check that out.
      Gennelle: So cute.
      Mike: I really like her idea of a Tinker Guinea Pig. I really like the Tinker Dog and Tinker Cat and all those items that come with it, so I think a Tinker Guinea Pig would be pretty cool.
      Gennelle: Great idea. Love it.
      Mike: Well, that’s it for our KinzPost this week, be sure to send us your letters and comments, because they might be read on the show. In this segment, we interview a Ganz staff member and ask them about their job.
      Gennelle: This week’s guest is non other than Matt WebkinzFriends!
      Matt: Hey everybody!
      Gennelle: Hi Matt.
      Mike: Hey, how’s it going Matt.
      Gennelle: Now I want to mention something right off the top; as you know, our episode is about best friends, and we said in last episode that THIS episode’s guest had a special best friend story to tell. Do you wanna elaborate on that?
      Matt: *laughs* Yes. Gennelle is like really excited about having me here today.
      Gennelle: I am!!! *boys laugh*
      Matt: Yeah, so, a lot of people don’t know this but me and Mike are actually twins.
      Gennelle: Yaaay!
      Mike: Wow. *laugh*
      Matt: I’ve known him almost all my life.
      Gennelle: ALMOST all your life?
      Mike: Almost all our lives
      Matt:…I was born first.
      Mike: Yeah, that’s true.
      Gennelle: Oh. You’ve got the slight edge there.
      Matt: Yeah, I do.
      Mike: And since our voices sound kind of similar, Matt will be doing this interview in a really high-pitched voice. *all laugh* All right, so, what’s your job here Matt? What’s a typical day like for you?
      Matt: Uh, so I’m a Game Designer, and it depends on what project I’m working on, so, a lot of people know me from Webkinz Friendz, and for that, I will typically work on adding the contents of the game. so I’ll add new goals, the new items, and I work with the producers to figure out what’s gonna come out the next release. I also work on the arcade games. I recently worked on Goober’s Atomic Adventure, level designer.
      Mike: Nice.
      Matt: That was a really fun project.
      Mike: So if you have troubles with one of the levels in Goober’s Atomic Adventure, you know who to talk to.
      Matt: For sure. Yeah, I’m gonna be working on more arcade games so look out for them.
      Gennelle: That’s exciting. Wow, cool! My question is what’s your favorite part about working at a game studio like Ganz?
      Matt: Yeah, my favorite part is probably working on new ideas. I love like sitting around with other people, like you guys-
      Mike: Yeeeaah!! Yay.
      Gennelle: Woohoo.
      Matt: And uh, just coming up with cool ideas.
      Mike: we’re definitely always talking about new ideas, new features, ways of playing games and stuff.
      Gennelle: Yeah, and we all play games at home, for fun, so it’s great getting ideas from that too.
      Mike: If someone wants to practice game when they grow up, what should they practice doing?
      Matt: They should definitely play games. It’s not the only thing you should be doing, but it’s a good way to get inspiration, you know, putting together your favorite ideas to make your own sort of game. Definitely though you should learn, you don’t have to learn the coding, the developement side of it, but it’s definitely good to have some kind of knowledge, because you work so closely with the people who actually put the game together. So you have to understand that sort of language.
      Mike: Cool.
      Gennelle: Absolutely. So for my final question do you have a story about best friends?
      Matt: Yeah! This is actually a pretty funny story. When me and Mike were babies, or kids, toddlers, our parents used to tell us when we were sneaking into their room at night, they would find us talking together in our own language.
      Matt: *Gennelle continually squealing in delight in background* Yeah, they would say we would say things to each other and start laughing together, as if we just made a joke, but were speaking it, we were just babies making up gibberish in some crazy language, but I don’t know what we were doing…but it’s cool ’cause we would look back at our home videos and we would see us talking and communicating in-in nothing! Just random words! And then we would start laughing and sometimes we still do that at Ganz, right Micheal? *laughs*
      Gennelle: Yeah! *laughs*
      Matt: You’ll just find us babbling away in the corner *all laughing*
      Gennelle: Laughing to each other.
      Matt: No one understands whats going on!
      Mike: Like ‘what are these guys doing?’ *laughs*
      Gennelle: That incredible, that’s an incredible bond that you two have.
      Matt: It must be a twin thing.
      Gennelle: Yeah! And now you work at the same company, which is really cool.
      Mike: Yeah, yeah. Kind of convenient, but I can’t get rid of him!! *all laughing*
      Gennelle: Ok, well, Matt, thank you so much for coming on the show and telling us about your job!
      Mike: Awesome.
      Matt: Thank you so much for having me!
      Gennelle:Now for the inside scoop on: Valentines Day! It’s not for a few more weeks, but we thought we’d tell a bit more about what’s coming up.
      Mike: Between February 4th and 14th, look for the floating heart in Webkinz World, and click on it once a day to win a delicious prize.
      Gennelle: From February 7th to the 14th, go visit Cinnamon the Hamster the Kinzville Park to collect chocolates. Collect all six and you’ll win a stunning grand prize! Keep watching Webkinz Newz.com to learn what it is! Also, remember that for one of these chocolates, you have to find it on Webkinz Newz.
      Mike: Also, set a reminder to log in to Webkinz World on Valentines Day, February 14th, to get your special Valentines Day gift. This one will remain a surprise for right now though.
      Gennelle: We’ll see you in Webkinz World!
      Mike: Make way for the return of our spotlight segment! Our spotlight this week is on floaty-clickeys!
      Gennelle: they might sound self-explanatory, but if you’ve never done a floaty-clicky event, it might seem a little bit strange. Whether it’s on Webkinz World or Webkinz Newz, all you do during a floaty-clicky event is try and click floating images across the screen. Once you do, you’ll earn a prize that goes right to your Webkinz.com account.
      Mike: Floaty-clickys last for a different amount of time, float at different rates, and award items at different quantities everyday. It all depends on the Ganz Creative Team’s decision. For example, for the Winterfest one, you can win five prizes during the week day, and eight on the week ends.
      Gennelle: How easily you find a floating item will make that item more rare, or less rare.
      Mike: Floaty-clickys have different chances of appearing, and it does require a bit of luck. Over a certain amount of time, there is a possibility that it will show up. If it doesn’t, these chances are slightly increased for the next time it tries to appear. Again, these all depend on how rare the floaty-clicky should be.
      Gennelle: Our advice if you’re not seeing many floaty-clickys? Keep trying. It’s all about luck.
      Mike: Have fun with the next floaty-clicky event.
      Gennelle: I think after this episode, I really want to call my best friend and catch up. Don’t you?
      Mike: *laugh* Yeah, I’ll just go downstairs and talk to Matt. *all laugh* Before we go, let’s talk about the next episode.
      Gennelle: That’s right! Our next episodes theme is all about-
      Mike: SHOPPING!!! Yes!!! My favorite thing!!!
      Gennelle: You’re so excited! *all laugh* It is super fun shopping in Webkinz World.
      Mike: Yeah!
      Gennelle: So we are gonna talk wShop, eStore, selling items, and trading items. Anything to do with Webkinz and the fun of shopping for you, and for your pets.
      Mike: Is there anything you want to know about shopping in Webkinz World? Any tips you might have for your fellow Webkinz members?
      Gennelle: What’s the rarest item you were ever able to find at the Curio Shop? What’s your favorite thing to shop for and collect?
      Mike: We’ll talk about all of these and also interview not one, but TWO Ganz employees who know a thing or two about shopping in Webkinz World. You could call them experts actually.
      Gennelle: Two for the price of one, ay Mike? Eh? Yeah? Good one?
      Mike: Yeah, it’s pretty good.
      Gennelle: Ok. Great..well awesome we will see you guys next time.
      Mike: See ya!

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      Podkinz: Episode 2-Winterfest!
      Gennelle: Hello everyone, welcome to Podkinz. I am one of your hosts, Gennelle Webkinz, and here’s my fellow host, Mike Webkinz.
      Mike: Hello everyone.
      Gennelle: Thank you so much for the outstanding response to our very first episode. We got tons of comments, emails, and Facebook messages, and are full of suggestions for what we should talk about, so thank you very much!
      Mike: Keep them coming. We love reading your thoughts on Webkinz. As always, you can email us at podkinz@ganz.com comment on our Podkinz articles, in fact, you may have noticed Gennelle and I have been commenting on these articles as well, or you can post on Webkinz Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag Podkinz, or even snailmail us, the address is posted below this Podkinz.
      Gennelle: And ah, Mike, I just wanna say one thing.
      Mike: Yup.
      Gennelle: Welcome to 2014.
      Mike: Oh, thank you so much, Gennelle. *both laughing*
      Gennelle: Did you make any New Years resolutions this year?
      Mike: Ah, yeah, I’m just gonna try to make as much music as I can. I like to make music and stuff so. That’s gonna be my 2014 New Years resolution.
      Gennelle: Cool, wow. What kind of instruments?
      Mike: I play piano.
      Gennelle: Wow! What a hidden talent! *Mike laughs* That’s great!
      Mike: What about you Gennelle?
      Gennelle: Um, I think my resolution this year is to read more. I know that’s a lot of people’s resolutions, but I really mean it! I have a stack of books I need to read.
      Mike: Get to it, Gennelle!
      Gennelle: I’ll get to it. Um, *laughs* but before we get to that, we are going to talk about this episodes theme, Winterfest.
      Mike: Winterfest, yes. I’m excited for that.
      Gennelle: There’s wintery weather, all across North American, so it’s definitely in the spirit of things. Um, before we do that though, let’s take a look in our Kinzpost.
      Mike: This is a segment where we read mail from Webkinz players. Like we mentioned, we received tons of letters and emails, so we chose a few to read to you guys. Here we go.
      Gennelle: Our first letter this week is from Pundle. She writes “Hi! My name is Pundle and I just love Webkinz. I started collecting Webkinz when I about 7 (seven) and now I’m twelve. I have about 60 (sixty) plush Webkinz. My fave is my Black Stallion that I named Horseshoe.” Wow, good name, Pundle. “I know it’s a silly name, but she was my first so I was only seven when I named it.” *all laugh*
      Mike: Good excuse!
      Gennelle: Yes, good excuse! “I am really sad you have stopped making the Signatures. They were so cute. It must be hard to come up with new pets every month. Why did you stop making Signatures? I know there must be a good reason for it. Anyway, thank you so much for making Webkinz fun and safe. Oh, and I almost forgot; Podkinz rocks!”
      Mike: Podkinz rocks! *Gennelle laughs* Yes! Our first number 1 fan!
      Gennelle: Well, thanks for your letter, Pundle!
      Mike: We know there’s been a lot of talk about the Signatures retiring. Which just goes to show how beloved they really are. Signatures were first released in 2009 and have been one of the most popular ones at Ganz.
      Gennelle: The reason that they are retired now is because Webkinz are plush collectible pets, which means that they are made in limited numbers, and once their sold out, they’re sold out! We’ve had many special Webkinz lines over the years like Rockerz, or Lil’ Kinz, or Endangered, and more, some of which, are actually still on-going.
      Mike: Yup. While Signatures are still retired, we still release tons of Webkinz all the time, so we hope you enjoy these just as much. And now, onto our next letter. It’s from Maya in Tokyo. She writes “Hi. How do you choose your characters in Webkinz, like Ms. Birdy, Dr. Quack, etc.”
      Gennelle: Hi Maya! That is such a good question. It’s such a good question, that we went to the Webkinz creative lead here at Ganz, Micheal, to ask him. He says “Dr. Quack and Ms. Birdy were already established when I joined the Webkinz team. But I can tell you that the writers are responsible for coming up with each character on the site. They provide descriptions for the art team, who then provide a series of concept sketches that are then sent back to the creative team for feedback.” *short airy laugh* It’s a long process. *laughs* “The artists then come up with a final design based on our comments and then dialogue is written and recorded if needed. We will actually hold auditions at our studio to decide who should voice the characters! All the hosts featured on the site are actually voiced by Webkinz team members!”
      Mike: Ooh!
      Gennelle: That last part is absolutely true, our characters have been voiced by Webkinz team members for like, years! *laughs*
      Mike: Lots of different projects here at Ganz.
      Gennelle: Yeah! Hey, have you ever voiced one here?
      Mike: I did one for Amazing World just recently. If you go around the town you can see little characters, find the one wearing the knight costume-that’s my voice. *laughs*
      Gennelle: That’s so exciting!
      Mike: Yeah.
      Gennelle: I’ve auditioned before but I have yet to actually get a character. But there’s always the future!
      Mike: Maybe one day. *Gennelle laughs* All right, thanks to all our letter writers! Just to let you know, we do read every letter that you send in. So even though we read a couple here on the show, don’tbe shy to send them in, because we’d love to hear your thoughts on Webkinz.
      Gennelle: Yeah, absolutely. In this segment, meet a Ganzer, we talk to a Ganz employee and ask them about their job! Please say hello to our special guest, Micheal B!
      Mike: Hey Mike.
      Gennelle: Hi Micheal.
      Mike: Can I call you Mike?
      Micheal: Hey, yeah, sure! *laughs* Yeah, hey guys!
      Mike: We have tons of Micheals in this building, there’s so many of us! *all laugh* We’re always getting confused, I get emails from other Micheals, to other Micheals, it’s crazy.
      Gennelle: Very confusing.
      Mike: Well it’s nice to meet another Micheal here at Ganz!
      Gennelle: Thank you for being here!
      Micheal: You’re welcome.
      Mike: So Mike, what do you do here at Ganz?
      Micheal: My official title is 3D Artist.
      Mike: That sounds pretty important. ’3D Artist.’
      Gennelle: Yeah. So what would a typical day be like for you?
      Micheal: Well a typical day is uh, when I’m given the concept description by the Creative Team.
      Mike: *whispers* Yeah, that’s us. *all laugh*
      Micheal: I’ll work on a concept, so often times I’ll either sketch it out or paint it in photoshop, and get that approved by the concept team, or my art lead.
      Mike: So, what is a concept art like? That’s when you just draw a basic image?
      Micheal: Basicly the shapes and what the concept is, like I research, maybe I’ll go on Google and look for a few images that are kind of similar to what the description’s talking about, but then I have to, you know, elaborate, add creativity to the item, it’s pretty sweet.
      Gennelle: And when you say that you paint it, your painting it on a computer screen?
      Micheal: Yes.
      Gennelle: Wow.
      Micheal: That’s what great, to just paint right on the moniter, it’s so easy and you know.
      Gennelle: With like a pen?
      Micheal: Yup, well, kinda *all laugh*
      Gennelle: Well, like a computer pen *all laughing* a special pen. Ok.
      Mike: So you can draw right on the computer screen.
      Gennelle: I’ve seen your concept work, and we’ve posted some of it on Webkinz Newz, and it looks very painterly. It’s pretty cool.
      Micheal: Thank you.
      Mike: The fans are really loving it too by the way.
      Gennelle: So actually, to use an example, right now on Webkinz Newz we have posted the Showman Snowman concept art, which is one of your creations, so would you be able to tell us what it took to be able to go from start to finish on that item?
      Micheal: Uh, sure. Yeah, so uh, just working from uh, the description, it said that it required several stages build stages, for the snowman. So I actually started with the finish stage, then worked backwards, because it’s gonna be assembled, it has different stages that it’s assembled, so if you visualize what it would look like completed, and just work from that.
      Mike: So you just took off parts of the snowman.
      Micheal: Yeah.
      Mike: Just going down to stages before then. Cool. So, if a kid wants to become an artist, what steps should they take?
      Micheal: Well first of all, the most important is lots of practice. Lots of drawing, painting, sculpting. and whether it’s on the computer, or off the computer, it doesn’t matter, because all these skills are translatable in between those. So yeah, and of course, going to school is helpful. The reason I think school is so cool is because you meet all those cool friends that are interested in the same things as you, the same enthusiasm for art. You know I still see that in the work environment, you know, seeing other artists, their concepts and their finished pieces, it’s inspiring.
      Gennelle: Yeah, I think you can see the passion in all of our Webkinz artists work for sure.
      Mike: Yeah, definitely.
      Gennelle: And we also want to encourage our Webkinz World members to send in their art as well, ’cause we see so many fantastic concepts sketches from them.
      Mike: Maybe one day they can come to Ganz and do some concept art for us.
      Gennelle: Yes! *Mike laughs* Totally! So, keeping with the theme Winterfest, for this, we wanted to ask you a non-hard question. *Micheal laughs* Um, what’s your favorite part of winter?
      Micheal: I think, being a visual artist, it’s the visual aspect of winter, when things sparkle, I think that’s the coolest thing. You know after the snow storm and everything’s covered in ice, and the sun comes out, everything sparkles. Even at night time, the street lights, how the snow catches the light and it just looks very magical. That’s what’s really cool about winter.
      Gennelle: Great. And you bring that magic to Webkinz World.
      Micheal: Oh thank you.
      Gennelle: Yeah. *Mike giggles* so, thank you so much for being here with us today.
      Micheal: Thank you!
      Gennelle: Now for the inside scoop on: Winterfest! It’s a busy winter here in Webkinz World.
      Mike: That’s right! First up, is the winterfest challenge. This challenge runs from January 21st to February 28th. To start it, go to your room and click on the Winterfest challenge icon. Then, complete tons of fun winter tasks to win cool prizes, like the Hot Chocolate Display, and the Showman Snowman Building Kit.
      Gennelle: If you’re newer to Webkinz, building kits are things you drag into your room, and then build by asking your friends to send materials.
      Mike: Next up is the Winterfest floaty-clicky event. Between January 10th and 19th, look for the floating snowflakes in Webkinz World and click on them to win cozy Winterfest prizes. You can click on them 5 times a day on weekdays, and up to 8 times a day on a weekend.
      Gennelle: Also this year the eStore is selling Winterfest cookies in three packs and five packs. If you feed a cookie to your pet, you will win a cool Winterfest prize, and have a chance to win the grand prize, a Frail Ice Sleigh.
      Mike: Also, we can’t forget the winter clothing line now available at the KinzStyle Outlet, and the new Winter wonderland theme items now in the wShop. They are available for a limited time only.
      Gennelle: And our last two items, don’t forget to visit the Frosty Playground Clubhouse room, a super fun place to play with your pets, and remember to spin the Super Wheel on January 25th.
      Mike: If you want more details on any of these events, visit Webkinz Newz main page.
      Gennelle: With all that stuff to do I know we’ll all be kept busy by Winterfest for a while. So much to do!
      Mike: And while we’re at it, we’ll be announcing the next episode’s theme.
      Gennelle: So, the theme for our next episode is….BEST FRIENDS.
      Mike:…Forever! With Valentines Day coming up soon, we want to hear about everything to do about Best Friends.
      Gennelle: Yeah, so here’s a question, do you have a best friend? What qualities are important for a best friend to have? Or have you ever played Webkinz with your best friend?
      Mike: How are you and your best friend similar, or different? You guys got any special items, like a bracelet or a necklace, that shows you guys are BFF’s?
      Gennelle: Definitely, definitely write to us and tell us what’s on your mind. Plus, next episode we’ll have a special guest who works at Ganz and has a special best friend story to tell.
      Mike: I wonder who it is.
      Gennelle: I wonder…
      Mike: All right, see ya next time!
      Gennelle: Bye!

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      Podkinz: Episode 1-The Holidays!
      Gennelle: Hi everyone, welcome to the first ever episode of Podkinz, it’s the official podcast for Webkinz.com. My name is Gennelle Webkinz and I am here with my fellow Podkinz host, Mike Webkinz.
      Mike: Hello everyone. Thanks for listening.
      Gennelle: Oh, hi Mike!
      Mike: Hi Gennelle.
      Gennelle: How you doing?
      Mike: Pretty good. It’s a Friday, and I’m excited for the weekend.
      Gennelle: Oh. Great! *Mike Laughs* Me too! Awesome. Well you might know us from the Webkinz Facebook fan community, as Mike and I both work here at Ganz, and we love talking to Webkinz players.
      Mike: Absolutely.
      Gennelle: That’s right. So, with this podcast, we are here to talk about all things Webkinz, especially all the holiday fun that’s coming up.
      Mike: Yes, for sure. But before we start, let’s talk about Podkinz! We wanted to create Podkinz as a way to talk to the most important people; our Webkinz fans. But, what we talk about is really up to you guys. Se we will be asking you guys to send us your ideas.
      Gennelle: Awesome, yes. And every podcast will have a theme, so please send us suggestions about something cool about the site. For instance, like we said, this episode is all about the holidays.
      Mike: The holidays. Or, one episode could be about the Arcade, decorating rooms, or even Superbeds. There’re pretty sweet.
      Gennelle: *laughs* Yeah.
      Mike: *laughs* So the list goes on and on, so, you know, send us your ideas.
      Gennelle: We wanna read your questions, comments, suggestions, ah, especially in our second segment, called “What’s in our Kinzpost”. So anything that’s on your mind, send it in. You can comment on Podkinz articles on Webkinz Newz, post a question on our Webkinz Facebook or Twitter pages, although be sure to mention it’s for Podkinz, or you can email us at podkinz@ganz.com. And welcome to our second segment, “What’s in our Kinzpost”! This is when we read mail from you passionate Webkinz players. Ganz receives tons of letters from all across the world, and we love receiving letters too, whether it’s by snailmail or email.
      Mike: Snailmail. I just learned that term, snailmail. I didn’t know that existed.
      Gennelle: *laughs* Really?
      Mike: I’m learning new things in Ganz!
      Gennelle: Good! That’s what it’s all about! *laughs* So, yes, whether by snailmail or email, be sure to send us what’s on your mind.
      Mike: So, our first letter this week is from Sophia, from Hainsport, New Jersey. Very very nice place.
      Gennelle: Yeah.
      Mike: So she writes, “I am writing to you because I love Webkinz. My favorite Webkinz are pugs, Chow Chow, and the Black Cat. How do you decide which Webkinz to make? I think you should make a dog that has a bone attached to its mouth.”
      Gennelle: Oh, I like that.
      Mike: “How do you decide on which color to make them? Why do you not make the pug black or silver? I would appreciate if you would send me some information about your company.”
      Gennelle: Oh, that’s very nice.
      Mike: Thank you Sophia.
      Gennelle: Yeah, thanks Sophia. Well, that’s a really good questions, actually. The short answer is that *laughs* the way that we decide which Webkinz to make takes a very long time,
      Mike: Yes.
      Gennelle: Our plush pet designers are constantly working on new ideas.
      Mike: All the time.
      Gennelle: Yeah. They consider everything from what pets are the cutest, which to me is the number one *Mike laughs* most important thing, to whether we’ve done a similar one recently, or things like that. They then use lots of new fabrics and details to make each pet unique. Um, but for eStore pets, the process is a little different, because we only make virtual versions of those pets. So, in that case we have a lot of freedom to ideas, and suggestions, and we make pets that are really unique! So, uh, when we think about colors in particular, we think about what suits our original idea the best. So, for instance, our Moon Fox would look great in blue and silver, but maybe not so great in brown and black.
      Mike: Exactly. So, even for us, we’re super excited to see what kind of Webkinz are coming out. We may not always know, they just appear on our desk and it’s pretty sweet.
      Gennelle: Yeah. Actually one of my favorite ones recently was the Signature English Bulldog.
      Mike: Oh yeah.
      Gennelle: Yeah.
      Mike: Pretty sweet.
      Gennelle: The, a, his ah, personal item was the Double Decker Bed.
      Mike: My favorite one, uh, I don’t know, I’m a little biased, my favorite one must, has to be the Panda, because that was the first Webkinz I had ever seen. *Gennelle ‘awws’* Yeah. But uh, other than that, I really like the dragons. I like stuff that are not real, that are uh-
      Gennelle: Mythical?
      Mike: Yeah, mythical.
      Gennelle: Mythical creatures?
      Mike: Yeah.
      Gennelle: What’s a mythical creature that you’d love to see as a Webkinz? As a plush Webkinz?
      Mike: The eStore Hippogriff.
      Gennelle: Oooh.
      Mike: I really like, I really like that one. Or the Enchanted Goat.
      Gennelle: Oh yeah. I liked (his outfit? *transcriptor not sure what Gennelle said there*) Well, you never know, one day, it might happen.
      Mike: I’ll push for it.
      Gennelle: *laughs* Yes. Well, we’re gonna move on, um, our next letter is from Caitlyn, in Charlestown, South Carolina, and she writes “Webkinz, I really love your stuffed animals. Your stuffed animals are so fluffy and soft. When I sleep, I never, ever let go of my stuffed animal. They make me fall asleep quickly. I love to always sleep and never leave my room *Mike laughs* because I love them! And I am your number 1 fan.”
      Mike: Awesome. Thank you!
      Gennelle: Thanks Caitlyn! So Mike, there’s a question, did you sleep with stuffed pets when you were growing up?
      Mike: Uh, *laughs*
      Gennelle: Be honest!
      Mike: oh, uh, I had a lot of stuffed animals, they were on the end of my bed.
      Gennelle: Ok.
      Mike: They kind of protected my feet. You know, when they are exposed at night, in case something grabbed you, they would protect my feet.
      Gennelle: They kept watch.
      Mike: Yeah. They kept watch. It was pretty awesome. What about you, did you sleep with anything?
      Gennelle: Of course I did! I had about a million plush pets. *Mike laughs* Of course, when I was growing up, Webkinz weren’t around yet.
      Mike: Oh yeah, that’s true.
      Gennelle: So, now I have a lot of Webkinz, but before, no. They’re still somewhere in my parents house. *Mike laughs* Um, that’s it for our kinzpost, but like we said before, be sure to send along your letters, and maybe they will be read on the show!
      Mike: In this segment, “Meet a ganz-er”, we talk with a Ganz employee and ask them about their job. Please say hello to our first ever guest, Steve Webkinz! Thank you for join us, Steve.
      Steve: Thank you, thanks for having me.
      Mike: All right, so, what do you do here at Ganz, Steve?
      Steve: Uh, well, my title is a Senior Writer, but uh, it’s kinda of a misnomer here, I guess the better job title is the department that we all belong too, the Creative Department, which means that we create Webkinz in a intellectual type of way.
      Mike: *laughs* Intellectual! I like the way you put that.
      Gennelle: I like that word.
      Mike: We are intellectual creators.
      Steve: We create Webkinz in our MINDS. *all laugh* and then everyone else is responsible for making it real.
      Mike: I like that. good description.
      Gennelle: Yeah. What kind of thing would you do, sorta like, day to day?
      Steve: Um, day to day now, what we do is uh, re conceptualize new features on the site, we come up with new items, we come up with new features, we basically create what are called ‘briefs’ which uh, where we basically put into detail what the concept of something might be, and describe how it’s supposed to work to the developers, and maybe make a mock-up and show the art department what we think it should look like.
      Gennelle: Sounds like a lot of work!
      Mike: It is a lot of work…
      Gennelle: A lot of fun work!
      Mike:…for sure.
      Gennelle:Ok, well I have a second question for you. What is your absolute favorite part of Webkinz?
      Steve: That’s a big question.
      Gennelle: It’s a hard question.
      Mike: Very hard question.
      Steve: Yeah, I mean, uh, I’m sure like, most people, everybody, uh, enjoys the rooms. But if I were to get more specific, and this is totally patting myself on the back, uh, I uh, really enjoy gardening, because the gardening aspect of the room, uh, one of the early, early things that I had a hand in, that uh, I think made a really big impact on uh, something that everybody really wanted back in the day, and uh, and pretty much unchanged from when uh, what we did to get it onto the site back in…ooh, 2007, 2008 I think? And uh, yeah. And a lot of people enjoy growing their crops, and uh, feeding their pets, and making money off of it. *all laugh*
      Gennelle: Yes! Of course! *laughs*
      Mike: all right, so, since it’s the holidays, what did you ask Santakinz for Christmas this year?
      Steve: The actual Santakinz? Well, if I’m gonna be like very specific and say the actual Santakinz in the Clubhouse room, uh, I actually went in there with my son, who’s six and he chose the uh, the Santakinz plushy.
      Mike: Oh wow, that is a good one!
      Gennelle: Oooh.
      Mike: What would YOU ask him for? *laughs* Outside of the three gifts.
      Steve: In Webkinz World?
      Mike: Yes.
      Steve: I would say uh, for us to be on mobile, uh, very very VERY soon! *all laughing*
      Mike: I like that answer!
      Steve: Really? So I can just give the tablet to my kids and let them play more.
      Gennelle: Awesome. Well thank you so much for stopping by to us.
      Steve: Well thanks for having me here.
      Mike: Yeah, it was a lot of fun.
      Gennelle: Now for the inside scoop on: The holidays in Webkinz World! So much is happening, it’s hard to believe.’
      Mike: Oh yes.
      Gennelle: Here’s an insider-ey fact. *Mike laughs* The release on December 11th that’s coming up will be our 210th (two hundred and tenth) release.
      Mike: 210th release? That’s a lot.
      Gennelle: That’s a lot of items. And events. Yeah. So, we are very excited for the upcoming one, so we just wanna go through it with you, all the awesome stuff that’s happening. First up is the Candy Cane Collection Event.
      Mike: Yeah!
      Gennelle:Yeah! This is one of my favorites. I love candy canes, it’s perfect. This one is on for all of December. And if you can find all 50 candy canes, awesome, repeat,
      Both: AWESOME.
      Mike: For sure! I-sorry, I just yeah.
      Gennelle: It’s incredible!
      Mike: Sorry, maybe you should announce the item first, hehe.
      Gennelle: Do you wanna announce it together?
      Mike: All right, let’s do it.
      Gennelle: One, two, three
      Both: Santakinz Sleigh Ride Coaster!
      Gennelle: Yeah.
      Mike: This is a really, really cool item. Your pets will love it!
      Gennelle: That’s right. They can ride it!
      Mike: Yeah, you can ride this for sure.
      Gennelle: It’s perfect in any holiday room.
      Mike: It’s gonna be pretty cool!
      Gennelle: So, some of the ways that you can collect candy canes, uh, first of all, you can click on the icon, the event icon, and once a day you can ask your friends, then receive up to five a day, you can visit Webkinz Newz and look for the floating candy canes, or, if you don’t want to do any of that, you can always use your eStore points.
      Mike: M-mh.
      Gennelle: and, you can also play this event as many times as you want!
      Mike: Yeah, you can never have too many Santakinz Sleigh Ride Coasters! *laughs*
      Gennelle: Absolutely.
      Mike: Uh, up next, we have Santakinz in the Clubhouse. Be sure to visit him before December 24th to choose one of three gifts. You will then receive a gift box on Christmas Day. However, if you do not choose a gift, you will get one of the three random ones on Christmas. So you don’t have to worry about missing out if you don’t get a chance to visit Santakinz.
      Gennelle: Yes. But be sure to actually log in on Christmas Day, otherwise you will not receive your gift box. Hey, have you gone to see Santakinz yet?
      Mike: Not yet. I’ve been a little too busy, but I will go for sure, I wanna choose one of the prizes.
      Gennelle: And the options this year! They’re awesome! Ok, but we also don’t wanna forget that Ms. Birdy *Mike echoes name* she is in the Santakinz Clubhouse room from December 14th to the 15th, doing her world famous, Ms. Birdy’s countdown to Christmas. So go see her once a day, and she will be handing out a unique gift everyday, if you do miss a day though, this year, you can purchase the gifts you missed with eStore points.
      Mike: Yes. That’s perfect.
      Gennelle: Important.
      Mike: Very important. Uh, we have items and clothing madness as usual, so, the Christmas Carol room theme is back with three new items. The new Holiday Choir outfit and Santakinz Casual outfit are also at the KinzStyle Outlet, and we have a Christmas Party Pack in the wShop. If you wanna have a party.
      Gennelle: Yeah that’s right. There’s so much happening in the wShop and the KinzStyle Outlet if you wanna create your own awesome holiday party.
      Mike: Absolutely.
      Gennelle: Also, we don’t wanna forget that over at Webkinz Friendz on Facebook and the iPad, we are also having a Candy Cane Collection event! You can collect 250 (two hundred and fifty) candy canes, and you will win four Christmas gift boxes to send back to Webkinz.com, they’re full of christmas surprises, and plus, if you get all of them, you win another Santakinz Sleigh Ride Coaster for your Webkinz Friends account.
      Mike: That is so worth it, trust me. This item is awesome! I can’t emphasize how cool it is!
      Gennelle: *laughs* Yeah! Exactly! and your pets can ride that one too! Also, don’t forget to play the twelve days of Christmas challenge in Webkinz Friendz to win a gorgeous Christmas Carol building for your Webkinz Friendz account. PLUS an exclusive Fine Choclatier Shop to send back to Webkinz.com! You can’t get this building anywhere else, so if you’re not yet playing Webkinz Friendz, now is the time to start.
      Mike: Now, in our final segment, “Webkinz Spotlight”, we’re looking up close at a classic Webkinz serivce; the Kinzpost! Tis the season for giving, and sending gifts to your friends through the Kinzpost is super, super easy.
      Gennelle: Yes. Our faithful Kinzpost has been around for close to eight years now.
      Mike: Really? It’s been that long?
      Gennelle: Yes! In the beginning, we could just receive meggasses, uh, messages, sorry, but for years now, Webkinz World players have been able to send and receive items with messages with their friends!
      Mike: Yeah. So to use the Kinzpost, there’s different ways you can access it. So you can click on the blue Kinzpost building on your map, there’s an icon in your dock, or open the Things to Do menu and click the name.
      Gennelle: Yeah. And once your there, it’s super easy to go through and send your friends either a package, or a message. So why not send your Webkinz friends a special gift this year. So Mike, what kind of items do you send your friends?
      Mike: Hm, *giggles* I don’t know, I usually send like candies and foods that I know my friends like to eat in real life, so they’ll be like ‘oh cool I got chocolate’ or licorice, or something.
      Gennelle: That’s a good idea. Definitely. You can always use food to feed your pet.
      Mike: For sure.
      Gennelle: Yeah, definitely. I tend to-well, you know this very well-I really like sending you, like anytime I get a cheese item, I’ll just send it to you. Because I know you like cheese!
      Mike: *laughs* You just look up at me and you’re like ‘check your mail’ and I look and of course, it’s cheese, always cheese.
      Gennelle: Special surprise.
      Mike: Always cheese…
      Gennelle: For you. *both laugh* Ok, so definitely check out the Kinzpost, and have lots of fun sending your friends gifts this year. Phew, that was a lot of information to get through in one episode! However, we’ve come to the end of the first ever Podkinz, and we want to let you know that our next episodes theme will be-drumroll-brrrrrrrr pah *whispers* Winterfest.
      Mike: Yes!! It’s Winterfest! There’s tons of things going on for Winterfest this year, so you’ll definitely want to tune in.
      Gennelle: We’ll also have another special guest from Ganz, and we will be reading more of your letters.
      Mike: Aw, I’m excited for the letters. I really love reading the letters and seeing pictures those people are drawing.
      Gennelle: Ooh.
      Mike: So, most importantly, we want you guys to be a part of every episode of Podkinz, so be sure to comment below and let us know what you think. If you have any idea for Podkinz themes, spotlights, pets, items, whatever you want to talk about, let us know. Until then, we’ll see you next time!
      Mike: See ya!

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