Signature Chow Chow

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  1. CottonCandylover11 says:

    Isn’t this going to be the last signature pet?

  2. littlepeanut28 says:

    Sooooo cute

  3. Husky101 says:

    Love it!!!

  4. samsam2626 says:

    I LOVE THE SIGNATURE CHOW CHOW! Sooooo cool. I want you, signature chow chow. :)

  5. bee36 says:

    Cutest pup EVER! I reeeeaaaallllyyyy want it!

  6. JustyKopietz says:

    I REALLY want this pet! I love all his cute little wrinkles!!!!

  7. goldenlioncub says:

    I want that! Add me goldenlioncub on webkinz

  8. Roundupgirl2002 says:

    I’m not a big fan of Chow chows in real life, but this is just adorable!!!! I so hope they make a signature dalmatian or signature collie!

  9. Webkinz User says:

    im going to get a real dog and its going too be this pomeriare

  10. Jellybean6 says:

    #TinBitOfTheDay. Did you know they have black tongues?! :p!!

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