Webkinz – Take a Tour!

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98 Responses to Webkinz – Take a Tour!

  1. Fifay says:

    Yep it is :D

  2. zackshoki says:

    I agree

  3. sep says:

    My black Fox will not work

  4. kaylinwilley says:


  5. Ellie409 says:

    ive been on webkinz sins i was 3

  6. ffmmssmm says:

    This video ROCKS :0

  7. blazez1 says:

    do a contest to win a free webkinz i think

  8. taniacool says:

    Yep but maybe do a tour about webkinz world and the pets its self. :)

  9. natushao2004 says:

    i want a free webkinz

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