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      Pod Kinz: please check out my Youtube channel: CupcakeKinz500: Eoisode-?~ Social Media

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      Podkinz: Episode 6- A Special Visit
      Mike: Hello Podkinzers! And welcome to another episode of Podkinz. I’m your host Mike Webkinz, and this is my co-host, Gennelle Webkinz.
      Gennelle: Hi!
      Mike: Hey, how’s it going?
      Gennelle: Great! How are you?
      Mike: Well, it’s been super busy here the last couple weeks. We’ve had the design a dog contest going on. And we’ve been having so many submissions.
      Gennelle: It’s been really incredible actually. We’ll be posting updates on Webkinz Newz just so you guys know, but keep them coming, they’re just incredible.
      Mike: And just like Gennelle said, we’ll be releasing some of our favorites as we go on, which you can see on WebkinzNewz.com.
      Gennelle: Were so excited about this episode because we have a very special guest! So lets get right into our Kinzpost.
      Mike: Last episode, we asked you which webkinz host you would love to hang out with, and what you would do as an activity. There were so many great responses, but were just gonna read a couple here now.
      Gennelle: Olivia emailed us and said “I would totally hang out with PJ Collie or Persephone. We would go on a shopping spree together. Another reason I’d love to hang out with persephone is, I love, love Greek Mythology, and there’s one story called ‘Persephone and the Seasons.’ And I’d hang out with PJ because that girl has got style!”
      Mike: She definitely does. Nailco says “I would have Chef Gazpacho come to my kitchen, and show me how to make every single recipe food known to Webkinz.” That’s a lot. I don’t know if I would eat half the things in Webkinz. There’s some really weird things going on there.
      Gennelle: Yeah, but I would try anything once.
      Mike: That’s true I guess I would.
      Gennelle: I’ve convinced you havn’t I. To read more awesome ideas to hanging out with host, check out the episode 5.5 comment section. There were way too many great ones to read on the show.
      Mike: And remember, if you have any questions or suggestions here at podkinz you can comment on the article or email us at podkinz@ganz.com. It might be read on the show. Let’s recap what’s happening soon in Webkinz World.
      Gennelle: From now until May 31st, you can play the spring fling challenge. and win cute prizes. Look for the icon in your room to begin.
      Mike: The chocolate egg event starts very soon, from April 11th to the 20th, you’ll receive one free chocolate egg every day when you log into http://www.Webkinz.com. You can then feed this egg to our pet for a chance to win prizes. Plus, you can get an extra milk chocolate egg every day through the floaty clicky on http://www.webkinz.com.
      Gennelle: Also look for white chocolate eggs from webkinznewz.com and the wheel of wow. Feed them to your pet for more chances to win. You can also buy them at the e-store in packs of 3 white chocolate, and 3 chocolate eggs. Plus, when you feed your pet any type of chocolate egg during the event, you’ll have a shot at winning the grand prize this year, which will soon be revealed on Webkinz Newz.
      Mike: Also, be sure to log into http://www.Webkinz.com on Sunday, April 20th, to recieve your spring
      celebration gift box.
      Gennelle: Have fun! Now we have a very special guest in the Podkinz booth today.
      Mike: On our way here, we were passing by the curio shop and struck up a conversation with none other than…
      Mike and Gennelle: Arte Fact!
      Mike: Former adventurer, and current Curio Shop owner…
      Gennelle: …we were so fascinated by our chat that we’ve invited him to be our first ever Webkinz Host interview. Please say hello to Arte Fact.
      Mike: Hey Arte Fact!
      Arte: Well hello everyone.
      Mike: This is pretty exciting having a host here in the booth.
      Arte: This is my very first podcast ever.
      Mike: Alright, so our first question Arte Fact, where do find your objects that are for sale in the Curio Shop.
      Arte: Well Michael, I get new shipments in every day, and I have a whole network of treasure hunters and bargain hunters, and just, you know regular Kinzville folks who help me stock up the curio shop on a daily basis. Some of my most precious items I take from my personal collection, and release them out to all my personal friends and fans in Kinzville.
      Mike: I hope they tip you for that.
      Arte: Well, I always appreciate when they do.
      Gennelle: So Arte, I have a question for you. Why do you love to go on adventures?
      Arte: Well it’s just something I found deep in my soul I had to do. When I was a young pup I just found myself walking right out into the forest, looking under rocks, trying to find something I’d never seen before. So I got older, I just spread out into the big wide Webkinz world, finding rarest of items and getting into as much trouble as I possibly could. But do I miss it? At my age I can’t miss that joyful, exciting, wonderful, years. I don’t miss it at all.
      Mike: Well that sounds exciting. Do you hang out with any other Webkinz Host.
      Arte: Well, the people I like to hang out with the most is my nephew Sparky, and all those crazy kinz he hangs out with! I mean, they just love to go on adventures and you know, it just keeps me young.
      Gennelle: Do you take them on gem hunts with you?
      Arte: Of course! We go on whatever adventures that they get up to. I just try to help them out when I can, because I don’t want them getting into trouble.
      Gennelle: Do you ever take your friend Doug?
      Arte: Well, you’re trying to bring up terrible memories.
      Mike: Good one Gennelle!
      Arte: Well you know, Doug and I, we’ve kinda gone our separate ways, you know the story, right?
      Gennelle: I don’t.
      Arte: Well, you know, I was always looking for treasures, and he was always looking for gems. And then one day while I was looking for the most beautiful antiquity that I thought I could find, I found massive gem mines! And I said “Wow, these are the largest gem mines I’ve ever seen in my entire life.” And I felt, well I just had to share it with everybody in Kinzville. Well doug had different opinions. He felt that he was gem guy, so he should have them all to himself. And we just never saw eye to eye on that, so I hear you can find him sometimes in the clubhouse looking for gems and you know, if he’s offering good things for them, I say all the power to him.
      Mike: I think your the better dog in the story.
      Arte: Thank you. I don’t think anyone wins when you break up a friendship.
      Mike: That’s true.
      Gennelle: I hope that someday you guys will be friends again.
      Arte: It might happen. I never say never.
      Gennelle: So if you have an afternoon off from the curio shop, what do you most like to do?
      Arte: Well you know, I got lots of hobbies and things, but you know what, as I said I don’t miss my old adventuring days, but I may spend some time back in my room of my most precious antiquities cleaning them, shining them, cataloging them, staring at them, and generally appreciating them, but again, I don’t miss it.
      Gennelle: How big is this collection room.
      Arte: Well, you see that glowing door behind me? Well, it’s glowing for a reason!
      Mike: So, do have any tips for any gem hunters out there?
      Arte: Why of course! I mean, gem hunting, it’s a skill! It’s an acquired skill. But there’s one trick you can learn. And that is, if you pay attention closely, every mine has a color. And if you write down those colors, you can use that to find very specific gems, cause that color also reflects what kind of color of gem you’re most likely to find. For example, if your looking for that really rare earth emerald, you can only find it in the flea floater mine, because of its green hue.
      Gennelle: And if someone completes their gem collection, what do you then do for them.
      Arte: Well, if they’re willing to give up all those gems, I can forge them into the magical crown of wonder, the most precious item, in all of webkinz world.
      Mike: I need to get myself one of those. You got to start reminding me.
      Arte: Just keep at it. You can do it every day.
      Gennelle: Arte, thank you so much for being with us today. I think we all learned a lot.
      Mike: Definitely, that was a lot of fun.
      Arte: No problem, you kids just have a great day.
      Gennelle: That was such a fun interview, Arte’s the best.
      Mike: Yeah that was really cool. We definitely should interview more host in the future.
      Gennelle: Definitely, I’m also really looking forward to checking out a few more submissions for the design a dog contest.
      Mike: Yeah for sure. We have to go through and approve every single one of them, so we get the chance to see all of them.
      Gennelle: That’s right, so you have submitted something and you don’t see it right away, just know that every single one will be moderated one by one.
      Mike: Also, please remember to use the template we’ve provided. We can’t accept any submissions that don’t use this template.
      Gennelle: So if you sent one in already without a template, feel free to do it again and send it back in and it will totally be considered.
      Mike: So for our next episode, we have a question for our listeners. With webkinz day coming up, what is your ideal webkinz day party going to look like?
      Gennelle: How would you decorate? Who would you invite? What kinds of snacks would you get, most importantly.
      Mike: Let us know in the comments, or send us an email at podkinz@ganz.com. Your idea might be read on the next show.
      Gennelle: See ya next time!
      Mike: See ya!

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      Podkinz: Episode 5.5- Is It Spring Yet?
      Gennelle: Hey Podkinzers, welcome to episode 5 and a half of podkinz. Were glad to have you with us. Please say hello to my co-host, Mike Webkinz.
      Mike: Hello everyone, and welcome back.
      Gennelle: How’s it going?
      Mike: Good, I had a lot of fun with the Leprechaun chase.
      Gennelle: Yeah.
      Mike: Going around the clubhouse rooms trying to find him.
      Gennelle: It was tough this year.
      Mike: Did you manage to finish it.
      Gennelle: I think I found him once. Yeah, I know. But it’s tough when I’m working and playing webkinz at the same time. So I had to use my e-store points.
      Mike: I’ll tell you a secret. I used my e-store points too.
      Gennelle: Did you?
      Mike: Yeah, I didn’t finish.
      Gennelle: Well you got to be really dedicated. So anyone who did it completely by finding all 6 jelly coins with the leprechaun, my hats off to you.
      Mike: And we’d love to say that spring is in the air, but the weather really isn’t cooperating here.
      Gennelle: However, in webkinz world, spring celebration is right around the corner. Let’s get right into it. So you might remember in our last episode, that we asked you what you best idea for a spring themed pet would be. Thanks so much to everyone who emailed in. Some with drawings too, which we forwarded on to Webkinz Newz ganz fanz showcase, or those who commented with suggestions.
      Mike: In fact, we want to list as many as possible, so Gennelle will name the commenter, and I will name the pet. If you submitted an idea, listen for your name. This is gonna be tough.
      Gennelle: Okay, here we go. Are you ready? Alright. AJSF2005.
      Mike: Flower Power Puppy.
      Gennelle: Mayloni75.
      Mike: Blossom Kitten.
      Gennelle: dogz2rock77.
      Mike: Easter Egg Elephant.
      Gennelle: funnymike8.
      Mike: Blossoming Bird.
      Gennelle: Webkinz_Love122.
      Mike: Dandelion Bunny.
      Gennelle: momo4cookie.
      Mike: Jelly Bean Chick.
      Gennelle: BlairWebkinz.
      Mike: Buttercup Calf.
      Gennelle: TreeFrog02.
      Mike: Clover Cocker Spaniel.
      Gennelle: PinkPiano.
      Mike: Easter Bunny.
      Gennelle: Peter.
      Mike: A Rainbow Springtime Chick.
      Gennelle: designergirl101.
      Mike: Little Spring Cows.
      Gennelle: ck92.
      Mike: Petal Kitten.
      Gennelle: huskywebkinzlover.
      Mike: Daffodil Dachshund.
      Gennelle: arianatootlebug.
      Mike: Flower Butterfly.
      Gennelle: Snowflake Pup Queen.
      Mike: Flower Power Horse.
      Gennelle: socialred.
      Mike: Flower Power Narwhal.
      Gennelle: RavenneShadow.
      Mike: Wisteria Cat.
      Gennelle: texasmickey2.
      Mike: Sunrise Horse or Puppy.
      Gennelle: huggiebuggy9.
      Mike: Butterfly and Flower Cat.
      Gennelle: eastercat12345.
      Mike: Flower Power Googles.
      Gennelle: Bows22.
      Mike: Rose Rottweiler.
      Gennelle: maverix.
      Mike: Springtime Robin.
      Gennelle: leavo8.
      Mike: Raindrop Rhino.
      Gennelle: JULIETTED2002.
      Mike: Gray American Bulldog with Raindrops.
      Gennelle: Wow!
      Mike: That was a mouthful.
      Gennelle: babyboo2010kinz.
      Mike: Lilly Lamb, or Irish Bunny.
      Gennelle: JesusismyLord830.
      Mike: Petal Panda.
      Gennelle: CountryKinz17.
      Mike: Floral Spaniel.
      Gennelle: Bali_Tiger.
      Mike: Spring Tiger.
      Gennelle: Hersheytheccl.
      Mike: Dahlia Deer.
      Gennelle: Few! How did we get through so many? Those were amazing by the way.
      Mike: Those were really cool ideas. A lot of flower power.
      Gennelle: A lot of flower power, which makes sense.
      Mike: It’s a cool phrase. It works well.
      Gennelle: But those ideas blew us away. So continue to put them in the comments, or if we did not read yours out, maybe next time!
      Mike: I believe we have times for a couple question as well. Milly emailed us and asked “Do you know when we can adopt more different kinds of pets on Webkinz Friends?”
      Gennelle: We asked Matt_WebkinzFreinds for the answer, and he said that while they’re working on adding more pets, it might not be for awhile yet. Stay tuned for an announcement from the Webkinz Friends team for more details. For those who haven’t tried webkinz friends yet, it’s a really fun game that you can play either on facebook or the IPad. You work on building your town, and growing your family while winning prizes from the game, or to send back to webkinz.com. To learn more about it, click the webkinz friends logo on the front page of WebkinzNewz.com.
      Mike: fisher asked, “Will you be doing quizzes for the podkinz episodes?” Yes! We’ll be adding more quizzes. We’ll be adding links when they’re up and ready to go. Test your podkinz knowledge and you can win kinzcash for your account. It’s that easy.
      Gennelle: Remember, if you ever have a question or suggestion here at podkinz, you can comment on the article or send us an email at podkinz@ganz.com. It might be read on the show.
      Mike: There’s so much going on in webkinz world to celebrate spring. Let’s get right into it.
      Gennelle: From now until May 31st, you can play the spring fling challenge. Look for the icon in your room to begin playing. You can win adorable spring prizes.
      Mike: Also, now in the kinzstyle outlet, is the all new spring clothing line. Visit PJ to see the fresh new fashions in stock.
      Gennelle: Plus, get ready for the chocolate egg event between April 11th to the 20th, you’ll receive one free chocolate egg every day you log into webkinz.com. Then feed this egg to your pet for a chance to win gorgeous spring prizes. Plus you can get an extra milk chocolate egg a day through a floaty clicky on webkinz.com. So keep an eye out.
      Mike: Not only can you get chocolate eggs, but you can also get white chocolate eggs from Webkinz Newz and on the wheel of wow. When you feed these to your pet you get more chances to win. You can also buy them at the e-store for packs of three white chocolates and three chocolate eggs.
      Gennelle: Plus when you feed your pet any type of chocolate eggs this year during the event you’ll get a shot at winning the grand prize this year, which will soon be revealed.
      Mike: Also don’t forget to log into Webkinz.com on Sunday, April 20th, to receive your special spring celebration gift box. Full of awesome gifts to help you celebrate the season.
      Gennelle: See you in webkinz world for spring celebration. It’s time to meet another Ganz Staff Member in our meet a Ganz-er segment.
      Mike: Please give a warm welcome to Ben our Senior Play Tester here at Ganz. Hey Ben, how’s it going.
      Ben: Pretty Good!
      Mike: So you and I work a lot together on Webkinz. Always bugging you.
      Ben: Always, Always!
      Mike: So your job here, what is typical day like for you, what exactly do you do as a play tester.
      Ben: What I simply do is just play the game as long as possible.
      Mike: And that’s the easy answer.
      Ben: Yes that’s the easy answer and it is a lot of fun. But I work on a lot of different sites, I work on webkinz, I work on Ganzworld, I work a little on Amazing World, and they’re all a little different. So the process of testing it is a little different for each one.
      Gennelle: So does that mean that every day whenever we have new stuff coming out, you’re playing it before anyone else gets to play it.
      Ben: That’s right, I get to take a look at everything before it reaches anyone else.
      Gennelle: Interesting.
      Ben: It’s kind of awesome.
      Gennelle: So when you run into any issues what happens then.
      Ben: First thing I have to decide is who will deal with that issue, so will it be one of our amazing creative people. It could be one of our extremely talented artist. It could be the magical people indev who do incredible things. Or it could be someone on the systems team that makes sure everything from Webkinz gets to our users.
      Gennelle: Right! Do you play lots of games outside your job?
      Ben: Not as much as I used to.
      Gennelle: Cuz you already do it for a living.
      Ben: That’s right. But I do like a lot of mobile gaming. Angry Birds.
      Mike: So I guess that really helps with webkinz and other games, is that you’re familiar with how games should work. You really spot the little things that don’t quite work.
      Ben: Exactly.
      Mike: Cool. So what’s your favorite part of webkinz that you like to play around.
      Ben: I like to say I love it all. And I do. I love all of Webkinz, but I always come back to room design. That’s always been my favorite thing. You start with just your basic rooms, you want your kitchen and you want your living room and dining room and bedrooms for every pet. And then you get into game specific rooms, you want a room for everything. You want special Deluxe items rooms, you want just storage rooms, and really it just goes on and on and on. I’m kind of addicted.
      Gennelle: That’s so cool, I would love to visit your house in webkinz. It must be spectacular.
      Ben: So many rooms i’ve lost track.
      Gennelle: Do you have a favorite theme.
      Ben: Really, I just love all of the deluxe themes. And some of our e-store themes are just so cool.
      Gennelle: Can you give us a sneak peek of something that’s coming up.
      Ben: Well right now, I’m actually testing spring celebration, and it’s very similar to last year but the grand prize is so cool. I don’t know, am I aloud to say what the prize is.
      Mike: We have not announced it yet.
      Ben: Can I just say that it’s so cool.
      Gennelle: Yes!
      Mike: It definitely is really cool.
      Ben: It’s so cool, I cannot wait until everyone sees it.
      Mike: Cool, so here’s a question that I’m really curious about. What’s the funniest bug you’ve seen in Webkinz.
      Ben: The funniest bug I’ve ever seen in webkinz is when we first had the leprechaun event, which I think was, four years ago. And I remember when we were first testing it, we decided, let’s put the leprechaun in the same room as doug the dog, and see what happens. When the room loaded up, it was doug the dog, and the leprechaun combined into one single creature. It was so bizarre. Everybody that saw it laughed. It was so funny.
      Gennelle: I hope you took a screenshot.
      Ben: I did.
      Gennelle: So my last question for you is this episode were talking all about spring celebration coming up. Do you have a favorite part of spring every year that you look forward to.
      Ben: Just getting outside finally enjoying the warm weather, I’ve really been looking forward to that. As much as I love staying inside and playing games, sometimes it’s good to get fresh air.
      Mike: Definitely some good advice.
      Gennelle: Ben, thank you so much for being here with us. It was so much fun talking to you.
      Mike: Very informative too. So Gennelle, what’s your favorite part of spring.
      Gennelle: Would it be bad if I told you that it is chocolate?
      Mike: No, I would totally agree with that!
      Gennelle: And you’d understand, because I have a slight obsession.
      Mike: We all do here.
      Gennelle: I think the Magic factory runs partially on chocolate.
      Mike: I think so too.
      Gennelle: But yeah, that’s the thing I’m most excited about.
      Mike: I just want good weather to be honest.
      Gennelle: Again, recurring themes, chocolate and good weather.
      Mike: And you know, with webkinz day coming up in about a month, we’ve been thinking a lot about webkinz world and it’s history.
      Gennelle: Yeah, we did an episode recently that explored that history with Laura, and it was really interesting.
      Mike: Yeah, we got a lot of cool information. So our question for you this week is, if you could meet any webkinz host, like Miss Birdy, Fred Rover, Tabby Von Meow, PJ Collie, or anyone else, who would you choose, and why?
      Gennelle: What sort of activity would you want to share with this host. Like maybe you want to go rock climbing with Persephone.
      Mike: Or take a cooking class with Doug the Dog.
      Gennelle: That would be fun. How much does he know about cooking though?
      Mike: I would have to check my food to make sure there’s no rocks in it or something.
      Gennelle: He’d be trying to trade the ingredients with you the whole time. Or maybe you’d wanna read a book with Plumpy. That sounds really nice. So Mike, what would be your answer to the question?
      Mike: Uh, there’s so many host. I think I would go with one that’s the least known. Cause maybe he’s feeling, or she’s feeling alone. Who would that be.
      Gennelle: The least known webkinz host, his name is jerry. Jerry the Frog. We recently did spotlight on Jerry, and his willful tale. But essentially he was created as a host, and just never really made it into the game. And this might be a piece of trivia for all of you out there but, the only place you see Jerry in webkinz world, he’s in supermodels the game.
      Mike: He’s one of the judges. Yeah, so I would hang out with Jerry I think.
      Gennelle: Jerry seems like he needs a friend at this point.
      Mike: He definitely does, so that would be my choice. What about you Gennelle?
      Gennelle: I think I would really love to go Gem hunting with Arte Fact. I love to gem hunt, I’m still working towards my first crown of wonder. Shoutout to everyone last week who told us how many crowns of wonder they have. It was a crazy number, I’m like so proud of our players. So I’m still working towards that.
      Mike: That would be fun.
      Gennelle: He probably has a lot of crazy adventure tales.
      Mike: So let us know in the comments, or send us an email at podkinz@ganz.com. Your idea might be read on the next show.
      Gennelle: Thank you so much for being with us this episode.
      Mike: See ya!

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      Podkinz Episode 5- St. Patricks Day.
      Mike: Welcome to podkinz, episode 5! I’m Mike, and this is Gennelle, my co-host.
      Gennelle: Hi!
      Mike: Hey Gennelle, how’s it going?
      Gennelle: Yeah, I’m not to bad.
      Mike: The weather is nice outside, the snow has melted.
      Gennelle: Finally! I know we talk about weather right at the top of every episode.
      Mike: We do.
      Gennelle: It’s important though.
      Mike: Yes, it is very important.
      Gennelle: Spring is almost here!
      Mike: Yes!
      Gennelle: Along with that, this episode is all about St. Patricks Day! The only holiday dedicated to celebrating everything to do with Emerald Isle. And the color Green of course! So Mike, before we go onto the episode I thought we should prep ourselves with some proper Irish Sayings.
      Mike: Oh, this is not gonna end well.
      Gennelle: Nope? So you didn’t prepare for this at all?
      Mike: No.
      Gennelle: You don’t know what’s coming. Okay, I’m gonna quiz you, and also were gonna have our producer Christian, please feel free to pop in with anything you might think is right.
      Christian: I’ll try my best.
      Gennelle: Alright, Okay. What does Deadly mean if your in Ireland.
      Mike: Deadly?
      Gennelle: Hint, it doesn’t mean what you think it means!
      Mike: I’m gonna go with something good, like if something is positive or really cool you’d be like “Thats Deadly!”
      Gennelle: Like “This episode of Podkinz…”
      Mike and Gennelle: “Is Deadly!”
      Mike: It works.
      Gennelle: Yeah.
      Christian: It sounds right to me. Definitely reminds me of the same brilliant, as in absolutely brilliant!
      Gennelle: You guys are both correct!
      Christian: Yes!
      Gennelle: You are both 1 for 1.
      Mike: Yeah!
      Gennelle: Perfect, okay next one, what does the word “Sound” mean?
      Mike: Sound?
      Gennelle: Like “This hamburger, is pretty sound.”
      Christian: Sounds like its alright to me. It sounds a-okay.
      Gennelle: Yeah!
      Mike: So it sounds like deadly.
      Gennelle: Your right, they are kind of similar. Perfect, so you guys obviously know more than I thought you did. Okay, I’m gonna hop onto the third one here. What does it mean if something is gonna happen in donkey years?
      Mike: Donkey Years?
      Gennelle: No, like Donkeys years, like 12 months.
      Mike: Like very far away?
      Gennelle: Like “I haven’t seen Mike in Donkeys Years.
      Mike: I guess thats like a long time, right?
      Gennelle: Yeah your right!
      Mike: Nice!
      Gennelle: I thought I’d be fooling you guys by now.
      Mike: Donkeys Years thats a good one.
      Gennelle: Okay, so my last one. What does it mean to be having a good crack?
      Christian: I know this one.
      Mike: I have no idea.
      Christian: From my Irish Background, I should know good crack.
      Gennelle: Yeah.
      Christian: Good crack means have a good time.
      Gennelle: Thats right! Yeah!
      Mike: So were gonna have a good crack here in this podkinz episode 5!
      Gennelle: Exactly.
      Mike: Sweet.
      Gennelle: Thanks for your input Christian!
      Christian: Anytime.
      Mike: And so with that, I think its time to go into, What’s in our Kinzpost!
      What’s In out Kinzpost?
      Gennelle: In our last episode, we asked our listeners to tell us why they love Saint Patricks Day. Heres some of the great answers we received.
      Mike: Firefox101 says “I love Saint Patrick’s Day because Leprechauns!”
      Gennelle: Yeah!
      Mike: I think thats the best letter we’ve received.
      Gennelle: I think so. Its to the point, and I could not agree more.
      Mike: Love it.
      Gennelle: Countrykinz17 wrote “I have 3 reasons why I love St Patricks Day so much. 1, St Patricks Day is my grandmas birthday. 2, since my best friend is part Irish, and loves the holiday, it reminds me of her. And 3, I’m crossing my fingers that I get the clover puppy thats still selling online! For some reason St Patricks Day inspires me to try to get it because it’s the dream pet I always wanted, and if I do get it St Patricks Day would probably be my favorite event on Webkinz. And thats my favorite thing about this holiday.”
      Mike: Cuddlyfur1 says “Hi Podkinz! To answer your question, on St Patricks Day my school is very festive and has a huge party. People wear lots of of green and bring in snacks to share. We will go outside and play a game, and when we come back inside our classroom has been trashed by Leprechauns! There are little green footprints on the wall, and all the desk are flipped over. But the Leprechauns always leave a pile of chocolate coins.” That sounds like so much fun!
      Gennelle: They’ve destroyed the room! But at least they left chocolate.
      Mike: Totally worth it! I wish they would come and do that at the studio.
      Gennelle: Yeah maybe they could come to ganz.
      Mike: Just toss coins everywhere.
      Gennelle: Annaflower wrote “My favorite things about St Patricks Day would be the parade in my town. Even though its super cold, there are floats with scottish dancers and venders selling plastic green bean necklaces and lots of other green things!
      Mike: That sounds like fun.
      Gennelle: Yeah.
      Mike: Chles101_kitty writes “I think I love St. Patricks Day because of the color green, since it’s right around where spring begins, its kind of like celebrating spring coming, and winter going.
      Gennelle: That’s so nice!
      Mike: “I’ll really be celebrating spring this year, because winter has been brutal.” Yes it has! “Also, what I’m most looking forward to, is catching the Leprechaun event. It’s always so frustrating yet so much fun!”
      Gennelle: Lexie2003 says “I have several things I love about St. Patricks Day! One; I love making leprechaun traps!” What’s a Leprechaun trap?
      Mike: Leprechaun trap? It’s maybe like a pot full of fake gold, and they try to go for it.
      Gennelle: There’s nothing they love more than gold, so that makes sense. “Number two; I love searching for four-leaf clovers, which I’m rather good at! And number three; The Webkinz challenges!” Thank you so much for your comments everyone.
      Mike: Remember, if you ever have a question or suggestion for here at Podkinz, you can comment on the article, or send us an email at podkinz@ganz.com. It might be read on the show and if not, do not worry because we read everything we get.
      Gennelle: That’s true, so please send them in.
      The Inside Scoop!
      Mike: Now is a perfect time to give you a few reminders about St. Patricks Day here in Webkinz World.
      Gennelle: From now until March 17th, look for sneaky Webkinz Leprechaun in the clubhouse to click him, and receive a jelly coin. Collect all six Jelly Coins to win a gorgeous prize! A Colorful Leprechaun Statue!
      Mike: And don’t forget to log in to Webkinz World on St. Patricks Day, March 17th, to receive your login gift. A shamrock headband for your pet to wear.
      Gennelle: Plus, new in March, are Deluxe Days, if you’re a Deluxe Member watch todays activities for a special once a month deluxe day, full of special activities just for you! Plus, you’ll get a new exclusive item as well.
      Mike: There’s also new monthly deluxe challenges to play for awesome prizes. Watch for the icon in your room to click and begin.
      Gennelle: In this segment, we’re taking a look at Arte’s gem hunt, after all, St. Patricks Day is all about Leprechauns and finding pots of gold and treasure right?
      Mike: So if you’ve never done a gem hunt before, this is how it works. You visit Arte Fact at the Curio Shop once a day, and click gem hunt to find gems. When you find one, you will go directly into your gem collection. If you click the gem collection box, you can still see what you need to collect.
      Gennelle: Arte will often offer to buy the gem off you for Kinzcash, but you can always refuse.
      Mike: It takes a long time, but once you get every single gem, you can trade them in for the glorious crown of wonder. A very tough achievement.
      Gennelle: If you have extra gems you do not want anymore, you can always trade them with doug the dog for prizes. Doug appears in his very own Dougs collector room every once and awhile. Look for his face on the collector room sign in the clubhouse.
      Mike: If you want you can collect all the gems again to win another crown of wonder.
      Gennelle: If you’ve ever won more than one crown of wonder, tell us in the comments because that is a very tough thing to achieve. So thanks everyone and good luck hunting for gems. This St. Patricks Day, I can’t wait to eat some green pancakes, some green pop, or soda if you’re in the United States, or some green chocolate maybe.
      Mike: Hopefully someone brings us some chocolate here.
      Gennelle: Yeah, Christian, are you gonna bring us some pizza and chocolate?
      Mike: Oh, he’s waving his hand.
      Gennelle: Woh, he actually has some, oh my gosh! He’s literally waving chocolate at us.
      Mike: After this podkinz, I know what I’m doing.
      Gennelle: Yeah, best producer ever!
      Mike: Yes! Also, be sure to join us for our next episode, where we talk about spring celebration, and more.
      Gennelle: And we’ll also be back with another interview with a ganz staff member. But for our next episode, we would like to ask you a question. What’s your best idea for a spring themed pet? For me, I came up with a sunshine donkey.
      Mike: That would be pretty cool.
      Gennelle: Do you have any ideas for a spring themed pet?
      Mike: Hmm. Well maybe a rainy day duck.
      Gennelle: Oh that’s really cute!
      Mike: That actually works well with our new… oh wait, I can’t say it!
      Gennelle: Keep your lips sealed! You guys will know what he’s talking about soon enough. Anyway, thank you for listening, and we’ll see you next time!
      Mike: See ya!

      Also, here’s the photographic proof of Christian’s yummy chocolate. (it disappeared almost as quickly as the Webkinz Leprechaun!): https://webkinznewz.ganzworld.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/chocolate.jpg

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