Sneak Peek: Signature Snow Leopard

Cozy up to the beautiful Signature Snow Leopard! No stranger to the cold winds of their northern habitat, this sleek cat warms up on winter evenings with a hot cup of Cozy Cocoa! And whether they’re keeping a watch over their lands or simply taking a rest, you’ll often find them deep in the wilderness enjoying the view from their pristine Alpine Cave!

228 Responses to Sneak Peek: Signature Snow Leopard

  1. Catlover69 says:

    I need this pet! It’s adorable!

  2. winterdolphin1 says:

    Oh, excellent! :3 More kitties for the collection. This will most likely become my second Signature Pet!

  3. nightwing713 says:


  4. retydg says:

    Now a days the signatures are the only one that appeal to me.

  5. gaberdoodle1234 says:

    oooo.. I love the PSI.. That would look so good in the winter room i started when i won the wallpaper and flooring from one of the challenges.. I wonder how it would look and if it can be placed in an inside room?..

  6. angelgirldog7 says:

    it is ok. ~ Texas Girl

  7. Stealthstorm says:

    BUYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The PSI ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~*Hakuna Matata*~

  8. dapplegreyhorse says:

    So cool!! I want this one for sure!!!

  9. MidnightFireflies15 says:

    AHHH! i need this pet!! sooooo cute!! but signatures are so much $

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