March’s Featured Pets

46 Responses to March’s Featured Pets

  1. noavk says:

    Kangaroo looks like first one . That came out . I have tan one like that.

  2. ViolinBrook123 says:

    I love these! Especially the bunny and the Kangaroo

  3. Sugarcookie9 says:

    They are all so cute but my favorites are the Carrots Bunny (I would name her Abby) and the Black and White Horse (Shadow).

  4. wolf246 says:

    To be honest im a bit disappointed about the newer pets you guys have been making. To start there basicly the same as other pets but have different colors and markings. For the 8 years ive been playing webkinz i never had a problem with them but the newer pets are sorta … boring . But I will continue buying the older pets and playing the game but just sayin.

  5. Suwalleis says:

    I like to have all of them……. they are awesome Wow!!!

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